What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz… LA Composer/Performer? On The Open Road…



Small autobiography under the picture:

Pictured I am preparing to record That Is My Promise Always.  That song  and I Know What My Heart Was Looking For will be released prior to the release of my album.   For me there is no greater pleasure than being in a recording studio making music and listening to the results.  Collaboration is an important part of my artistry.  Thanks to Eric, my engineer, the crew at Clear Lake Recording Studios, Roc, who assists me with transcribing, and my collaborating and producing and publicist family.  I know I have a village.

Try using earphones.  You will hear the song best.

Two experiences of the past week: “One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self” (Fred Rogers).  On Father’s Day we watched a documentary about Fred Rogers.  It is called Won’t You Be My Neighbor. The experience was “special”.  We grew up with the wisdom he shared.  The film will cause you to feel good and feel proud and cry some.  Growing up we felt the oversized impact of this gentle man.  Because he was different some people did make fun of him.  I understand all about that, too.  More than a few  would find meaning and reassurance sitting down for 1.5 hours to watch the best neighbor you’ll ever meet.

Allison Ikley-Freeman, a LGBT bi-racial woman, was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate representing west Tulsa.  She is a mental health professional.  She speaks openly about who she is and her life of struggles.  Her election is a remarkable event. It connects with the message of my last song: Waste No One’s Life Anymore. You can listen to that song on my last blog.  Because of her personal decisions and her ability to act on them she will  be an asset for a political system that needs lots of reworking.

Being happy with who we are is what must be.   I wrote On The Open Road about the rush and feel of freedom while exploring on the open road.  Willie Nelson furnished the seed then I took it from there.  I wrote the song for a job.  Matching up with someone else’s expectation and desires is a tall order.  ‘The music writing as a job experience” begins with a discovery, then requires invention, and finally the hoped for success depends on luck.  On The Open Road has country and subtle honky-tonk rhythms for the blue collar or white collar or any collar person.  It was written in C Major.  I used push beats plus a short quiet space.  You should be able to find and appreciate them as I do.  The song sings to how it feels to chase a dream. The lyrics begin: I am driving on the open highway/In my Chevy pick-up/With the wind  in my hair/As I rev my engine/Loud!/The sound echoes off the mountains/While a deer stops to look/As I come to a screeching halt/In the middle of the road. And then the chorus: The sun comes up/And the sun goes down/As I drive my Chevy pick-up/Town to town/On my way to places/Often unknown using Highway 5/To get my fix/From the open road. That makes for a very pretty picture. Hopefully everyone will hit the open road sometime so that kind of freedom can brush against your face.

Thanks to all of you who are dedicated to listening to my music.   Steve Sewell from Chattanooga, Tennessee became my fan listening to Will You Love Me Tomorrow and Barrett Gruige wrote me saying he sees ‘… enthusiasm within the work I write.” Nice. I do like what I am doing.  Ralph Farrish wrote, “You are a very capable person.” Much appreciated to read that. It took a lot of time and lots of  experiences to get here. I am ready for a whole bunch more so I can learn more.  Benita Thompson in the Netherlands became my fan after listening to I Just Can’t.  Yes!!  I have some devoted listeners: Alex Boncher in Illinois, Benjamin Heronimus in Colorado, Mr. Shaigood in Maryland, Faith Hawley in New Zealand, Danielle Walthers in Wisconsin, Gayle Merchant, Ryan Gleason, cemcculloch in South Carolina, Paul Faltusz in Australia, Marian Bradshaw, beauvdjeanwilbert, onsteadsmerie in Canada, and Jamie Ramos in Portugal.  Your interest in my music is shown by your regularly listening to it.  We don’t talk but your interest is my kind of talking and feels very good. An appreciative thank you to Gayle Merchant and cemcculloch and Jason Graae and Jonas Sills and Paul Wong for listening to Waste No One’s Life Anymore.  It’s a song that cries out: listen.

US Independence Day is coming soon.  Why not exercise that independence feeling and strike out en masse to start correcting the many problems that are causing our country to show signs of real wear.  We need real Independence for the Masses.   We must get stronger and speak louder and act like it counts for the benefit of all but especially the young and elderly, the poor and down on luck, the disabled, immigrants and all racial populations, and people of all sexual orientations and religions. We must expect equality of opportunity and compensation in all ways for everyone no matter gender, color, religion or abilities! We Need To Live In The Arch Of The Rainbow. (Check out my blog post about a Beautiful Umbrella posted February 2016.)  Roc and I recently took some time and arranged that song for choral work because Theresa, a former student of mine, suggested I do just that. Maybe before or on July 4th go out and see RBG. You will be inspired.

Please listen to On The Open Road near the top of this blog.

Thank you for visiting.


Joshua Eli

June 21, 2018 … the first day of summer and an opportunity  to try something new and different

Music is important.  It is an informed art form!





What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz.. LA Composer/Performer? We can’t waste another life.

