What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? Putting Music Back Into The Song

Blogarama - The Blog DirectoryDSC_0757croppedIt’s tough writing about people you know.  I have set a goal for my second album to write songs for it about important people who have contributed to my life.  My experiences with them have affected me a lot.  Many of you may connect with them and the experiences as well.  I am working on two songs at present.  One is about our dachshund dog family and the other is about my brother.  The first was very easy to write.  I call it I Just Want To Be With You And Where You Are. Feisty with smarts to match/They have big personalities…are a couple of lines in the opening verse of the dachshund song written in the key of C major, the happy key.  I wrote the accompaniment for the song so you can hear them walking in their singular way. The second song was lots harder to write well though I know my brother well.  It is hard to write a song or even paint a picture so that after it is finished you really know that person.  That was my struggle.  It is hard to distill a whole lot of years of experiences and thoughts into 3 verses, a chorus, a bridge, and an Outro. I ended up adding a post-verse before the Outro, something I’ve never done before. I think I have more than accomplished what I set out to do.  I asked my dad to listen to He’s A Rebel when I finished writing the music and lyrics.  He gave it a thumbs up.  I value what he thinks.  I believe you will enjoy it too.  It is entirely different than anything I have written so  far.  It needed to be.  It is a rock song with a beat and an interesting story. Here is a few lines from the first verse: He’s a rebel/ Clever and smart/ He’s a reader/ A reckless risk taker/ He has to push the limits... I wanted to write the kind of music my brother enjoys listening to since the song is about him.  So far he has lived a life that would challenge most of us.  His life is and has been no less than interesting.  It is written in F # minor.  A minor key was my choice because the tone of his story demanded it.  It will be awhile before I will record these two songs, but then I will have plenty of time to discover how I will perform them.  I received a compliment today that I really value coming from a professional musician who has tons of professional performance behind her.  She said, “my music composing has put music back into the song”. It was an honor to be told that! I need to personally thank a few of you for listening to my music multiple times: Barbara Schultz in NYC has been listening to my jazz songs, Anala Vasquez, Roger Scherer in Illinois, Dino Anzoletti in Adelaide, Australia (Adelaide happens to be the name of one of our dachshunds.), Jerry Mansfield, Michelle Jones, Ashley Bowen in Texas, George Rogers in Michigan, and Linda Kiary in Italy. Thank you! I will soon have 2000 listeners.  Many of them are regulars. At joshuaelimusic.com and on soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, you can hear all my recorded music to date. You can also see me recording and performing it on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz. Good music and lyrics can inspire and make our life experience more complete.  Last night I had the opportunity to sit in the audience for a wonderful and meaningful show, Kinky Boots. I know and it reminded me again vicariously how important music is for self-expression! It won’t be long before you will be able to listen to a new set of my music and a cover.

Sincerely as always,

Joshua Eli

April 25, 2016


What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz, L.A. Composer/Performer? It felt pretty nice to experience a remarkable day!


DSC_0757croppedToday felt pretty remarkable.  I laid down 6 songs in the recording studio in under 2 hours.  I felt prepared and because of that, being creative came easy and it sounded creative, too.  I started the session with the re-recording of Will You Love Me Tomorrow.  I made my previous recording of that song better so listen to it again. Tell me what you think. Next came Not An Ending After All that I wrote with my brother a while back before he left on a vacation to Busan, South Korea. It is all about beginnings not endings. That song just screams: put me on this recording. Then there is the very warm-feeling song, There Was No One I Would Rather Travel With But You.  Moving forward, I recorded I Don’t Think I’ll Look At It The Same Way Again.  It doesn’t sound like a happy song from the title, but it is,  and ends with some happy sounds which fit with the mood.  Next I recorded a song all about sounds, There Are Sounds All Around. It moves very fast. I kept up and had fun performing it for the recording session. It came out great.  It was a very quick write, too. Finally for this session, I recorded the Mercer standard, That Old Black Magic. In that song I was able to focus on what makes me a jazz performer and instrumentalist in all ways.  The track is 7 minutes+ and has a lot to offer.  I am proud of it… really I’m proud of all of the work I did today. The session was very productive.  The engineer I use always does a good job to make a session easy and this session was just that way once again. My working producers were there to help it all along and do the videoing.  In a couple of weeks the music should be up in all places so you can listen.  I am appreciative of your support of my music and look forward to hearing what you think.  You can listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com and on soundcloud.com on my Joshua Eli Kranz channel.  Also, you can hear my music played on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name.  If you would like to see me play my songs, look at YouTube.com on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel.  Thank you to all of you for sending your good vibes. Thank you George Fullard, Ruth Marquez, Dino Anzoletti, Mikaela McKnightit, Margo Wright, Ayesha Babar, Jerry Mansfield, and Joseph Maresca!  Each of you listened to several of my songs. That’s the sort of thing that makes my day!!


