What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? You make me feel amazingly light, like I am in flight!


We took a walk with our dogs today and we wore masks and gloves. It is, Saturday, March 21, 2020, the first day of spring. The weather is as good as anyone could wish for, cool and sunny. There were few cars and few people. We walked onto a freeway overpass.  It was not a holiday, just an ordinary Saturday. There were almost no vehicles on the freeway. In Los Angeles last Thursday evening we were instructed to shelter in place, but we could take a walk for exercise as long as we remained separated by 6 feet. The coronavirus pandemic experience feels out of body hovering in the twilight zone.  The global world is worried about staying well in juxtaposition to the threat of personal mortality. People are very concerned how they will live because they can’t work to pay their rent or mortgage and bills including health insurance and utilities and worry how they will get and pay for the food and basics they need to survive while at home for a long time. The US economy as well as ‘the global economy is going through chemotherapy’. There are shortages of medical supplies and medical equipment and hospital beds for really sick people trying to fight off the disease and food supplies are challenged by hoarding and inconsistent supply chains.  Almost the worst: within each state in the USA there is a feeling of being on our own because unbelievably our powerful government has fallen down miserably. States are requesting the military be brought in to help build temporary hospitals to increase the number of hospital and ICU beds and to manage hospital ships brought into service. In the United States TODAY there are 25,400* confirmed cases of coronavirus and 307* deaths and those numbers will get larger tomorrow.  Globally, TODAY the confirmed cases exceed 300,000* and 13,050* have died from coronavirus.  We are told we should prepare for lots worse. This feels like living in a war zone where nothing is secure and all could blow in any moment. Hope feels empty. Everyday feels like a new catastrophe.  Listening to Rachel Maddow and her colleagues and guests report and discuss daily events is like listening to a terrorism story, but her reporting is needed because of the truth uncovered. The work is worthy of a Pulitzer. It is also true the past 3.5 years have been pretty catastrophic.  The killing off of the world’s population seems horrendous and too much to endure but almost like an intended result.  Aren’t pandemics associated with climate change?   Climate change and the ravages that go with it are what cause hellish bacteria and viruses to spawn and grow and Republicans in government refuse to acknowledge any of it. “The White House is a ghost town of scientific preparedness,” aptly said by Ed Yong. The health and care of our country’s people have not been important to our leaders in the federal government during the last 3.5 years.  What seems to be driving the federal response is the personal wealth of our President and his  loyalists.   Much of the damage can be attributed to unskilled and under prepared leadership and uneducated and blind-sighted-supporters.  As I am finally reviewing the copy for this blog before thinking about publishing it, comparing the stats I included a week ago with today’s stats, the United States now has 101,000* confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 1588* deaths.  The world has more than 597,185* confirmed cases and 27,359* deaths.  FRIGHTENING.  The health situation in the USA would be better managed and more under control if we didn’t have a President who is a hoax.  That’s the name and description he gives to everyone who speaks up about his bad judgement.  Becoming educated and prepared and serious and concerned about each other is what each of us must demand of ourselves.  We are really all equal now.

Just before midnight at the end of the first day of spring 2020 our conure Seymour died.  It was sudden.  Seymour was drinking peach juice just before being put into his cage for the night. He fell from my dad’s shoulder after his cage was cleaned for the night.  His end occurred in minutes. There was no time for suffering. Life can end with a flourish as it began.  Certainly, there is an in-between-lesson to be found there: focus on living with special attention to the warm moments of living.  The suddenness of an ending reminds that the in-between-time is where value is found.  Seymour lived 18 years and 4 months. He will find the soul of Fritzie, his long ago relative, in the somewhere where conures lite.  Seymour was the ‘green feather cook’ getting to the kitchen riding on a shoulder. He liked to be in the kitchen when meals were being cooked where he got to taste some tidbits and share in the busy moments.

I am nervous.  Nervous is about being anxious.   The things we can do are to continue to work on good things in the confines of our home and exercise and eat carefully and be good to each other and do what we can remotely for others.