Today is May 18, 2018.  I awoke to the news of a high school shooting once again… this time in Houston, Texas.  The horror of these moments is stuck in the minds of everyone.  Less than a month ago I put into lyrics and music what I feel about these atrocities.  I jump started this song ahead of other projects because today is its moment and purpose.  As a nation of diverse people we just don’t seem able to move our feet out of cement and live up to our heritage.  We are an independent nation of caring intelligent free thinkers and innovators.  We need to demonstrate we are that nation composed of those people now! How about singing along with me to the lyrics below. The song is accessed at the middle of this blog. It is melodic, has a message, and could play over and over in your head.  It needs to.  It is also written in an easy key: C Major.  The moments in the song where there are no music are highlights along with the reality of its lyrics. In the Post Verse, Waste No One’s Life Anymore slows down in tempo with an impassioned pIea and exhibits more varied dynamics than in the previous verses and choruses, a fitting way to end the song.   If ever there was a time to examine our attitudes about mental health, it is now.  If ever there was a time to make a serious effort to remove gun access from our people, young and older, it is now.  I am grateful for your loyalty and your interest in my work.  Your interest does inspire me to look deeper and try harder. Thank you. Tomorrow the world will celebrate two individuals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, coming together as a pair working to make a better life together.  That spirit is a good one.  We all need to do the same and come together as a whole to make all of our lives together better. It seems hard but it must happen!

Please try using earphones.  It enhances the listening experience!

Waste No One’s Life Anymore

Come closer and listen, please.                     

No longer can we be pacified

Or satisfied with empty talk       

From leaders       

Who do nothing..   

To take up the plight

By beginning the fight

To live our lives

Without guns.                 

We should not be afraid,

Instead, feel protected

From those who have been rejected

And are ill

Wishing blood to spill

To be noticed.

Would it not be better to give everyone the help they need?

No more bad leaders

And old terrible laws.

Vote them away.

Change the laws.

Help those who choose crime.

This is not the criminals’ time.

We need good solutions

For everyone.

To take up the plight

By beginning the fight

To live our lives

Without guns.

We should not be afraid,

Instead, feel protected

From those who have been rejected

And are ill

Wishing blood to spill

To be noticed.

Would it not be better to give everyone the help they need?

A Gun Free World Needs To Be,

So no one will die from a bullet needlessly. 

The people who do these things 

Need our care

So they do not feel forced to do ugly things

To act out their rejection.

The solution is simple.

Don’t use guns as tools for fear

Or to hunt

Or to retaliate.

Use words

And kindness

And help those in need.

Close up the makers of weapons

That help people act out their

Prejudice and aggressions,

And better times will be.

To take up the plight

By beginning the fight

To live our lives

Without guns.

We should not be afraid,

Instead, feel protected

From those who have been rejected

And are ill

Wishing blood to spill

To be noticed.

Would it not be better to give everyone the help they need?

Let’s take up the fight

And step out into the light

To make our world safe

Without guns.

Give everyone the help they need.

We won’t need to be afraid anymore.

It’s going to be different.           

We must make it happen.  

Not waste anyone’s life    


Make it happen.

Waste no one’s life anymore.

Listen, please. 

Single Chord


Joshua Eli

May 18, 2018

This time a little autobiography below the blog. My family made our way out to see the 100th Anniversary of the Tutankhamen exhibit traveling from
Egypt and celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom. The day was fine, the picnic excellent,  and the art exceptional.  All of the art forms nourish and heal.






What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz… LA Composer/ Performer? Wad-ing And Wait-ing


A little autobiography by the picture…

We have experienced a pretty spring re: the weather.  How nice.. for a change.. to speak of the weather that way.

Lots of other changes need to happen. If they could happen, they would lift our spirits.  They are just overdue.  Don’t forget to vote in the primaries and join in to demonstrate for change.  I am writing with vigor  expressing the stuff that I need to say..with hope..and purpose. I have lots of songs yet to be published and recorded.  For me feeling creative and needing to express myself is like eating and exercising..all terribly important!   Joshua Eli


For the best listening, try using earphones.

Wad-ing And Wait-ing/Exploring and enjoying/What we all want to find/What that is/We can’t be totally sure/That’s what makes us go after it/Because of its allure/Each step ahead/More promising than the next. I am that kid who grew up watching Fred Rogers while wad-ing and wait-ting.. very slowly discovering myself.  Fred left a huge impression on me.  Wad-ing And Wait-ing is a grown up song influenced by Fred Rogers with musical reflections of Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Newley.  I realized those connections only after I finished writing the song. The connections just welled-up and surfaced. They gushed and filled the broad beautiful desert valley made even more beautiful with wild flowers and rimmed by mountains that populated my mind and then my fingers started to fly across my piano.  The first verse: Walking and wondering/Into a hopeful and kind place/Taking our time/Getting there at our own pace/Not needing to rush/Relaxing while we go comments I believe Fred would deeply appreciate.  When people close to me listen to this song, they are drawn to it…like a magnet.  Performing it is also very relaxing and fills me with a feeling of ease.  Recording it on my home studio was not a challenge at all. The bridge: Don’t over-think/Just step/And dip your toe in the water/That can sometimes be chilly/Or try jumping with both feet first/Because what you will find/To your surprise/Could be oh so satisfying.  The third verse: Don’t say No/Just Go!!/See no red lights/Just green/Nothing holding you back/From anything/So much wonder and beauty ahead/To reach out and grab. And the post verse: Wad-ing and wait-ing/Each step../Exploring and enjoying/What it is/We all want to find/Creating a common bond/With all human kind/And taking our time. There is little more that I can add to these ideas because they stand on the own like pillars to walk between.  So I started with a walk in F Major and I blew myself away with my music discoveries:  My conversation with Sondheim dissonance and contrasts and A. Newley Pure Imagination-like lyrics and music ideas for the bridge were a successful experiment. They spawned something beautiful even ending it with a beautiful musical inflection.  Take a listen to Wad-ing and Wait-ing at the top of this blog. Lots of people to mention: Dmitry Savinkia in Ukraine enjoyed Any Part Would Be Enough and Work Moves Me On.  Faith Hawly in New Zealand liked One Penny Is All I Need and Misty.  There Are Sounds All Around and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago caused Alaina Beavers in Ohio to perk up.  Ashley Bowen returned and listened to Any Part Would Be Enough.  In Australia Paul Faltusz picked up on There Are Sounds All Around and Hello.  Marian Bradshaw was affected by Misty and I Just Can’t. Then Contiu Adina in Romania also chose I Just Can’t and It Will Be A Great Day WHEN.  Do you know how all of you make me feel..that you are listening to what I wrote and coming back to listen again?  That is like someone saying for the first time I love you. It makes your head spin and lifts you off the ground!  Thank you.  Creatively there is nothing better than you who appreciate what I do!