Joshua Eli

April 9, 2016



What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz? Composer/Performer in L.A? 2 songs: Sharing Photographs And Popping The Question…All In One Day.

DSC_0757croppedSharing Through My Camera Lens is the song I have been working on and just finished.  It is in A flat. The Outro sums up my point of view for the song: A photograph tells so much about who we are/ Sharing what I see through my camera lens.  A few lines in the lyrics I especially like: Our pictures express/ How we feel about what we see./ Through my camera I do have control of that. Today with digital photography and especially cell phone photography,  sharing photos takes on the quality of a language. The melody for Sharing Through My Camera Lens is bright and illuminating. It has a similar feel to Gliding in Ragtime. The song along with its lyrics was meant to leave you with the pleasurable value of holding thoughtfully taken photographs in your hands and remembering .  At about the same time I was finishing My Camera Lens song I watched a news story on the internet both funny and charming that inspired me to write a song about a surprise.  Their surprise was about having a baby. Mine was another kind of surprise. It was so easy to write.  I call it The Big Surprise.  It is about popping the big question.  So this song tells how I imagine it could happen.  There it was like a shot in the dark/ Something so special/ That I couldn’t hold it in…While I hid that big smile on my face/ Then a lightbulb went off in your head…/Today was the day you’d …been waiting for/That big surprise. The melody has the allure  and gentle beat like that in Somewhere That’s Green. So far it is in C Major.  It will take a while for me to work up both songs to where I think that they are ready for the recording studio. So now I know what I will be doing this week in addition to preparing for my next recording session that should complete my 1st album. Once again I want to thank Cathy Vitura St. Angelo from Nevada for listening to my music and demonstrating your huge loyalty and the same to JKriederKrieder. Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You is such a perfect line to follow for us all; I am pleased JKrieder you chose that song as one of the songs you chose to listen to. Also, thank you Clarice Oclime in Washington for listening to Misty and You Are Beautiful And I Want You To Be.  Misty is a beautiful song that inspired me in many ways many times. To my new blog readers: Fighting season in Toronto, Goodgirl PR in LA, drn.stn in China, sasab8sara in Germany, Josesandovall in Dallas, TX, zimfanpage, Antonio Cirillo in Niagra Falls, and carriedaway in Toronto, thank you for your interest in my musical thoughts, ways and feelings.  I would be living in a vacuum with no fresh air if not for all of you who come to visit bringing in lots of fresh air so I can breathe comfortably and write down and compose music that feels new and good for me.  Just a reminder you can listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com or on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel on soundcloud.com or watch me record my music on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel on YouTube.com and listen to my songs on radioairplay.com on the Joshua Eli channel,  Joshua Eli is my preferred performance name.

With appreciation for all of you,

Joshua Eli

April 8, 2016

What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? I would be honored to be considered an excellent jazz artist.

