What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? No one will ever make me feel inferior without my consent.

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If ever we needed a role model with high morale fiber, that time is now.  Eleanor Roosevelt between her mid 30’s through her late 70’s was an activist who supported women’s rights. The rights and defense of the black community were close to her heart and she acted in their behalf.  During WW II she spoke out for Japanese Americans being housed in interment camps. She stood for the human rights of all and America’s promise of opportunity for all.  She worked with and FORR her husband Franklin when he could not. She was chosen by President Truman to be the first US delegate to the United Nations and then later reappointed to that post by President Kennedy. She broke ground wherever she went and with whatever causes she chose to include herself in.  She wrote a syndicated column 6 days a week called My Day and hosted her own radio show and spoke out against the use of glorifying crime and violence in movies. It did not matter if the causes were popular only that they seemed right to support.  With great respect for her and how she chose to live her life, I decided to write a song inspired by two of the things she believed: No one will ever make me feel inferior without my consent and You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ” I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.”  With the unfolding of a new decade and at the time of the New Year 2020, it seems appropriate to be Ready To Take On The Next Thing That Comes Alongthe title of my next song. Adlai Stevenson who ran for president against Eisenhower said of Eleanor at her passing: ” What other single human being has touched and transformed the existence of so many? She would rather light a candle than curse the darkness, and her glow has warmed the world.” That statement slightly reworded is also what music does for the world. It does seem that the contributions of  Eleanor R. and what music can accomplish can find a home together in the special world that serves humanity. 

Verse 1

People can say

What they may,

Nice or otherwise,

But no one                                           Eleanor R.                                       

Will ever make me

Feel inferior 

Without my consent.


That ain’t gonna happen.


And the Chorus..


Don’t punch me in the stomach

I will not let you land that surprise.

With my passion

I  plod toward a future

In my own peaceful way.


Verse 2

It is not hard to see,

Stitching a heart

To a mind

Can forge a plan

For action,

Mostly to please

Just Me

But also those FORR me.


and skipping to the..


From all this

I feel strong,

Ready to overcome

And take on

The next thing that comes along.

The next thing that comes along,

..that comes along

The lyrics can sound personal and contemporary, but Eleanor Roosevelt felt similarly.  Expression in the 40’s and 60’s was different but she would have expressed herself meaningfully though I am not sure of her exact talent with poetry and music.  She was a writer and communicator.  She spoke up when women were not expected or allowed to be that way.

The key for Ready To Take On The Next Thing To Come Along is B Major.  B Major is not a common key choice because it has 5 sharps and therefore uses lots of the black keys of the piano.  However, all the black keys contribute to the ease of remembering and playing a song in this key.  I love the feel I came up with for the chorus, always an important part of any song because it is repeated to reinforce its sound and meaning and begs the listener to repeat it aloud for himself/ herself.  The chorus’s syncopated melody reminds me of  boxing in the gym slowly hitting a speed bag faster and faster, the bag moving with a force and pulse, but controlled,  in “my own peaceful way.” With the opening verse, I am having a conversation with you the listener.  It is sung the way a conversation would sound with pauses and thought and a pause before the conversational retort,”That ain’t gonna happen.” The second and third verses indicate a backstory and how I put it into action.  That action is like the music of a runner’s legs seeming to just go by themselves with complete adrenaline to the finish line. The bridge speaks of the uneven path along the run to the top of the hill. It is the best part of any experience but only realized long after.   The duo: “in my own peaceful way” and Eleanor’s “ready to overcome the next thing that comes along”, own the song and make my composing effort worth it.  The end of the song has a sweeping feel yet no set ending awaiting for “the next thing to come along.” It is not a long song time-wise, but in that short time the words pack significant wisdom.  Eleanor Roosevelt, not one remembered for physical beauty, beautified the world with  wisdom and tolerance.  She was considered the most admired living woman among Americans from 1948 thru 1961. Please now listen to Ready To Take On The Next Thing That Comes Along and then after that another song I wrote last year, A Beautiful Valentine that was introduced in my blog dated February 14, 2019.  Finally, a throw back to one of the first songs I recorded about 48 months ago, Misty!  I recorded it because someone I knew loved that song.

Please use earphones to listen to the following songs.  You will enjoy the experience more.



Happy Valentine’s to each of you!!! For the past 48 months you have shown your affection returning to read my blog and listen to the music I write and perform. Thank you.  I have now completed my training to become a composer and now move forward with my passion. Please continue to come back so can we continue together.  The picture at the head of this blog is me celebrating!


joshua eli                                               

January 26, 2020                                       Seymour  HB!


Good-bye(G_d be with you both), Kobe and Gianna

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What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz, L.A. Composer/Performer? It felt pretty nice to experience a remarkable day!


