What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz.. LA Composer/Performer? Polishing a person

A small autobiography below the picture

When I have been treated abrasively using different grades of sandpaper, I observe that I am polished into a more attractive version of myself.  On nature’s stage that is the performance.  Stones are polished… the effect of sand being thrown against those stones by powerful waves, and large boulders with edges become more interesting and attractive, more smooth, with layers more exposed. I speak as do others using available art forms.  Art  records resistance and sticks around to remind.

We took a week and went to a place in a gorgeous location.   It was not warm. It was heaven’s definition of heaven on earth.  The wind, rain, and the waves were furious one day.  That week rides on my back and uplifts me everyday now.  How to stay solid and harness a life? Get polished, be purposeful, stay connected, embrace peace.

While in that beautiful location and sitting around a period dining table we listened to legislators in Washington speak and knew the end of the torment created by incompetent leadership will find its end.  Listening I felt the fervor to never abandon values because having them is the only way to be strong.

Recently I saw John Leguizamo perform in Latin History for Morons.  He is talented and engaging.  His performance was about sandpaper and polishing, this time regarding Latinos.  In Latin History.. John speaks about himself and the state of Latin culture in America.  He created his one-person art from personal experience, the blessed vantage point.

Then an unusual choice, we attended an opera: The Light In The Piazza.. actually musical theatre turned into opera.  The setting was formal, the audience attendees were dressed for the moment, and the singers had name value and  competency.  The music was not too inspiring..neither were the lyrics, but the experience was different and felt like I was in a place I have rarely entered so my so so interest warmed up. The show had won awards for its score and for the lead female singer.  There was a purpose for my attendance: sitting there I knew my skills are better than what I  heard on the stage and from the orchestra pit.  Sometimes the purpose of attendance is to become confident.

The lyrics for my new song In Between The Beaches Is More Than Enough were mostly written in an art studio while away from LA.  When singing the lyrics to  the music I composed for them, I feel instantly transported there.  I need no photos to place myself there or to gaze at.  The melody with its lyrical story are just enough.   The mark of something’s or someone’s impact is its indelible trace etched in our memory.  This song does not have a chorus.  Instead this time I wrote a refrain. This is a first for me.  I have not used a refrain before when composing.   The refrain should cause you to feel involved and wanting to sing along. It is a signature statement about what is good. I built a driving tempo for it.  Nature creates wonderful feelings and sightings that we can cherish and use to counteract what crops up and is not worthy of our time and energy.  So, here is the REFRAIN:

Blue sea stars,

Sand dollars,

Jelly fish, anemones, crabs and clams,                    

Loons and eagles, 

Otters and whales

Rockfish and octopus, 

Volcanoes, glaciers,


Clear ocean water with gentle waves,

A story of SERENITY 

Between the Beaches.

The song in Verse 2 sings of a significant moment involving three people in a close human relationship… the denouement closing the Bridge is captured in the phrase Earning My Gratitude Beyond Belief .  To accomplish the feeling for this moment, in Verse 2 I used D minor chords; you will also hear a definite alteration in the melody.  In the Bridge I shifted to A minor to B flat chords resolving back to F Major chords. The music composed for the Bridge has a more positive sound and tonal quality because the potentially horrific crisis resolved to a positive outcome. When choosing a title for this song, I thought to use Earning My Gratitude Beyond Belief, but the Post Verse and Outro anchored the song to Between The Beaches Is More Than Enough. At the song’s conclusion I wanted the focus to be the beauty of this place.  I wrote this song in F Major. F Major for me is a non-confrontational comfortable key.  Its calming tonal quality is perfect for imagery. Verse 3, the Post Verse, and the Outro definitely turn toward uptempo using accents in the chords and the accompaniment to hear the traffic sounds in LA and then I calmed the tempo playing down the accents to speak about the quiet star-filled night sky. It is an almost six minute song. It took that amount of time to sing in music and words my feelings.. the feelings I wanted to leave you with. The song Between The Beaches Is More Than Enough beginning to end is about imagery and feelings connected to experiences encountered in just one week but absolutely will live in our minds tons longer.  Once again the power felt of the word “enough” leaps out.

Now please listen to Between The Beaches Is More Than Enough.  Use earphones.  You will hear every word and the sound will be great.

The time between the last blog entry and this one widened because an experience sapped my energy.   Also, I had a cold, and we added a new puppy into our family, and we lost our Adelaide who was a dog-member of our family for 16.5+ years.  Watching a living thing struggle is overwhelmingly sad.  It is also instructive.  I thank you for coming by to listen to the music I compose and the lyrics I write.  You coming to listen definitely lifts me up and keeps me going.  I hope it affects you similarly.   Think of enjoying your Thanksgiving by sharing the food from your table.  The end of the calendar year is always busy.  We need to include everyone close in the joyfulness we create.  Ironically the same period can be a sad time for some…and many have suffered from fires in California.  It would be great if we get some rain soon to drown out the possibility of any new fires. There have been too many natural emergencies this year reminding us how important it is to be mindful for each other and the importance of solid leadership to get us through the “terribleness.”


Joshua Eli

November 17, 2019


Herschel very interested in his image and the piano.

The most gorgeous skies blossom here.

The huge beach and sandbar after the tide went out.  In the background a volcano filled in with a glacier.

je 2:50 pm