DSC_0757croppedI feel like I am on a world music tour.  My music is now playing everywhere, places I have not thought to go… I’m in those places too.  I write all my own music and lyrics except of course the covers and interpret all of them in my personal autobiographical way.  When I turn my music on and put on my earphones, it feels like I’m driving on the open road, remembering… and thinking and imagining about what’s coming.  I am a pretty regular guy. After listening I realize regular guys too have good stories to tell.  I recently finished what I call my love song: I Feel Like I Am The Luckiest Man Alive.  It feels like me describing what it means and feels like to love someone.  The bridge is especially loaded with personal truths: There is no one I’ve known like you/ That can make me smile or laugh/ And feel as comfortable as you do./ It is rare to find someone who truly gets me/ And doesn’t want me to change who I am/ For you. I have written a lot of songs now, almost enough for 2 albums, but I think this one is pretty special  (Truthfully every song seems special when I am working on it because of what is inspiring me.) and will be on my first album. The music has a jazz sound with syncopated rhythms and interesting modulations in the chorus and bridge.  It is written in D major and is my first song with a pre-verse so it is a bit longer than the other songs I’ve written. When I love an idea and want to musicalize it, I often turn to jazz, my first love in music.  For me it would be an honor to be known as an excellent jazz artist. Maybe one day I will name someone with the name Jazz E.  I am now writing a song about pictures which document my life and others. I’ll let you in when my process is up and running. My newest songs are now on my website at joshuaelimusic.com.  While on the go, try listening to my music on soundcloud.com on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel.  When you would like to watch me play and perform, check out YouTube.com on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel.  You can always catch my music on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name. To Jennifer Mariuz-O’Brien in Richmond Hill, Canada and Cathy Vitura St. Angelo in Nevada, a special thanks for your loyalty.  You are both listening to my music a lot. When I see your picture a big smile fills my face ear to ear!  Thanks to all of you who are listening to my music and reading my blog. I hope I will be able to meet some of you in person as time moves forward.  I will be hosting a breakout gig when my album is complete.  There you will be able to pick up an EP, listen to me play and perform the songs on my album, eat something nourishing and chat about music and meet the people behind the scene who have helped me make the album happen.  There will also be a music video in production soon to accompany the album.  If you have a suggestion about which song you’d like to see in a music video, write me and make your suggestion known.  I definitely have a few ideas of my own, too.

My sincere thanks to all of you.  Your enthusiasm for my music inspires me to express myself and write and compose more music.

Joshua Eli

March 26, 2016







What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A Composer/Performer? New music & A Diverse & Beautiful Natural Experience

DSC_0757croppedI am excited because today I have some new music to share with you.  There is a cover of an old song, On The Sunny Side Of The Street, that was fun to do, came out great (it just spilled out that way on the first take), reaches way back for me since it’s been living in my soul for more than 30 years (how about age 8 when I first played that song in a show with my brother playing the clarinet, but way different!) and expresses my personal attitude today.  Also, another song I really enjoyed singing is Because I Can because it is a fair picture of what I am like and the style of music I enjoy writing and singing.  I am by construction a jazz artist in my heart and through my fingertips. There is a song I Broke Out And Broke Through about what makes me happy these days and after discovering it, how much better I feel. I wrote We Need To Live In The Arch Of The Rainbow because we’re occupants of a huge world that needs some profound fixing.  We all need to have a hand in it.  A song could be a beginning. Lastly I wrote two important songs for me I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago.  Both allowed me to confront my truths and learn from them.  Those songs took me through a journey and ultimately were therapeutic.  I hope you will find things relevant in my songs for you, too. I want to thank K-Fiyat who is an international resident living in LA/London/Paris for calling my blog Superb!  What a nice compliment! Also, want to thank Shawn Stevenson in Maryland for being a dedicated listener of my music.  So you love I Just Can’t! I guess you are theatre goers.  Me too, my musical education is rooted in musical theatre.  And my appreciation to Willemongtery1983 from Mandeville, Louisiana for becoming my new fan after listening to And It Will A Great Day WHEN.  I have written several songs now which express how I have felt about and was affected by someone I cared deeply about.  That being in the past now, I am writing a song about exactly what it feels like for ME to be in love. It’s a lot easier than to try to figure out someone’s combination lock. I am not sure about the melody yet but the words weren’t too hard to write down.  I am moving straight ahead.  Yesterday, I saw a beautiful public garden: beautiful flowers including a stunning section devoted just to lilacs, and when getting close, taking in their wonderful fragrance, and flower beds of multi-colored tulips, saw cherry trees in full bloom, listened to Japanese music played on a Kotostood near a beautiful pond filled with water lilies and inhabited by turtles and frogs, saw closely a world filled with Asian families enjoying themselves in their usual quiet way, ate some food with chopsticks, and celebrated my dad’s birthday there with the 4 of us.  I know some of that experience will find its way into my music.  Spring is coming. Thank you to all of you who are taking time to read about me and my music!  It is a nice feeling knowing that people are listening and interested in my music worldwide.  What a present! You can listen to my music and use the link to my blog at joshuaelimusic.com, listen to my music on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel on soundcloud.com, listen to my music on radioairplay.com on my channel, Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, and see me perform my music on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, my channel name.  First, try soundcloud.com or radioairplay.com. Those two formats are where my songs will be uploaded first because both soundcloud and radioairplay make uploads very easy.