Until the next time while looking forward,


Joshua Eli

April 25, 2018

Today my grandfather would have been 104! I wonder what he would say about a lot of things.. He always read and wrote and spoke out…

LS.. Keep Wad-ing  toward  a hopeful and kind place.

What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz.. LA Composer/Performer? Stress Will Not Rule My Life!


A little autobiography beside the picture.

Taking the subway to a concert hall to attend a concert makes for a special experience.  The crowded subway with its chatter adds to the experience as does walking out of the subway and up the hill with the crowd towards the hall entrance.  The privilege of sitting in a theatre or hall and listening to live music makes for just the best evening and justifies the effort and expense.

Stress Will Not Rule My Life

A Tribute To Mr. Rogers!

To hear the music the best, try using earphones.

Have you ever felt manipulated?  Have you ever wanted to push back and then escape to a personal protected place? There are ways to deal with a stressful state.  Many write music as a process for expressing and working out all kinds of things.  My compositions are my musical diary.  I also escape to places for a release to take my mind off the indignation.  I attended a concert whose music program was called the Erroll Garner Project. The music of Erroll Garner re-produced by the late jazz pianist Geri Allen on 3 pianos was exquisite and demonstrated for me the real and positive good in music and the people who compose and play it like Gerald Clayton, Christian Sands, and Russell Malone.  Erroll’s jazz compositions were played on three grand pianos, a guitar, stand-up bass, and drums.  I loved it and for one hour all that I was feeling was far away.   I can bring it out of my memory at anytime now like meditating and push away the bad things that people sometimes like to do. Erroll Garner is the composer of one of the songs on my upcoming album.  The song is the beautiful composition: Misty. 

So I am writing a song about stress.  It is a universal topic.  The song is  a recipe for all of us who feel the wrath of someone or something and need to move to a better place.  From the post-verse: I am gone/I moved myself miles away/Stress will not rule my life/ Any day! I felt better just putting the lyrics and music down.  Singing the song kept my thoughts mind-centered refusing to let myself stray from my resolve and the relief I have found! I now walk around with a glorious pair of  glasses that improves my vision 1000%.  I let stress fly away/And it did. Despite the reason for the song, it actually turned out to be an interesting piece to perform because I layered it with my voice like a good actor should. When I finished recording it, I felt better without taking a pill or drinking anything stronger than a cold glass of water.  Once it was completely written after countless iterations of how to say and perform how I felt, I recorded it fast needing only a few takes. My ideas had been tracking in my brain for more than a month and delayed my finishing this blog entry. But when something is true and felt, that is how recording it happens for me:fast.  When finished I felt relief and satisfaction from what felt like the completion of a creative job. I wrote it in the key of C minor with a tango/bossa beat to counter the anxiety emphasized by the heartbeat.  A song with that depth should not be written in a major key.  The song opens with 14 seconds of a heart beating. The beating of my heart runs through the song and ties the verses together effectively and actually. Have you ever heard your heart beat in your ears? So my heart beat in 4/4 is the cadence for the song until it speeds up to 6/8 and then relaxes back to 4/4 as I resolve my stress. The contrasting bridge was written to have trumpet hits when it is orchestrated. I plan on arranging this song along with two other songs I have written into a song cycle. The other two songs: I Just Can’t and Because I Can.  Why the three?  Because they all deal with insecurity and are very interesting to listen to and/or perform.  After the fact and unintentionally they seem to fit together. That is the creative syndrome that surfaced.  I think the cycle could turn out to be a gem and be one that male a cappella group composed of strong voices and good actors would perform well and enjoy doing. Just a final thought and I think true for many in creative fields: thankfully my music and writing serve like therapy and a sedative when the need arrives.

Mdearing in Pennsylvania became a FAN once again after listening to And Then You Were Gone.  Koichi Muranishi in Japan found meaning in I Broke Out And Broke Through and also with And Then You Were Gone.  Rob bic in Texas climbed on the wagon after listening to And Then You Were Gone and then also enjoyed its opposite On The Sunny Side Of The Street.  Thanks to Joel1361 for your continued loyalty and listening to Misty. Barbara Hellerman in Israel connected with A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With and also with And Then You Were Gone.  And Then You Were Gone seems to have found a respectable niche this past month in some good people’s hearts.  Krsmith34262 in Texas discovered That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be and the comedy and reality in I Just Can’t.  Thanks to all of you and the almost 6000 listeners who have tuned in to listen to my music.  The publishing of all the music on my album is almost complete.  Roc, my collaborator in transcribing, shot me an email regarding the final song Not An Ending After All saying it was “.. meaningful..a Grand Finale in every sense of the phrase..” Thanks.  His comments mean a lot because he knows my music inside and out and  how it all meshes together.  When we are working together he quotes words and phrases back from my songs that left an impact on him.

