What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? Now everything I do matters more.


“The more unexpected something is, the more there is to learn from it,” Michael J. Fox. Those words led me to write Now Everything I Do Matters More. I know people who feel those words every day.  Most of us have been touched by that feeling at least once. Many live with sudden disability or have plunged themselves into a downward spiral and need to pull themselves upward just to float.  The flight upward is mighty and unsteady requiring real tenacity to stretch a mind and body toward goals that function like lifesaving buoys. A big need is the support of caring people near us. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. All of us trying to survive today’s pandemic understand Michael J. Fox’s words and are reminded of their truth every day. Holding onto our health that could at any moment challenge and crush us is our current job. Helping others to hold on and make it to the other side is another consuming job.  Supporting humanity and working toward healthy goals are what must point us forward and be our dream job.

Now Everything I Do Matters More begins with Starting with a shocking/Totally unexpected occurrence/While seeking an answer/The puzzle was solved/But not the answer to why/Now it’s how to cope/And where to find hope. Then the chorus, I try to be smart/Hoping time will be kind/Yet even if not/There are some I trust/Who care/And will be there/While I step in small steps/And rev up/To walk a little faster/Over a path of pebbles/Even if I slip or trip/I can’t let myself break down/And they won’t either. Next a little bit of the bridge, My life’s picture is blurred/I am not sure how/The painting will look when done… and some from Verse 3, I have been given/Decades to cope/Everything I do is hard/But everything now/Matters more…Trying hard to not let the sun/Fully set/Until my goals have been met. Without every detail you get the song plot. What’s happening to everyone now side by side along with the stories of the many who deal with all kinds of disabilities became my song.  All of us are lining up because of today’s strife.  All of us need to be supportive of the millions who struggle with disability and don’t get the help they need because they are different or live on the fringe of what is popular. If it is hard now, imagine how hard the life of someone living with a disability is now… big time hard.

I wrote Now Everything I Do Matters More in D flat maj. The song lasts about 5 ½ minutes. It piles a lot of sentiment in those minutes.  The five minute song is fast becoming my standard. For the first time I am uploading into my blog a video performing the song I wrote for this blog.  I made a recording of the audio but right now seemed like the time to go beyond that.  The times we are living through are pushing us to do things different and be real. This song is about HOPE and finding and holding onto consistency. The verses use part of the chromatic scale for D flat major to create the melody for the vocals sung over the steps of the D flat major scale. That formula exists across the verses of the song. The chorus feels like the right and left hand are having a musical conversation, the left hand being the melodic voice and the right hand being the harmonic voice. The dynamics contribute to that sense. Placing the melody in the left hand is a writing style that I don’t typically choose. The left hand too has strong push beats. There is a definite samba rhythm in the chorus that drives it and helps to give the feeling that stuff is getting better. The bridge has a syncopated rhythm in both hands that settles out when reaching the middle of the section. The musical sound and rhythms are built on B flat minor and D flat major to distinguish it as a contrasting sound just for the bridge.  While writing the bridge I pictured a car struggling to mount a steep hill, then slowly coasting down the other side. My fingers bounce heavy over the keys and then I slow down and coast as I exit the bridge into a music interlude.  There is a small warm hint of country in the melody for the words ‘ when done.’ The outro mimics the musical interludes between the verses and choruses and the bridge.  There is a stop rhythm at the word ‘More’. Closing there are a couple of arpeggios and a D flat scale with the steps out of order.  The final chords are a 3rd root position chord in D flat in the right hand with that chord moving up an octave and a half but eliminating the 3rd.

Now watch the music video.  Please use your earphones for the best sound.

There is no feeling we are winning the Covid-19 fight yet, but I am very very thankful that I live in Los Angeles.  We have an excellent Mayor Garcetti and an-over-the-top Governor Newsom who both are smart and get things done.. helping and protecting all of us from the bottom up!! We are the lucky ones this time. Many Americans need to think about what they are not doing to help each other then cultivate patience.  We need a much better and generous government for everyone so everyone can stay home and stay alive and then give back.

Listening to music is perfect during these times for coping and settling-in and for partnering with while we try to get healthy again.  Come by and listen and bring others virtually with you.  I never stop observing and thinking and writing and desiring to perform wanting to make the next song the best of all.

Happy Mother’s Day! Without the support of a mother, life would be dismal.Angel’s Trumpet

This blog is about a week late because a major technical problem stymied us.  This isn’t the time to get repairs done quickly, but we put heads and hands together and got it done. Thank you to everyone.


Joshua Eli

Be well and help others to stay well by staying home.

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