What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? He met her when he decided to write her an email.

On my way to stand on the San Andreas Fault and thinking about My Time To Shake Things Up.

Sending an unexpected email to someone you admire and like is poetic and meant to thrill both the sender and the receiver.  Communicating at that very moment and then reading her message back to you in her exact words is exhilarating and euphoric. It’s an immersion that feels face to face, alternatively fun and serious sometimes in back-to-back moments. Both get to know quickly how the other feels.  There is no waiting for a mailman or licking on picture postage to make the delivery. The message in words is charged up with emojis. Distance has no effect on the message except the lingering emotional feeling of wanting to move closer once a message is exchanged. Email arrives on time at the chosen moment entering straight into her mind, sent for her eyes only.  Both know that their feelings expressed are protected with a password at each end. The email concludes that he wants his email friend to be his email valentine. He wants to email with only her.  Using these ideas as my map I wrote a new song: My Email Valentine. That description became the lyrics.

Since email is more formal than other ways we can communicate, I thought to include comedy into the song… but I didn’t.  Instead my idea turned toward writing an INTRODUCTORY song about wanting to meet someone by emailing her.  Then serendipitously, we stumbled upon the perfect setting for a music video for it, and just before Valentine’s Day, too.   We figured out the story board, worked out the technique, decided on the props and the camera and sound and lighting and made the music video on Valentine’s Day.  Start to finish it took less than one week during a Covid surge.  Be Wild About Music edited it.  When it came out lots better than dreamed, the decision was made to put it at the front of my new website.

My new website will continue to introduce visitors to me using regular updates about what I’m thinking about musically and other things that affect my music writing. There will be information about where you can meet me and listen to me perform my music. Of course my website will continue to introduce you to the new songs I am always writing.   For those who would like to play or sing my songs, sheet music for my copyrighted music will be available to purchase.  The lyrics for all my songs will be accessible and the songs will be streamed.  There will be music videos and pictures and additional information associated with them, too.  My Email Valentine, a song about a fellow introducing himself to someone new, turns out to be a perfect visualization to introduce the new site. Be Wild About Music, my music publisher, and I feel it is the time to take a big step forward.  Soon, “watch this space,” just as Rachel M would coach your interest. In the next several months check out my website, joshuaelimusic.com, to see how it is changing. While there, and hopefully regularly, check out my music blog,  joshuaelimusic/blog/, linked to my website.  My music blog entries are under the headline, What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz..LA Composer/Performer?  My copyrighted blog was a constant on my original website and will remain a constant on the new one.  You should see a link to it on the my website’s Home page.  The blog I write is an 8 year music diary of  much of what I have worked on and a lot of what I am currently working on professionally and would like to share with you.  In addition to discussing details about how my music was written and where it can be listened to and also appreciated live, I will be expanding my blog’s focus to include how nature and art inspire my music writing.  You may see flowers (a point) and trees with a striking appearance along with weather phenomena during interesting moments written about and pictured because they significantly influence me and so influence how I compose music and write lyrics.   New and different physical locations also influence my music; so geographic locations may be featured when there is a connection to a song I am writing.

Now picture creating a musical-thought-bubble…start thinking then singing and the thought starts to build and spread.  I wrote the intro to be fun with a sentimental sound.  That feeling is carried through each verse to the next verse with the chorus being the connecting element keeping each part of the song close and together leaving a good feeling. My Email Valentine has no complicated chords or rhythms.  Its sound is best described as music lifting into the air from a wound-up music box that is playing a tiny little orchestra’s music.  I wrote the music in 4/4, in the key of F#, and included breathing spaces for thinking about what he is saying to someone he has not yet met. This song is a conversation by email.  The music echoes like it is indeed listening to his thoughts.

Valentine’s Day is often built around a confirmed connection with someone.  This song is about someone who wants to begin a connection.  I wanted the lyrics to  lift you up and cause a smile to appear on your face.  We absolutely need mind-elevating medicine because of the daily uncertainties and harshness we get bombarded with. Enjoying something positive seems too unusual today.  The melody is beautiful befitting a beautiful feeling. Optimism is an important ingredient for moving forward so I carefully chose musical notes and musical phrases that would bring out that feeling. There is a surprise element built into the song since uncertainty is hedging hope. It’s that feeling occurring during rare special moments that we all want to feel and enjoy experiencing…

…different, yet similar in intensity and warmth and excitement to that felt when Ketanji Brown Jackson succeeded with stunning effort to become our newest US Supreme Court Justice.  She opened a door of optimism. We can easily imagine the potential she will unleash.  Feeling optimistic and seeing the potential in someone were 2 qualities I felt important and used when creating My Email Valentine.

I was fortunate to experience another rare opportunity to be emotionally lifted up just a few days ago.   While editing this blog I listened to Madeleine Albright’s story as told by her 3 daughters. It was a story about love, a wonderfully positive story the 3 told about how their mom affected their world, and then there were the other stories told by well-known others, in total, leading me to feel very positive that Madeleine Albright’s life story and way of thinking and way of doing things will affect and educate the world long after her death.  She loved America for the opportunities it gave her family when they arrived as Czech refugees during WWII when she was a small girl of 11.  When she got older and after getting herself well-educated, she responded to those opportunities with a commitment to public service at the highest level.  She focused on helping women, drawing from her deep well of positivity and optimism and sense of possibilities.   She was loved. She was an immigrant. That is a big lesson.  It was wonderful to watch and listen to and easy to get emotional during the presentation.  With My Email Valentine my purpose was to spread hope, optimism, positivity and loving warmth using my fingers and voice.  I now see after writing the song, I provided the possibility of a third uplifting experience for all of us in need of it.

Returning to my construction of My Email Valentine, the bridge has a 1950’s Grease type of beat reminding the listener of Hopelessly Devoted To You, a well-chosen reference for the song, but with simpler music behind it.  Finally, the outro echoes the end of the chorus using a fun 1950’s signature pattern sending the fellow off feeling hopeful.




A big part of the world is being overwhelmed with political unrest sponsored by an irrational world leader. From the Ukraine War  that we watch horrifically daily and the Committee exposing unending corruption relating to January 6, 2021, from the recurring Covid surges, from gun-related violence in too many places too often, from current and future water shortages already sure and all kinds of shortages relating to imposed lockdowns over the past two plus years, and from election mutterings that never seem to end, we need to become courageous and bold and smart to correct all that we can, not giving up until there is solution for all of it.

We must emphasize kindness and be determined to create equality in all ways benefiting EVERYONE.  We need to make better laws, and we need to abandon laws that hurt and divide.  We must promise an independent and decent productive life for everyone.  The LGBT world needs respect, and the topic of abortion needs our support like all things challenging.

The one year anniversary of my brother’s death just passed.  He spoke frequently about what is expressed in these final paragraphs. He would have been very supportive of our new Supreme Court justice.  We honor my brother’s memory and will always continue to promote his thoughts that are also ours.

To further emphasize the importance of Judge Ketanji Brown’s nomination to the Supreme Court, listen to her words at the end of her Thank You Speech on April 8, 2021. The entire world needs her style as its inspiration. With her in our mind, we need to act and lead ourselves out of the several messes that threaten to pull apart the world.

Please listen now to a selection from My Email Valentine.  A music video of this song will open my new website.  Using earphones is always best when listening.  You will not miss a word.

It is accurate to say that most days we are living with yet another difficult challenge that is made worse by it being layered on top of other co-existent and difficult challenges.  Personal grit and music can help us live through it.


Joshua Eli

Happy Mother’s Day

to mine, MY VIP, and yours !!!  

                                                             May 3, 2022



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