Fred Rogers would have been 90 today.  His show, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that I watched as a child, is 50 years old.  I loved that show!

Listen to my new song Stress Will Not Rule My Life at the top of this blog.  Also, you can hear a Mr. Roger’s tribute.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers and also H B, Dad!

Sincerely.. with my wishes to all of my friends who visit with me (as Mr. Rogers would have said) for a Happy Spring and Happy Passover and Happy Easter,

Joshua Eli                                

March 20, 2018                    

A Lego trolley into the land of make-believe in Mr. Roger’s world.














What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz..LA Composer/ Performer? You Are MY Peach.


Small autobiography under the picture:

I’ve been to NYC over the last 25 years maybe 8 times. Each time seems new because it is. NYC is always remaking itself keeping what is old and that has character but finding new spaces to squeeze in or build something new. For a composer and musician there is really no better place than NYC. New Yorkers are a cultured lot. I have thought I could live there, but this people magnet out-prices all of us who are average and is too busy for the regular breathing of my soul.

Please listen with earphones.  You’ll enjoy it more.

I decided to write a song for a spec job.  It is a Diana Krall type song.. and wholly appropriate for February 14.. Valentines’s Day.  I liked writing it and putting it down because the jazz genre is freeform and allows for innovation.  Composing and lyric writing is a good fit for me because I can do things the way I want, and I enjoy doing it at the same time.  That this song is jazz is why playing and performing the song fills my face with a smile.  Once I discovered how good it makes me feel to play jazz, it is where I spend and have spent my time training.  The spec job requirement was to write a sensual art song that uses food in the lyrics.  It was to be performed by me in an intimate 60 person setting in a 5 star restaurant while a chef prepared food dishes ostensibly suggested  by the song. In return my song and name would be ferried on social media.  I liked the given prescription for writing the song and how it was to be used. The lyric ideas are not a 100% description of me but show that I am a flexible composer who can write for different view points. The song title: You Are My Peach. I just happen to love peaches. Here is the first verse: A sweet peach/ To sweeten my drink/As I knock back one or two/Is like the right woman I think/A special sweet sauce/With a bit of a kick. Then the chorus: Bring me a peach/Tickle my nose with the fuzz/Juicy and so ripe/Round with curves/Sweetness galore/Pulling me onto the dance floor/For a night of bliss/Sealed with a kiss/It’s you/You are my peach. So what do you think?

The song had to be in C Major. No other key would do.  It’s a 4/4 Jazz Bakery song or a couple improv seductive dance. In the lyrics there is a drink with floating peach shreds, a peach pie, an apple, peach melba originally concocted at the Savoy in London to honor an Australian soprano named Nellie Melba, and creme brulee, divinity, and  peach liqueur.  Those foods are perfect to sip and eat with your peach by your side.  Every time I now eat a peach I am dreaming and waiting for my girl to pass into view so we can share some delicious moments.  It is amazing how a marketing idea can elevate an entire class of food.. in this case fruit. So whether you like honeydew or pineapple or a tangerine that peels easily or slippery mango slices or tart cherries that cause your lips to pucker or melons that gush and are juicy or sweet strawberries bathed in fondue chocolate and whip cream etc. it is easy to see that a musical allure built around some tasty fruits can be very stimulating.  I didn’t even have a peach in the house while I was writing the song, but I sure was stimulated to go  get some.

I thought I would work on this blog idea on my off-time while in NYC since  I  started writing it in Los Angeles.  NYC is a diverse environment that inspires but it was not a good place for me to write. The NYC pace is exhausting.  To write I need to relax.  NYC is all about moving about and rushing.  I like observing and then taking some time to think and feel.  There is plenty to observe in NYC but it is not a place to relax and shut things out for a while.  At the end of the short cold days and after sipping music and culture I was nothing but tired.

Lots of people to thank: tohunbo.adewale123 from Texas for becoming a FAN after enjoying And Then You Were Gone..definitely one of my personal favorites because it is pure jazz.  Yu-riNoda from Japan lined up behind That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be and Work Moves Me On..both upbeat and positive and Hello, a terribly honest piece about real sadness. Thank you.  Admin from California, definitely one of my devoted supporters, also listened to And Then You Were Gone and We Need To Live In The Arch Of The Rainbow. I am writing a choral arrangement for We Need To Live In The Arch…, a great song loaded with meaning! Joel361b in Michigan enjoyed She’s Got A Way and Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You..two ends of the spectrum and then I Just Can’t. Kristy Cameron in the UK:  she listened to A Game I Never Should Have Played Along With several times and I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me and There Is No One I’d Rather Travel With But You.  I appreciate that you focused on the honesty in my writing! Litsvaps@sengi.top “admired the lyrics”  in Hanukkah in LA….she is still in the holiday mode. Religious freedom is always in vogue. And just as I was writing the finishing touches for this blog Samia Rabia in Algeria became my FAN after listening to Near To You Is What I Want, the first song I wrote for someone I once fell in love with.  I am honored that you loved the song just a day before Valentine’s Day!

Let me say once again, when you listen to my music, you encourage me to see and feel more and then write more.  I am happy to be back home now.  After returning from NYC I was tired but definitely more knowledgeable and sensitized than before I left.

Please listen to You Are My Peach near the top of this blog.