I enjoy talking music with you.

Joshua Eli

March 14, 2016, my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!


What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. composer/performer? A dream about YOU.

Something new: a dream about living out the completion of my life with someone I grew up with.  It is called There Is No One I Would Rather Travel With But You.  It is about personal dreams and happenings and a look far into the future. The lyrics make me feel very good inside a la Ed Sheeran. It’s everybody’s dream, and yet hard to accomplish, to find someone to live out your life happily with. The melody I wrote has a funky upbeat R&B sound in the style of the Temptations in D flat major with a sound straight out of the 80’s. The melody is a hit with Rose my mini-dachshund; she just loves to sing it with me. She seems to be attracted to the rhythm and just bounced up to sing. She just gets it. The lyrics came first and then I experimented with different melodies.  At first I thought an Irish melody would be right and definitely would appeal to my listening friends in O’Donnell’s Bar in Ireland. But somehow it didn’t sound right and so I moved on to funk.  I have never written a song with this sound before and am loving it.  It is a fun song to sing and to play plus its message makes me feel comfortable about the future. The unknown is often hard to swallow. So you can tell I really enjoyed this experience a lot!  Here’s a few lines from the chorus: You made my travel complete. You were there with me. …. I knew then how lucky I was. There was no one I’d rather travel with But you. My cover for She’s Got A Way seems to have struck a nerve because I have another declared fan for that song: mamacitalina in Santiago, Chile. Also, Jennifer Mariuz-O’Brien in Canada became my fan after listening to Misty and Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You. I started singing Misty for a special person and wrote Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You to honor Hillary Clinton’s campaign to be the President of the US.  Misty is a beautiful song. Thank you! Thanks to Lamont Leak’s thumbs up for my latest blog, and to Chris Meersman, Bonnie Sher, Elizabeth Louise in Australia, and Best.of.Lego in Denmark for checking it out too. Haywire Bank in Sweden likes the album cover for my new album. Thanks! I am very appreciative of all of you and your interest.  Please spread the word and listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com, on soundcloud.com on my channel Joshua Eli Kranz, see me perform my music on YouTube.com on my channel Joshua Eli Kranz or listen to my music on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli.  Keep coming back and keep in touch. I just finished a new recording session. Look for the new music I recorded to be published soon once the finishing touches are complete.

Joshua Eli

March 5, 2016





What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? …What sounds do to me.