DSC_0757croppedToday felt pretty remarkable.  I laid down 6 songs in the recording studio in under 2 hours.  I felt prepared and because of that, being creative came easy and it sounded creative, too.  I started the session with the re-recording of Will You Love Me Tomorrow.  I made my previous recording of that song better so listen to it again. Tell me what you think. Next came Not An Ending After All that I wrote with my brother a while back before he left on a vacation to Busan, South Korea. It is all about beginnings not endings. That song just screams: put me on this recording. Then there is the very warm-feeling song, There Was No One I Would Rather Travel With But You.  Moving forward, I recorded I Don’t Think I’ll Look At It The Same Way Again.  It doesn’t sound like a happy song from the title, but it is,  and ends with some happy sounds which fit with the mood.  Next I recorded a song all about sounds, There Are Sounds All Around. It moves very fast. I kept up and had fun performing it for the recording session. It came out great.  It was a very quick write, too. Finally for this session, I recorded the Mercer standard, That Old Black Magic. In that song I was able to focus on what makes me a jazz performer and instrumentalist in all ways.  The track is 7 minutes+ and has a lot to offer.  I am proud of it… really I’m proud of all of the work I did today. The session was very productive.  The engineer I use always does a good job to make a session easy and this session was just that way once again. My working producers were there to help it all along and do the videoing.  In a couple of weeks the music should be up in all places so you can listen.  I am appreciative of your support of my music and look forward to hearing what you think.  You can listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com and on soundcloud.com on my Joshua Eli Kranz channel.  Also, you can hear my music played on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name.  If you would like to see me play my songs, look at YouTube.com on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel.  Thank you to all of you for sending your good vibes. Thank you George Fullard, Ruth Marquez, Dino Anzoletti, Mikaela McKnightit, Margo Wright, Ayesha Babar, Jerry Mansfield, and Joseph Maresca!  Each of you listened to several of my songs. That’s the sort of thing that makes my day!!


Joshua Eli

April 9, 2016



What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A Composer/Performer? New music & A Diverse & Beautiful Natural Experience

DSC_0757croppedI am excited because today I have some new music to share with you.  There is a cover of an old song, On The Sunny Side Of The Street, that was fun to do, came out great (it just spilled out that way on the first take), reaches way back for me since it’s been living in my soul for more than 30 years (how about age 8 when I first played that song in a show with my brother playing the clarinet, but way different!) and expresses my personal attitude today.  Also, another song I really enjoyed singing is Because I Can because it is a fair picture of what I am like and the style of music I enjoy writing and singing.  I am by construction a jazz artist in my heart and through my fingertips. There is a song I Broke Out And Broke Through about what makes me happy these days and after discovering it, how much better I feel. I wrote We Need To Live In The Arch Of The Rainbow because we’re occupants of a huge world that needs some profound fixing.  We all need to have a hand in it.  A song could be a beginning. Lastly I wrote two important songs for me I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago.  Both allowed me to confront my truths and learn from them.  Those songs took me through a journey and ultimately were therapeutic.  I hope you will find things relevant in my songs for you, too. I want to thank K-Fiyat who is an international resident living in LA/London/Paris for calling my blog Superb!  What a nice compliment! Also, want to thank Shawn Stevenson in Maryland for being a dedicated listener of my music.  So you love I Just Can’t! I guess you are theatre goers.  Me too, my musical education is rooted in musical theatre.  And my appreciation to Willemongtery1983 from Mandeville, Louisiana for becoming my new fan after listening to And It Will A Great Day WHEN.  I have written several songs now which express how I have felt about and was affected by someone I cared deeply about.  That being in the past now, I am writing a song about exactly what it feels like for ME to be in love. It’s a lot easier than to try to figure out someone’s combination lock. I am not sure about the melody yet but the words weren’t too hard to write down.  I am moving straight ahead.  Yesterday, I saw a beautiful public garden: beautiful flowers including a stunning section devoted just to lilacs, and when getting close, taking in their wonderful fragrance, and flower beds of multi-colored tulips, saw cherry trees in full bloom, listened to Japanese music played on a Kotostood near a beautiful pond filled with water lilies and inhabited by turtles and frogs, saw closely a world filled with Asian families enjoying themselves in their usual quiet way, ate some food with chopsticks, and celebrated my dad’s birthday there with the 4 of us.  I know some of that experience will find its way into my music.  Spring is coming. Thank you to all of you who are taking time to read about me and my music!  It is a nice feeling knowing that people are listening and interested in my music worldwide.  What a present! You can listen to my music and use the link to my blog at joshuaelimusic.com, listen to my music on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel on soundcloud.com, listen to my music on radioairplay.com on my channel, Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, and see me perform my music on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, my channel name.  First, try soundcloud.com or radioairplay.com. Those two formats are where my songs will be uploaded first because both soundcloud and radioairplay make uploads very easy.

I enjoy talking music with you.

Joshua Eli

March 14, 2016, my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!