Have a nice Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to include some music. I studied tap dance when I was a young guy and still do.  My teacher then was named Carol H. She loved Valentine’s Day more than all the holidays.  She was warm and loving and very supportive.  When Valentine’s day rolls around she is the first person that comes to mind.  Valentine’s Day is a day to continue to tell and show important people how much you care about them, and she did that.  Her students were important to her. She was very proud that I auditioned for a performing arts school and got in. She was dedicated.. not someone I could forget.  Carol danced until she could no longer dance.


Joshua Eli

February 14, 2018

*** I didn’t get the job, but I enjoyed writing a song that I probably never would have written… a hidden surprise.



A kiss is the best Valentine present.

The Kiss by Edvard Munch at the Met Breuer.



Below see the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from our room just after a late night snowfall.

A Valentine’s Day window display in Polish Greenpoint.

A cap I picked up to remember The Band’s Visit..a special musical that is sure to get people standing up.

What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz? LA Composer/Performer? Until I Danced The Night Away With You..Dancing close to you..It’s the only thing I want to do.

A little autobiography under the picture…

I am sitting at a table in V’s Cellar Door, a Mexican Korean Fusion restaurant in Juneau.  It actually is in a cellar.  The entrance is down the staircase.**  The food was good (I ate an Infused Seared Ahi burrito with Kimchi), the atmosphere was nice, and the friendly people eating there seemed like professionals since it was only a handful of blocks from the State Capitol building.  V stands for Vivian a longtime resident of Juneau who started cooking out of a food truck and then opened her own restaurant and now still caters fusion food from her food truck. The people in Alaska are very inventive.  They need to be.  It is a hard life.  Downtown Juneau has a Brooklyn vibe, a favorite place of mine.  It is unusual for me, but over a 12 months period I have visited or will visit 3 pretty cold places. First was Labrador, next was Alaska, and lastly I will go back to Brooklyn for a celebration and some musical entertainment.  I actually love the cold that comes with a real winter since where I live is rarely very cold.

You will enjoy it more if you listen with earphones!

On December 27, 2015, I began this blog.  This entry is a soft drum roll announcing the 2nd anniversary of the blog’s beginning. Looking back I see that  there are 45 entries about my music and the hows and whys for each song  written.  After re-reading some of those blog entries, I think I may select some of them to be published as a pocket book to accompany my music.. sort of like when you read descriptions and sentiments from the artist when you go to visit and enjoy his/her art in a museum. Publishing a book of my writing is something I would never have imagined doing.  On this anniversary I feel extremely proud of the songs I have composed and the lyrics I wrote for them and my discussions that lay out how I built each song and why. For me writing music and keeping to a regular regimen of artistic expression is satisfying and a worthwhile job that gives me the hope I need to create a better future.  Just for this occasion I wrote a song set on New Year’s Eve 2017 about how dancing and finding love can be entwined, setting up the new year of 2018 to be a special one. Dancing is just one of the best ways of connecting with someone because you are only inches apart. It is hard not to see and listen and feel.  I was in that mood and decided to write about it. The title of the song is Until I Danced The Night Away With You.  I wrote it in F major. It has a special sound… a mild 50’s dreamy sound.  The chorus has a Grease feel with echoes of Unchained Melody.  I gave the bridge a little R&B and pop feel the way I designed it to be sung and as I sing it. For those interested, the chord structure of the song except for the bridge is F Major to D minor, B flat Major 7 to A7 sharp 9 to a G minor 7 F/A inversion, then G minor 7/C back to F Major. The bridge starts with an A7 sharp 9 chord to a D minor 7 moving to G minor 7 and back to a nice resolve for Verse 3.. using C Major. So you see the music is a mixture of major and subtle minor musical sounds. The last chord of the song.. F Major 7..I opened into a soft arpeggio on the piano ending the song in that classic 50’s fashion.  I was a genuine Eugene in Grease das Musical in Europe in part of 1999, part of 2000 and part of 2001. The music of Grease is definitely nostalgic and romantic and served as an inspiration for me to write this song.  This song could have found its way into the film Ghost or used instead of Earth Angel at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance in Back To The Future. Most of the song flowed out easily while writing the lyrics down on paper or when composing at the piano. The musical genre was ‘in my blood’ since my Grease time; so the song was an easy write once I decided on what I wanted to write about.  That fact was good because about the same time I was writing the song I was caroling around town as a paid singer spreading holiday cheer for VOC.  I have been doing that for 5 years to feed my retirement account. Retirement seems far off but 25 years can fly by when working and having a good time most of the time.

Here are the first verse and chorus for what feels like a beautiful New Year’s song:

I step toward you.

You stand still waiting for me.

Your eyes are blue-green gems.

They entice me close,

And you slip inside  my arms

Like a gentle breeze.


Dancing close to you.

It’s the only thing I want to do.

I love moving with you

And your warmth close to me..

Us speaking softly

And just dancing the night away.

Thank you to georgemikemiller from Coupeville, WA for becoming my FAN while enjoying And It Will Be A Great Day WHEN.  That song is about the feeling of hope, a good quality to cherish and important for me.  Also thank you, Corina Pizarro in Carlyle, Canada for becoming my FAN after listening to my arrangement of Will You Love Me Tomorrow, a tres meaningful song.  I am in awe of admin in California for her continued devotion to my music.  She listened to I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me  and Any Part Would Be Enough and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be and She’s Got A Way.  Each of those songs speaks of love in a special way from different perspectives.

