What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? See a non-typical heart.


A small autobiography below the picture.

I got back into the studio and it felt very good.  There is a friendliness there that just doesn’t seem to be found anywhere else… musicians and artists working with engineers.. together expressing themselves in a very open supportive environment.  Everyone needs to experience that creative and free feeling.  There I re-recorded With Your Secure Touch, the song from my last blog.  You can listen to it updated just below. Use earbuds.  You will enjoy it more.

49% of millennials have tattoos.  The category Millennials refer to individuals ages 22-38.  That statistic got me started on a new song. Other age groups with generation names like Generation X, Boomers, and Generation Z , etc. all contribute to tattoo popularity. Why lots want to write on their body in a permanent way is interesting.  People dress in a particular way and change that style frequently over time, same with hair styles, long to short and short to long, and hair color: brown to red to black to blue.. even who they pair with or marry is frequently changed up over time.  After reading some, it seems to be difficult and painful to remove tattoos even with lasers.  So people know they are generally permanent. They become a permanent record… a picture and word diary for what is important or has been important…reminders of important events or feelings not to forget even if no longer current.  Artistically tattoos are also used to decorate ourselves like ancient indigenous people did or even ancient cultures as with the Egyptians and Japanese and Polynesians or today’s “modern” indigenous people of Africa and South America.  My personal interest in a tattoo is the subject of this song.  I used my interests and what I consider my real treasures and a statement and a goal to create possible tattoo designs for myself.  All of those ideas could be reasons any person might wish to mark and decorate his body permanently.  A tattoo is definitely a personal thing but also shared within a personal world over a lifetime.  Is it a want or need? For some both apply… For some maybe caving to the moment… In all cases the desire to make a statement that perks interpretation applies.

Here is Verse 1 and the Chorus and the Outro for For Forever And Ever:

Verse 1


A non-typical heart.

Drawn inside are

The tips of fingers

Moving on the strings

Marked by frets.

On the opposite arm,

The voice of the piano

Fills the sound spaces

As fingertips select the keys.



Drawn high on a bicep

Are green eyes,

Open windows with no curtains.

There is a sensitive mouth

And ears that purple glasses decorate,

Listening intently

To how the sound plays,

Also sings out.


And in small cursive,

It’s what it’s all about.



An artist’s drawing

Of an artist’s treasures,

There to look at

In technicolor,

Forever and ever..

Forever and ever.       

I wrote For Forever And Ever in D flat major.  I really like the musical sound created for the chorus. The sound, like a captivating siren, directs my eyes to look at that tattoo. My personal appreciation for those treasures is what it’s all about.  The song has a call and response feature that can be used when singing the chorus.  The song’s rhythm is created by the ebb and flow of the words in the lyrics throughout.  I wrote the music using a contrapuntal sound with two distinct melodies, one vocal and one instrumental, clearly obvious in the chorus especially as the choruses progress. The song does bear a resemblance to the music style of the late 80’s and early 90’s especially the band Chicago’s songs: You’re The Inspiration and Hard To Say I’m Sorry. Now listen to For Forever And Ever.

Use your ear buds to hear the best sound.

Fall is finally almost upon us.  The days and nights can’t get any nicer.  Wearing some fleece over a long-sleeve shirt when the evening gets chilly and the sun’s daylight is less intense is wonderful.  Our body has a special communication with sunlight and its intensity and the number of hours it shines.  Shorter days affect our attitude and energy and gives us the rest that we have drained from ourselves trying to keep up with the long hours of sunlight of the summer months.  We can give ourselves the time to read more, rest more, and be better companions.  Rushing out and around seems less important.  Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are coming the end of this month and the beginning of next month.  When I was young they were just religious obligations to act out.  Today it seems different…more like an opportunity to look back and more important, to look forward and attempt change.  If you are celebrating those holidays, Gut Yom Tov!

Music is an excellent healthy way to express feelings.  I write and perform music first for myself and then for you.  It is a gift to feel and understand and express yourself.  I feel your support and want to continue sharing my music and ideas with you.

My dog Rose became 9 this month.  She is a miracle dog.  Rose has spent half of her life coping with more than most will ever face yet she still enjoys music and singing along with it.  Being in a house where music is always in the air contributes to her wellness… music makes her feel happy made obvious when she dashes over to sing with me when I sit down at the piano.  Thanks to all of Rose’s doctors and my family for never giving up!  Our other mini-dachshund Adelaide has become stronger while confronting her late-in-life illness.  Also, thanks to her wunderkind specialist doctor! Their doctors give Rose and Adelaide the promise of improved health and a life of quality!

Sincerely,                            Happy 40 ESD!

Joshua Eli                 

September 28, 2019

Please read the sign pictured below.  When I saw it I knew I had to put its picture  in this blog.


Adelaide being strong!  Her picture will be a constant in this blog until her endgame arrives.