Sound fills our life with richness when we listen to music that stimulates our emotions, allows us to converse meaningfully with excitement, often clutters our lives so that we want to escape from it, and can relax us when we listen to the rush of water over rocks in a stream.  Sound is my tool.  I am writing a patter song in cut time about sound.  It will be a fun song that should put a smile on your face.  The words will spill out fast so you will have to listen carefully. So far it is fun writing it, too.  Here’s a couple lines near the beginning of the song: So much sound.  It’s like an out of control merry-go-round  Spinning around in my head. The lyrics just ran off fast from my pencil lead almost at the speed they are meant to sung. Tomorrow I will put musical sound to the words and hear what it will actually sound like. …. Well, I finished the song today putting it in cut time and started working on fine tuning the lyrics to the patter melody.  Kids, adults,…people of all ages should smile while listening to this one. The faster it is sung, the more fun it is! I love to see smiles on people’s faces while they listen to what I wrote.  I call it for now Sounds All Around. My dog Rose got a verse in the song.  Because she is a wonderful person/dog, she deserves much more than a verse. One day I will write an entire song about her and what she means to me.  I don’t think this song will make it into my first album that will be finished soon, but it will make it into the next one.  I can’t believe I have advanced that far to think about album #2.  I think I’d like to write songs for an album all about important people in my life who have influenced me and throw in some fun stuff to lighten it up.  I have had such a nice response to my published music that I would like to thank Cathy Nitura St. Angelo in Nevada, Jerrym119 in Colorado, Shawn Stevenson in Maryland, Enisa Toromanovic stationed in the US Army in Europe, and Justin Gilbert26 in Washington for listening collectively to 19 of my songs! Also, Jezzica Stone, Alejandro Moro, Linda Kiary, and Thomas Trosclair have been listening to my music a lot! I need to visit O’Donnell’s Bar in Ireland! People visiting there are listening to my music. I also have two new  declared fans: Michael Jansen, in Germany, and ccepuran in Daytona Beach, Florida. Michael enjoyed She’s Got A Way and And Then You Were gone and ccepuran liked A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With and You’re Beautiful And I Want You To Be.  It gives me a nice feeling when I receive that kind of interest for my work. Reading my blog is also taking-off.  Claudenoise, zim_fanpage, pandemonium group, Ras Ablaze, northmaine973, KingstonLA, Christopher Meersman, Matthiew Desormeau, and members of the Voices of Christmas Caroling Group deserve a big thank you for visiting my blog.  Thank you for the thumbs up!  You can listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com, soundcloud.com on my channel, Joshua Eli Kranz, and watch me perform my music on YouTube.com on my channel, Joshua Eli Kranz, and on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performing artist name. Your interest in my music moves me on!!  Rose, our singing mini-dachshund is on the mend, so say her doctors.  Soon I just may write a song just for her to celebrate!  Very soon you will be able to hear some new music I’ve written.  I am going into the recording studio.  Thank you for visiting and reading!!!  I welcome your ideas.


Joshua Eli

February 23, 2016



What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz, L.A. Composer/Performer? I may have written the last song on my album.

I Don’t Think I’ll Look At It The Same Way Again is the name of a song I finished tonight.  I think it may be the last song of my album, Joshua Eli… In His Element. When I finish rehearsing all the songs for my next recording session, I will have a solid feeling about this song and its placement on the album. For this song, writing the music was a struggle until someone close to me seeded me with an idea, and then after several days of wrestling, it just flew out of me. I wrote it to have a modified 50’s rock feel in 12/8. The music idea came from watching Grease live on TV a few days ago.  It wasn’t the best experience watching the show, but it was pure nostalgia.  17 years ago I toured with that show in Europe.  My life changed a lot because of Grease!  Anyway I like my new song and enjoyed singing the lyrics to it.  Singing it is a bit tricky because of the rhythms involved. I may have to do some fine tuning with the lyrics.  I ended up singing the song quite a bit testing it out and laying it down until my voice felt like it was near to giving out.  The song is in the key of G and happens to place well in my voice.  Here are a few lines leading up to the title: Life’s lessons can be so tough.  Better to be smart And not expect much. The 50’s beat gives the song hope, just what is needed! My plan is to take the songs I’ve written for my album and add 8 more songs to those, creating the score for a small cast book musical.  My education roots are in musical theatre.  It seems like a good place to go from here while continuing to write and perform my music.  It feels good to do several things I enjoy at the same time. Thank you to my new fan on radioairplay.com: freakiegeechie1983. The song you liked Any Part Would Be Enough is one of my favorites.  The song Dayenu meaning “it would be sufficient” was part of the inspiration for me to write that song.  The other was someone I knew in Baltimore.  Also, from radioairplay.com, thank you to angandgary in New Zealand who likes Work Moves Me On.  It seems to be a very popular song around the world especially in Japan.  It took me about 2 weeks to get the lyrics just right while writing it. It almost seemed in a few places likes writing a patter song because there are lots of words sung quickly.  I also changed the melody several times to fit the changes.  A family friend, Kevin, likes that song.  He was the first to give it a thumbs up.  It feels so nice to be appreciated for what I do.  It is a wonderful Valentine’s present to have those of you listening to my music and reading my blog!  I enjoy reading your comments. You can listen to my music on my website joshuaelimusic.com and on my channel Joshua Eli Kranz on soundcloud.com.  On my channel Joshua Eli Kranz on YouTube.com you can see me performing my music, and you can listen to my music on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name. My dog Rose likes to sing to my music.  I know she is getting better since her major surgery because she is starting to sing again!  Thank G_d for that!!