I look forward  to us speaking together through music in the coming year and also hope that in the new year the political turmoil will be taken to the dump so we won’t be distracted away from our best purpose.  I have written lots of music waiting to be recorded and a show to be put up. There is no shortage of things I need to do and want to do.  The release of my album Joshua Eli… In His Element will happen soon proceeded by the release of a couple of singles. I hope the New Year will be a productive and a healthy one for all of us. It is important we realize how important we are for each other and remember and act like that all through the coming year.

Happy Birthday to my MOM and Happy Anniversary to my PARENTS and Happy Birthday M E!  That ‘s 156 years altogether celebrated… with many more years to come!!!

Please listen to Until I Danced The Night Away With You at the top of this blog. 

Play it on New Year’s Eve.  It is a new song written for the 2018 new year. It can be enjoyable to listen to something new while creating a new memory.  Your comments are always appreciated.

Sincerely and with a spritz of love,

Joshua Eli

December 27, 2017 ….Happy New Year!






**V’s Cellar Door


What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? Have you ever felt invisible?


A little autobiography beside the picture continued…

In November I went back to Alaska for my birthday.  In the picture I am holding a piece of ice that looked just like a piece of glass in size and thickness. I enjoyed seeing snow falling and loved its beauty dressing up Haines, AK… saw thousands of bald eagles and took loads of pictures of them…I really got good at it.  I discovered patience I didn’t think I had. …and saw the Aurora Borealis THREE times..Spectacular! The cold was not uncomfortable. The Chilkat River Valley and Chilkat Lake and all the surroundings were right out of a storybook.  Lots of friendly and memorable people. The interplay of the native Indians with their land was totally appreciated and educational.  This was that kind of vacation that will always affect what I think about and appreciate and will affect my composing and lyric writing. ..je

For the best listening, listen with earphones

Have you ever felt invisible?  It is an uncomfortable feeling especially when you  want to be visible. I recently completed the song and lyrics for my song titled Invisible.  Fortunately, for the most part it is not my present, but it has occurred in the past regarding work and with someone I was closely attached to. Invisible is a song like you could have heard in the film credits for The Piano or sung by Sarah McLachlan. Most everyone can relate to the real sadness expressed in the song.  Invisible is written in C major and is in contrast to that usually upbeat key. It has a little bit of a pop country feel and could be played live on an acoustic guitar by picking the open chords making it easy to play and sing along with. It should be sung in a mirrored room. The reason will become obvious after listening to the song.  I am going to include the entire song lyrics this time..  I have wondered if you might enjoy singing along with me sometimes. This is an easy and good song to accomplish that. Be patient. It is one of my longer songs and tells a true story, but it is lyrical. If any of you are baritones, there are rich sounding baritone notes in the vocal line for the song.. I am a baritone/bass.. therefore, it was natural to write in the rich baritone notes.

The various holidays are soon surrounding us.  It is not a time for sadness but somehow there is plenty of it around for us to see and feel.  It would be nice for 2018 to be radically different.. children and older adults and all of us and the world are in need of a real uplift.. I want to thank admin in California for listening to so many of my songs.. The frequency is overwhelming.. That is what family does.. And It Will Be A Great Day When, We Need To Live In The Arch Of A Rainbow, I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago, Misty, Not An Ending After All, And Then You Were Gone, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Hello, There Are Sounds All Around, One Penny Is All I Need, On The Sunny Side Of The Street…all multiple times. I hope you got as much out of listening to them as I did writing them! Then there is ContiuAdina in Romania enjoying I Just Can’t and It Will Be A Great Day WHEN and Steve Hong in New York enjoying She’s Got A Way and I Just Can’t.  Ashley Bowen popped in once again like admin to listen to Will You Love Me Tomorrow. My transcriber Roc M loves one of the two new singles I will be releasing: I Know What My Heart Was Looking For. He likes songs that tell a story. He is the first out of my inner circle to listen to the entire song.  His encouraging remarks are very nice. Together we co-arranged one of my songs, And Then You Were Gone, for 5 part vocal jazz, and together we achieved an exciting result. I am going to include the first page of the song at the bottom of this blog.  That and all the sheet music for all my songs will soon be available so anyone can sing and play them. I am impressed by all the people who come my way to listen to my music (more than 5400 of you came by on radioairplay.com alone) and I thank each of you.  Keep coming and I will keep writing.  This blog has been alive for 2 years this month. Let’s make the coming year a wonderful one and a healthy one. Make your voices heard. We all are needed to fix all the stuff that has gone rotten!

Please listen to Invisible.. I have put it up at the top of this blog entry..  I always welcome your thoughts.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal, Joyeux Noel, Frohliche Weihnachten, Milad Mubarak, Natal Mubarak, Merii Kurisumasu, Buon Natale, Zalig Kerstfeest, Wesolych Swiat, Boas Festas, Mele Kalikimaka, Boldog Karacsonyt, Selamat Hari Natal..  these and many many more … to each and all of you…lots of ways to wish that you are happy and enjoy your holiday and then topping it off with a Happy and Healthy New Year..Gleoilegt nytt ar …Do you recognize that one?  Happy New Year in Icelandic!

With music always in my heart and wishing only to share it with you!

Joshua Eli

Happy big 16, Seymour!  He is a real landmark.


December 5, 2017







What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz / LA Composer/Performer? Hanukkah in LA..for another religious and cultural point of view at this time of year


Me: DrEaMiNg.   Rain is an experience I enjoy.  The letters r-a-i-n are found in the word “dreaming.”  When it is raining outside, it is a perfect time to dream then write.