There is another kind of nervousness. One produced by an expectation of something good. That is the subject for my new song.  I wanted to write something positive to lighten the weight of today’s misery. Collecting together other positive feelings: the pictures at the top of this blog express a feeling of genuine warmth so I placed them there and there are two visually pleasing garden pictures representing the current spring. The message of spring is a new beginning and we do need that.  Also, my family says in this blog Good-Bye to Seymour. He was always beautiful and never seemed to age. His picture in this blog was taken only 2 months ago. He was a good friend to the animals and people in our home, so our Good-bye resolves into good memories.  He was with us a long time.  I like to draw and paint sometimes, so I am painting something outside with my interpretation of Seymour’s likeness.  I always wanted to play the role of Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.  I got close years ago when I understudied the role and then years later I was asked to musically direct the show. Seymour was named for my illusive dream and kept my dream alive just by being around.

Here is the chorus of You Make Me Feel Nervous In A Good Way.

You make me feel amazingly light

Like I am in flight.

You make me feel just right.

You make me feel like

I don’t have to try too hard.

You make me feel like

I don’t have to journey too far.

Feeling these things

Makes me nervous

Just because

You are there.

While singing and playing the chorus, I do feel good.  Words properly chosen and backed up do make me feel good and right.  I enjoyed mixing tempos e.g. I don’t have to journey too far. Feeling these things. The chorus has a country/folk sound mixed with pop, a mixed sound I usually don’t use.  The sound in the bridge is my musical theatre moment.  I use music interludes mirror imaging the intro to tie the song together musically.

The words of the outro:

You being there

Makes me feel nervous.

Gives me pause,

But in a good way,

Gives me pause

There are some interesting sounds included in the outro and then it winds down like a music box that is wound up and plays until it runs out of music.. using the music of the intro. The song winds down with the same music it began with. Most of us love music boxes. In the past I have given boxes with music to some special people. After using the key to wind it up, it is unbelievably wonderful to open the box just before falling asleep and then close my eyes while listening to the music  playing especially if the song is meaningful.  I believe a dose of something happy can help a little bit now.  You Make Me Feel Nervous In A Good Way is written in G major.

Finishing up my music work and writing for this blog has been hard this month.   Losing Seymour suddenly was a blow. What’s happening to our world is an enormous blow.  It is impossible not to feel sad.  It’ll take a long while to move out of the funk though the stuff of this time will never be forgotten. My grandfather always spoke of the Depression of 1939 that way.  He lived during it. His memory of it shaped his habits all of the remaining years of his life.  I need to keep moving ahead to bring quality into my life and help others do the same so we can be together.

Please take a listen now to YOU MAKE ME FEEL NERVOUS IN A GOOD WAY and use your earphones if they are nearby.

Until the next time we talk music…

If it’s your turn, please vote. Do it for the WORLD. We must not have another 4 years like the last 3.5.

Before we next get together…Happy Passover and Happy Easter and a  BIG PRAYER that science will find a vaccine to push COVID-19 into the history books and we will each of us help each of us to prepare for that happening by following the rules so we will get there and benefit!!!

During Passover we dip greens into saltwater like free men and eat bitter herbs. Doing those two things directs us to a cause.  We must rise up for those who are struggling to live and overthrow the leader with his tyrants who tries to enslave us for his own personal sake. On Passover we read the ancient text and we cry saltwater tears vicariously when we dip parsley in salt water.  We must muster our personal strength to right today’s wrongs and not look back, remembering that the people of Israel escaped Pharaoh’s ways and crossed the Red Sea with only unleavened matzoh to eat but their freedom was on the other side of the Sea so they rushed.  We must always share these stories with children so they and eventually their children and then their children will not ever forget.

It was only 102 years ago that there was a worldwide pandemic. Most today don’t know about it unless a family member died from the flu then and then later maybe as children or adults we were told about it.  My father’s mother lost 2 sisters then.  She talked about it because the experience changed everyone. Also,  only 80 years ago one man tried to take over the world. Too many have forgot about that, too, even when we see it happening again before our eyes in many places in the world, even in our own country. History has a way of repeating itself especially when we don’t educate ourselves and then prepare for the inevitable just like the pandemic.

Sincerely and my wish for your continued good health,

Joshua Eli                                 

March 28, 2020


March 29, 2020

142,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in USA with 2493 deaths

722,000 cases worldwide with 34,000 deaths


March 30, 2020

163,800 confirmed cases in USA with 3000 deaths


April 1, 2020 @4 PM

200,000 confirmed cases and 4300 deaths in USA

921,000 confirmed and 46,840 deaths in the World

I hope we get through this together learning the lesson that we must all be concerned about each other and take care of each other and enjoy and value what each of us brings to our world!!! Music is good medicine for coping and enjoying..also for being creative.  Thank you for coming by!


