What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz… LA Composer/Performer? Rebuilding The Original ME.. doing what I do best.

Continuation of the small autobiography below the picture…

In Southern California fall comes late.  Leaves on deciduous trees are falling though winter officially made its subtle entry.  Walking through leaves that pile up and litter the sidewalks is definitely a positive experience.  The sound  walking through fallen leaves produces a musical beat with an undercurrent. This time of year warmer spring and summer like days touch shoulders with cooler cloudy and rainy days and even occasional nighttime frosts.  Early January can seem like the beginning of summer before it bounces back to cool. Fall and winter are sensual alerts. I am guilty of being dulled by the sameness of the weather and steady warm temperatures.  Seasonal changes push my mind to think and react and become more creative.  See the beautiful crepe myrtle  backdropped by an oak standing amongst renewing hollyhocks and inserted here.  The leaves are red and yellow at this time of year decorating the air temporarily. It is not possible to not react to the sight!

Who amongst us have never made a huge mistake leaving us feeling powerless? That is the subject of the song I recently completed. Its title is To Rebuild The Original Me because that is a way I believe someone can recover to move forward. Our political world is in a huge mess.  We got there making some huge mistakes in judgement. Recovering good sense and acting responsibly seems to be a very very slow process in the USA compared to other places facing big and untenable change, too. But more personally To Rebuild The Original Me describes personally what happens when someone has made a huge mistake and must figure how to recover: returning to what feels familiar, testing directions forward and even sideways, interacting with good people while doing familiar things..to feel useful and productive again.  The endgame is feeling happy again.

The premise is found in the first verse: Needing/To turn my tears in the inside/Into a smile on the outside/I dig down/To capture/Who I know is Me/Tossing anything possibly contrived/To rebuild/The original Me.  The chorus describes the coping mechanism until Verse 3 and the Post Verse relate the treatment and result.  I wrote the melody in G major and filled it with some interesting sounds and sound spaces and dissonance reflecting the emotional difficulty being sung about.  Even so, the song evokes comfort and the reduction of conflict with a chorus that can be easily sung and repeated by those who feel like wanting to do just that.  Listening to the song and singing along while it is played on NPR radio seems probable. It was written to be mainstream.

For me interacting with our puppy is a perfect first step to getting back in step and hints at a way to begin to recover and start again doing things to make a personal world more beautiful.  Feeling the love of an animal and giving love back is familiar and solid.  Singing with a group of people who know and appreciate me is familiar and solid too. Walking through the sequoia forest and its odor and its special quiet I carry with me in my mind at all times is familiar and always solid. Having an idea and writing new music with lyrics about it and deciding how to sing it is my getting back in step. It is my familiar and my method to feel solid ground again to get back on track.

Please listen now to To Rebuild The Original Me.  Using earphones will enhance the experience.  I will soon re-record this song with drums.

Hanukkah is here.  Christmas is here and the New Year is almost here. Time cycles experiences.  I try not to let my emotions cycle.  It is hard to not get affected and infected. The goal is to be upbeat, not get shattered by the world, find value in what is simple and pure, and get things done. That is my New Year’s wish for all.  I have been writing music for this blog for 48 months. It is a long time to be consistent and persistent and productive and creative. Writing words with music gives me a lot… not the least, something to hang onto when at times my emotions cycle and I feel powerless. My work writing feeds me and rebuilds me.

FYI: I am preparing a program where I will perform my music.  I look forward to it and will share my experience in a future blog.

Feeling happy for my parents on their 50th Anniversary and my mom on her birthday!!!

Sincerely with music,

THANK YOU for coming to listen,

Joshua Eli

December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays..Happy New Year!!!

Having a new puppy to experience the New Year with has got to be the best experience ever..Energy Energy and more Energy and over the top Love Love and more Love.


Rose adjusting to a new friend? /puppy

Nose to Nose..bridging the age gap..learning how to be appreciated..being shown the rules.

  Herschel…How handsome can he be!