To live in a country/Where we are free/To worship and believe/As we wish and how we please That is one of the best gifts derived from living in the United States. According to  the First Amendment to the US Constitution, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. All of us have been born and raised with that accepted creed until January 20 of the year 2017.  Life and the interpretation of that law has been reinterpreted since that date.  Hanukkah, a minor holiday for Jews, takes on added importance today and now becomes a major holiday symbolizing for Jews and for everyone the right to worship and believe as they please.  Jews are embracing Muslims to stand up to the tyranny emanating from the Executive Branch of the US government.  Muslims are being used as scapegoats just like the Jews once were for unsettling occurrences happening around the world.  All Muslims are not terrorists just like all Caucasians are not part of the alt right or members of the Ku Klux Klan.  The opening line of this blog is from the bridge in my new song Hanukkah in LA. I have been thinking of writing a song like this since last year’s holiday season.  Most Jewish kids grow up hearing some beautifully written Christmas music at the holiday time.  I wanted to write my idea for a Hanukkah song for kids, my one-day future kid, and adults who would enjoy hearing another cultural and religious view point at that time of year.  The song is titled Hanukkah in LA.  In LA we don’t experience the winter season typically sung about in holiday music.  I think children growing up in a LA could use a song which identifies with their experience.  So the song begins: Hanukkah in LA/ The beach and the breeze/ And the sun/And the Hollywood palm trees… It is a spirited song written in B flat minor with a Latin cantorial sound in places appropriate to the LA region but strangely enough just right for a Jewish middle eastern sound and Hanukkah song.  To be able to worship and believe as we wish and how we please is EVERYTHING!  That sung statement closes out the song.  I look forward to adding this song to the Hanukkah repertoire. Rajendra T from Nepal and a film director and film editor generously told me after listening to my  music on my up-coming album that he “really loved the songs and said my voice is really good.”  Those remarks by Raj were very encouraging.  Thank you to an anonymous fan for loving Guided By A Moonbeam!  Joel in Toronto liked listening to Hello and Will You Love Me Tomorrow and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago.  And also, my appreciation to Nia Babar in the UK for enjoying Not An Ending After All and One Penny Is All I Need.  We all seem to move in similar circles. Check out my website joshuaelimusic.com to find out more about me and watch me record and perform on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or listen to my music on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, and while out and around listen to me under Joshua Eli Kranz on SoundCloud.com or you can check me out on Tumblr.com under Joshua Eli or look into Vimeo.com/joshuaeli.  Thank you to those of you who are regular listeners of my music and thank you to those of you who have recently found their way to my music!

Please listen to Hanukkah In LA at the top of this blog entry.  I would enjoy hearing what you think.

So that is Hanukkah In LA  and at this moment the World Series in LA.  I am rooting for the local team with Kenley and Cody and Justin and Joc and Austin for LA and Jose and Justin and Will for Houston, but the truth is both teams are totally great creating a very exciting time for fans in LA and Houston. I’d love to go to a Victory Parade in LA to celebrate. HINT.  It’s been almost 30 years!

I will be going off to a new and interesting place and hope to come back with some valuable experiences that affect me and so my music. Until next time.


Joshua Eli

November 1, 2017


What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. composer/performer? That Is My Promise Always

A little autobiography under the picture:  Composing on some music projects can be hard work.  This is a photo painting emphasizing shadows on my left hand. That hand probably will require carpal tunnel surgery.  I started playing piano when I was 5.  So for 35 years that hand has been working steadily.  It is time for a repair.

I think I tried to capture the right music and tone for That Is My Promise Always eight times over as many days before hitting it just right.  I try out all my songs on my select audience and my dog Rose.  When Rose starts singing, I know I am getting close.  Rose is a great dog-singer music critic with a health condition that is treated by her special experts at VMTH in Davis.  The good news is that she is getting better and she is carrying on her work like a pro.

Please listen with earphones.  It will sound great.

Honesty is such a lonely word…straight from the lyrics of Billy Joel.  Life isn’t a fantasy and autumn is the most beautiful of the four seasons.  All are the way I think.  The daytime air is cooler and the light is softer and sunsets seem more colorful and the trees changing colors are stunning in Fall.  All of the above are strolling in my brain affecting my senses since my last blog entry.  Yesterday I finished a song I titled That Is My Promise Always. I wrote it in the key of D flat major.  It is a positive follow-up to my last song I Know What My Heart Was Looking For.. both written in the same key.  It is a pop piano song written honestly about love. It could find itself easily inserted into a wedding or anniversary repertoire or proposal. The song is not cerebral or a fantasy.  Sometimes I need to say I am sorry when something I do is not good, so I have included that.  My feelings are real and my thoughts and actions reveal that.   The song opens with a beautiful statement: There aren’t enough stars/ I could pull from the sky/To hand to you. It continues You said you want the world/ I can give you…/A part of me/I can share only with you.  And the chorus: I don’t say it enough/But you have to know how much I care/I won’t discount how you feel/Or treat you/Like you weren’t there/So I say this to you/I love you and need you near/That is my promise always.  I have tried when singing the song to show the true depth of its meaning  by employing the lower ranges of my voice.  At one point in the chorus to emphasize a feeling of  love, I drop my voice 3 1/2 steps.  Doing that was very effective in conveying that feeling!  As with most songs, the chorus drives the song. Ashley Bowen in Dallas, Texas, thank you for your continual interest in my music.  You listened to There Are Sounds All Around, I Just Can’t, Not An Ending After All, That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be, and The Simple Things For You And Me. It is very interesting which songs you chose..most of them are upbeat and one is comedic.  Are you telling me something?  I awoke to see that Danielle Smith in Corbin, Kentucky became my fan after listening to I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me. She added, “Great Song.” Dissolving something I feel important takes a long time to actually relax and be comfortable with.  RM wrote to me while working with me on  And It Will Be A Great Day WHEN , ” This is a really loving and touching song! Very pretty, very moving, a great performance, entirely enjoyable…”  His professional opinion means tons to me and is very encouraging.  He knows music and performance from the bottom up.  His words are golden.  You can listen to the first 1:21 of That Is My Promise Always near the top of this blog.  The actual recorded song is 4:27.  Truthfully this song couldn’t have been written at a better time.  After the terrible massacre in Las Vegas,  I think we need huge doses of love to smother all the hate that has been spreading like tar.


