A uphill trail ending in a small unanticipated meadow

I want to say thanks to William in Thailand, Lania in Indonesia, and Low in Ireland and Terry in Berlin who are fans of my music!  Keep listening.  It sure makes me feel good to know that you like what I’m writing and recording.  The past few days I have been laboring over a song in which I finally say good-bye to something emotional and hope that a new day is coming.  It was real labor to get the lyrics to say what I mean.  Writing the music was hard for this song because it needs to have a special sound with some optimism built in…sort of like taking a steep uphill trail and finally ending in a small unanticipated meadow. Tomorrow is the day I hope to be satisfied with the end product….  Well, it is finished and the sound became Latin with a touch of Italian just the kind of song you could use in a Bertolucci film when two people involved part and go their own way.  Singing the song with the appropriate lyrics was the right antidote to complete my emotional journey so I could move forward.  The title is I Should’ve Said Good-bye Long Ago.  Someone close to me has been encouraging me to write a song with an Italian feel.  I had no idea it would be this song.  When you get to listen to it you will understand.  I will January 12 to be a happy day!

Joshua Eli

January 11, 2016


A Few Thank Yous And My Way Of Writing

Well I have friend Benjamin in Sweden who listened to And Then You Were Gone and a friend in Malta who listened to Near To You Is What I Want.  Both tipped me with NeuCoins.  Thank you! I have been writing a lot.  I have 4 songs in various states of completion.  All of them seemed easy to write because each of them sprang from my immediate present.  My chicken and the egg goes this way: first I write down my ideas for the lyrics which can take a few hours or a few days and then I get some input from my family.  Next I sit at my piano and put music to the words.  Usually I decide on the tone which dictates the key and then I experiment with various rhythms.  Next I experiment with various melodies. Next I try singing the lyrics with my music ideas to see if my music ideas fit with the lyrics I wrote.  Usually there is tweaking with both lyrics and music at this point.  Then if I think I’m on to something, I sing the new song through a few times to see how it sets in my ears.  Next I invite others to listen to see how they like it and listen to their suggestions.  The following day is usually one of improving the flow of the lyrics and making sure that the lyrics say what I want to say.  The same goes for the music.  Sometimes I leave it alone because I wrote the right music the first time, but most of the time I have to change the music up either a little or a bit or even try something entirely new.  After playing and singing the music for several days and setting it aside for a few more and then singing the music and lyrics again for a few more days, I am usually satisfied with the results and am ready to record it at home on my Zoom.  I listen to the song some more times and get more input from family and a friend.  I may then rerecord it on my Zoom and house mics getting ready to copyright it before going to a studio to record it.  Before being ready to record it in the studio, I rehearse it for about 2-3 weeks with the other songs I am planning to record.  During the rehearsal time I decide how I want to interpret the lyrics, I write the intro and decide on any piano improv and verse interludes I am going to do, and finally decide how I’m going to finish off the song both vocally and piano-wise.  While recording in the studio I usually record each song 3 times hoping to get a very good interpretation lyrically and instrumentally.  When the engineer plays back the version of the track I’ve selected, it is amazing and beautiful to listen to the song I wrote and sung and played on piano.  My manager videos the session, so I can look at that too.  It feels like a complete day in a few hours when I am recording because I get up early to get my voice exercised and sing my final rehearsal.  All the songs then need to be put up on soundcloud.com, joshuaelimusic.com (my website), radioairplay.com, and YouTube with documentation, getting ready for their debut on my album Joshua Eli..In His Element for my new and old friends to listen to.

Joshua Eli

January 5, 2016




Taking A New Direction

Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to good things for all in 2016’s 365 days. I especially wish that 2016 will be a good year for Rose, our mini-dachshund.  She has a serious health issue and will be having surgery soon. Late last night I finished writing a song tentatively called Taking A New Direction. It seems the right thing to write about on December 31.  A line in the song is The rush and feeling of being free.  I think it won’t be too long before I finish writing and feel I have the right songs for my album. Then I can test them out in public and listen to what people have to say about my music and lyrics and performance. For the songs recorded up ’til now you can listen to them on my website: joshuaelimusic.com, soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, and radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my updated performance name.  I always enjoy hearing from you, my readers.  Write me and tell me what you think after listening to my songs.

Joshua Eli

January 1, 2016







What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz, LA Composer/Performer: The end of a musical year!

2015 will be a year I will remember as significant because I wrote some very good music and lyrics to my ear.  I discovered the depth of my abilities to compose music and, to my surprise, my ability to put my thoughts in words down on paper to be sung to that music.  Once my confidence built after writing my first significant song of the year, Near To You Is What I Want,  the dam was unleashed and I kept on writing and composing so that today I have a significant collection of music copyrighted under my name,  recorded or soon to be recorded, and an album release in the works: Joshua Eli…In His Element.

There is nothing like discovering something new and valued in yourself and being able to share it with others.  My music has been up on my website: joshuaelimusic.com and soundcloud.com and YouTube.com under by name Joshua Eli Kranz, but the new feeling of knowing that my music is being listened to in many countries of the world is an astounding feeling as well.  You can also listen to me and my music around the world on radioairplay.com.  People I will never meet are “communicating” with me and understanding how I feel through my music.

Joshua Eli

December 29, 2015




Hi, my first post on: What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz, LA composer/performer?

This is an exciting time for me.  I am writing songs for my new album Joshua Eli…In His Element.  I am the composer/lyricist for all the songs except for the 3 covers.  The 3 covers chosen to be included with my songs were selected for their content and to demonstrate how I fit in with the music scene and its composers/performers. The 3 covers were written by Erroll Garner, Carole King and Billy Joel.  I sing and play all the songs on piano but will add another instrumentalist in the near future.I am very good at improvising and stylizing on piano and with my voice.  I have a rich baritone voice.  I also have a comedic side.  My lyrics are interesting and based on my experiences.  The music on Joshua Eli…In His Element follows an emotional journey with a girl I met and lost and how it felt along the way.  I still don’t know completely where it is all going on her account and where that relationship is taking me with my music. Try listening to me and my music.  The music I write is beautiful, interesting, and enjoyable to spend some personal time listening to.  My strength on piano is jazz but as you will hear I can sing and play piano in many genres.  I am impressed that I can write down my feelings so accurately in my music and words. I have my music up on soundcloud.com  under Joshua Eli Kranz, on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli (my preferred professional name) and on my website joshuaelimusic.com where you can also read about me and see what I look like and what I have done and am doing.  Also, on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz you can see me at Clear Lake Recording Studios recording my music.  I look forward to speaking to my new and old friends about composing music/ lyrics and its rewards and challenging moments.  For the first time I really feel in control of what I am doing.  I enjoy that feeling.  I hope you have a nice New Year.  I just finished writing a couple of songs.  My New Year’s wish is to produce the best album I can and for my new and old friends to enjoy listening to what I can do.  Once my album is complete I will be performing my music in LA.  Then we can actually meet and talk music.

Joshua Eli

December 27, 2015