What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz… LA Composer/Performer? A big ‘smile’ landed in my ‘ears.’ With a secure touch you lead me to find a lit thru street.

       A small autobiography beside the picture..

Success is collaborating and exploring, leading to a new capability and feeling the upside of the challenge. The idea for With Your Secure Touch began just that way leading to integrate two instruments into the song I was already writing both of which I would play and use to accompany my voice.  I have a studio to work in but not a high-end professional recording studio.  I have the necessary equipment but could always use more and am now planning an expansion to allow for more personal innovation .  With ingenuity and 3 heads together we engineered our way through the recording of With Your Secure Touch played in G major finding a new kind of success and sense that I can do this and will try doing more of it.  I kept the song shorter than most of the songs I write to focus on the technique, but I did make sure I did not pay short shrift to the song’s message.  The ‘new’ instrument is the acoustic guitar that I have been playing 20 years…I have been on piano almost twice as long and singing in a studied way more than 32 years…actually singing and playing endings for songs since a very young 2 years old. The piano feels like it is part of my body. My hands speak for me when the words effectively can’t.  The guitar not so much, but will likely become a true appendage now that I compose on it. I also play the jazz violin since I needed to learn to play violin for a show I was once cast in.  I was Schlomo in a small Equity tour of Fame. That was about 17 years ago.  The violin now is a part of me. I think it came with my genes.  Some of my own music sounds beautiful when I play those songs on violin; it is seems like it is singing for me only with a soprano and alto voice.  I use the violin to project  romanticism and to produce a string jazz sound.  Both instruments work well with my ears because I have perfect pitch.  I play my Dad’s violin.  My dad and his father likely have/had a version of perfect pitch. They streamed it to me but neither spent too much time as musicians.  My grandfather’s sisters were piano teachers before WW2 in Czechoslovakia but did not escape in time to live a long life, and my father when young and my grandfather also played this violin, now mine to use.  My mother listened and watched me as a small 2 year old child develop my musical skills while I was observing my older brother beginning to study music and started me on a 40 year path of music study, performance, music directing, composing and recording.  People retire after 40 years of work.  My 1st 40 years are the beginning to the 40 years yet ahead.

When With Your Secure Touch came together after adding the piano into the voice and guitar track, it felt like a flower opening…indeed, a big smile landed in my ears.  My next thought was to schedule some time where I record professionally to get that great sound attached to the song.  It will be done. When something like this happens..when a new sound happens..when new choices appear..when the promise of a future filled with new ideas floats through my head and into my ears, it seems like all the work, trial and error and disappointments were for this reason.  Growing requires pain.  The pain seems for a reason and in retrospect wasn’t all that painful.

Here is Verse 1 and the Chorus and Bridge for With Your Secure Touch in G major.  The song’s message with great respect acknowledges those people who have helped me to do what I do.

Verse 1


I just can’t do it

Only on my own.

I need a guide

When I’ve taken

A turn into 

A narrow dark alley.



With a secure touch 

You lead me

To find

A lit thru street,

So I can take over

To lead the way.



The path is clear ahead,

And I’m ready.

People may have doubts,

But you have never doubted me.

You believe in me

Like no one has ever


For the intro and verses I used a simple but clean guitar D major scale with the scale steps out of order to create the song. The pattern is repeated sometimes with a different rhythm: off the beat, sped up, slowed down, even notes removed from the pattern to give each part of the passing line on the guitar a different sound or harmony as opposed to the steady melody sung by the voice.  The bridge features harmony on the guitar.  I drop out the piano accompaniment one time there for a few seconds when it clashes with one of the guitar runs. The outro has some intricate lines on the guitar using very nice moving notes, a fast run emphasizing finger work, then ending with an attractive resolve.  Alluded to above, since a young age I have enjoyed putting myself into the endings of songs. The piano is the complementary instrument to the guitar, not in the forefront for this song.  For the bridge, on piano in the bass accompaniment, I wrote one very nice moving base line.  The style of this song is a cross between folk and pop. The acoustic guitar gives it a really nice feel with a steel string sound.

Now listen to With Your Secure Touch with your earphones.  You are about to hear a musical treat that I know will get even better after recording at my top choice recording studio.

I hope you enjoyed listening as much as I found pleasure writing and arranging and performing this song.  Come back and listen often to the work I post.  You do inspire me to find new ways of expressing myself.  I hope I inspire you to do the same. Why not think to comment on my music?  Using your thoughts I get better in many ways: knowing you are interested and your hearing something or want to hear something I may have overlooked.  I listen to what I compose lots and lots before releasing it, but I can be too close to it that I don’t hear what is obvious.

The season is entering the dog days of summer.  It seems to me that we have moved through summer quickly this year.  For many,  hot weather can be a challenge to cope with.  I prefer cold weather.  I really look forward to the beautiful cooling days of fall and how it feels to be outside during that time.

Sincerely…My goal: That my music will elevate your day..

Joshua Eli

August 17, 2019

our aging Adelaide… stay strong!

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