Following Anne Frank: Hoping for the day when there is nothing to report (:

April 4, 2020

305,341 confirmed cases in USA with 8283 deaths

1,187,798 confirmed worldwide  with 64,084 deaths


April 6, 2020

347,000 confirmed cases in USA and 10,300 deaths

1,290,000 confirmed cases worldwide and 70,000+ deaths


April 8, 2020 

427, 824 confirmed cases in USA and 14,721 deaths

1.5 million confirmed cases worldwide and 90,000 deaths


April 11, 2020

500,000 confirmed cases in USA and 18, 693 deaths            Los Angeles without people around noon.  People are listening. That almost seems un-American.

1.69 million confirmed cases worldwide and 102,000 deaths


April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday

Courtesy of Johns Hopkins

547,681 cases in USA and 21,600 deaths                                

1,835,373 cases worldwide and 113,362 deaths


April 17, 2020   

671,425 confirmed cases in the USA and 33, 200 deaths

2.1 million confirmed cases worldwide and 146, 055 deaths

Above information was provided by Johns Hopkins.

The growth in cases and deaths since March 21, 2020 is terrible. (:


April 20, 2020

771,980 confirmed cases in USA and 40,500 deaths

2.4 million confirmed cases world wide and 165,000 deaths


April 22, 2020       

839, 675 cases in the USA and 46,583 deaths

2,561,050 cases worldwide and 176,982 deaths

Everyone MUST get tested and then re-tested to contain this scourge!


April 24,2020

880,000 cases in the USA and 50,373 deaths

2,780,094 cases worldwide and 194, 664  deaths


May 1, 2020

1,075,600 confirmed cases USA and 63,109 deaths !!

3,278,546 confirmed cases worldwide and 234,020 deaths !!


May 4, 2020

1,175, 005 confirmed cases in USA and 68,533 deaths

3,500,000+ confirmed cases worldwide and 250,000 deaths


May 7, 2020                 

1,266,785 confirmed cases in USA and 75,193 deaths

3,856,396 confirmed cases worldwide and 266,470 deaths


May 18, 2020

1.5 million confirmed cases in USA and 90,000 deaths

4,857,311 confirmed cases worldwide and 316,500 deaths

We and our government need to do better, lots better!

Even beautiful flowers can hang down seeming to express real time sadness. This is an Easter cactus blooming late.

May 26, 2020

1,658,785 confirmed cases in the USA and 98,078 deaths

5,495,052 confirmed cases worldwide and 346,230

In REAL NEED OF SOME FLOWERS to blossom amidst all the thorny public stuff we are being fed and living through! Stay well.


For the memory of 119,941 who have lost their life in the USA from Covid-19 and the 2,234,471 who are dealing with or have dealt with the plague and the 8,403,599 confirmed cases worldwide and the heartbreaking 451,383 deaths worldwide(:(:(:

June 17, 2020

August 11, 2020

5,141,470 confirmed cases in the US and 164,537 deaths(:(:

20,284,882 confirmed cases in the world and 740,276 confirmed deaths(:(:

We must all help each other by following the rules: wear masks, wash hands frequently, social distance minimum 6 feet away, stay home.  We need to help each other to get through this terrible plague by behaving responsibly.

September 19, 2020

A COVID-19 Day plus Rosh Hashana            

6.82 million cases in the USA  and 202,000 deaths

30.7 million cases worldwide and 955,000 deaths

The number of cases worldwide have grown by 50% in 6 weeks minus 2 days.  The number of deaths worldwide have grown by 29% in 6 weeks minus 2 days.

The number of cases in the USA have grown 33% in 6 weeks minus 2 days. The number of deaths in the USA have grown by 23% in 6 weeks minus 2 days.

Just like the holocaust, the experience of being brought down by Covid-19 should forever be burnt in our minds.  We should never allow anyone to control us the way he has and continues to do so.  We are victims of his unpreparedness and stupidity and in fact the stupidity of ourselves for not reacting sooner to push back and question his judgement and his role in our lives.  We need to install a road tested leader with science credentials to oversee our recovery.  How many more people have to get sick and die before real change happens?!?