Joshua Eli

February 8, 2016


What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz: L.A. Composer/Performer? There is a high probability I will write something for you…

Don’t think about making art, just get it done.  Let everyone decide if it’s good or bad.  While they’re deciding make more art… Andy Warhol. That is a nice statement and implies what needs to drive any artist: our brain, our feelings, what passes through our eyes and by our ears and find interpretation in our brain.  Those sources are a direct connect from and to my soul and are my tools to produce the music I share with each person who listens to what I write.  I write for me and wish that you understand and appreciate the music I write and can find meaning in it to apply to your life as well.  If you do, it’s good for you.  If you can’t or don’t care for it, then it’s not good for you.  Keep checking back in because I have lots to say.  There is a high probability I will write something for you which will cause you to think.  You can listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com, on my channel Joshua Eli Kranz on soundcloud.com, on my channel Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, on radioairplay.com, and watch me perform on YouTube.com on my channel, Joshua Eli Kranz.  Thank you for reading my blog! Our mini-dachshund Rose had surgery last week.  I hope the magic of the wonderful team at the VMTH in Davis was just right and will make her well again!

Joshua Eli

February 3, 2016



What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz LA Composer/Performer?… A Beautiful Umbrella

There exists too much talk attacking the characteristics of others: color, gender, religion, their honesty. Also, not much is said about opportunities for the disabled or universal job creation so that everyone can work at a job they care about and are trained to do. So I have started to write a song about all people being allowed to reach their full potential and celebrating the significance of it.  We each of us need to work at what makes us feel useful and get support for the pitfalls that may come up. We need to be covered by a rainbow spreading its beautiful light over us. I am writing the song in James Taylor or John Tesh style to be sung by a choir, to inspire, to be sung in a movie, for a TV show or a children’s show or Disney movie.  It’s in C major so it is upbeat.  The sound is pop oriented with flourishes. It would sound great played by an orchestra. The chorus was an easy write; the rest is taking a bit of time to tell the story without sounding like a preacher.  I call it We Need To Live In The Arch Of A Rainbow.  I am very appreciative of my new fans: listim70 in the US who likes The Simple Things For You And I and Crystal Powell in New Zealand who likes listening to Hello, Any Part Would Be Enough, and The Simple Things For You And I, and Zaza R. in Georgia who likes Work Moves Me On, and CCepuran in Daytona Beach, Fla. who likes You’re Beautiful And I Want You To Be! Thank you for giving me that nice feeling that what I am writing means something to you. You can listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com, on my Joshua Eli Kranz channel on soundcloud.com, and under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, on radioairplay.com or watch me perform on YouTube.com on my Joshua Eli Kranz channel.  Thank you, Joe Watt in Nottingham, for reading my blog! It is nice to share with you what excites me and moves me on.  Also, THANK YOU to all of  you who are reading my blog!

Joshua Eli

February 2, 2016