.. and a prayer for the improved health of all those injured in Las Vegas and a prayer for the families of those who didn’t make it because they were caught in the rain of bullets.  When will we put away all the guns???  Our leaders need to begin to do something significant!!

Joshua Eli

October 5, 2017





What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? I Know What I Was Meant To Do And Become

A little autobiography under the picture…a human interest feature to be continued..

On August 28, 2017 at Clear Lake I recorded the final song of my first album.  I’ll be releasing the song I recorded on that day as a single ahead of the album release.  I hadn’t been back in the studio for more than a year.  It was a fine day with my engineer and producer near and present.  I enjoyed what I was doing. I know what I was meant to do and become!  Je

I have written a denouement for my album.  I didn’t need to because the progression of the album’s songs tell the album’s story well.  It really just happened. The song is titled I Know What My Heart Was Looking For.  The healing effect from time passing is a good thing.  I wrote the song in D flat major. By coincidence the song’s key unlocks a message.  The song tells how I exercised ‘D.. poor‘ judgement that dropped me ‘flat‘ on my face.  Now long after the experience, I made a ‘major‘ change finding renewed self-respect … with clarity ready to move forward.  This will be the first song I will record with more than one instrument.  It will be released as a single before the release of my album.   It is a true pop song… with repetitions easy to remember.. and serves as a good professional introduction to me and my music.  I also wrote it for the additional purpose to perk the interest of one of my mentors suggesting we could work together on a project.  The first verse begins I learned my lesson/Not to let anyone take a piece of me…The chorus begins How blinded I am/ To keep coming back for more. The second verse contains the plea I hope you are sincere. The bridge begins with It was all great once/You and me/It was an endless fantasy.  And the final updated chorus ends with My heart has moved on/ And found what it was always looking for. When writing from immediate experience, lyrics somehow flow.  Getting the perfect music sound was important for this song because of my plans for the song and the song’s importance for the album.  I am pleased with the results, but I did feel the struggle to write the best music I could. That can happen when focusing too hard, but it was worth it. It is a six minute + song packed with honesty. The vocal and piano interludes have an ethereal feel so you get I’ve finally risen above my discomfort. The song closes open-ended without any musical instrument playing the music.. just a vocal… the story is not yet finished and invites you and I to wonder what is to come.  When listening I think ‘you should be able to get it’ and find that you can identify with the thoughts expressed as well. I work with a consummate professional who is helping me transcribe all my songs to include in a songbook or for individual sheet music downloads that will be purchased from my website. I really want to hear others play and sing my music, too.  We were working on A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With.  He surprised me with a comment about that song. ” This one is really a wonderful song.  I can easily relate to the emotion of it. Great work, great writing! It’s certainly haunting to me and very beautiful (I might add). ” Coming from RM and who is 22 years my senior and who has lots of music experience, his comments were a total honor for me to hear. Thank you, greenwell in Australia who became a fan after listening to One Penny Is All I Need.  Also, thank you, Jeremy Yakus who became my fan after listening to I Just Can’t.  I really appreciate the penny..so little real monetary value yet so much intense emotional value connected with a wish and hope and its earthy color. I wrote I Just Can’t to show the challenge of fitting in.  There probably isn’t one of us who hasn’t felt like a loner in a crowd at some time…  a good reason to try to place yourself in someone else’s foot holes and to try harder to really understand why. It is a comedy piece.  Sometimes that is the best way to say something. Joel from Toronto became my fan after listening to Will You Love Me Tomorrow.  CK wrote a beautiful song that I am fortunate to interpret as my own. Also, thank you, Jaybie Lovetok for liking Not An Ending After All and There Are Sounds All Around. The sounds around us can overwhelm. I look for the pleasant sounds. That every beginning marks an ending is intriguing and hopeful. The need to feel hope touches us all. Thanks to all of you who keep coming back and who listen to my songs or read about me either on my website joshuaelimusic.com or SoundCloud.com or radioairplay.com or YouTube.com or Tumblr.com or Vimeo.com.  Autumn is approaching…just a beautiful season. From its smells and sights and sunsets and cool weather inspiration follows.

For the people of Houston, Texas and Corpus Christi and their close surroundings and Louisiana and Burbank in southern California and Florida and Georgia and Mexico and Cuba and Puerto Rico and other small islands in the Caribbean: Barbuda, Antigua, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barts, US and British Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos, Tortola, Anguilla and The Bahamas who have suffered through horrendous natural disasters, may He who is good watch over you and protect you and keep you safe! Music can help us carry on and rise above sadness.  That was the function long ago and still today of the Spiritual.

Please look for I Know What My Heart Was Looking For to be released soon.



Joshua Eli

September 8, 2017