What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz… LA Composer/Performer? A Language But Just For Us

There was a wind like I rarely experienced before, and the place was painted with color.  We drove through the wild flower area north of Los Angeles treated to an extraordinarily sight.  California poppies whose seeds were charged up by the winter rains put on a fantastic show.  There were yellow California gold field wildflowers and desert blue bell in wide patches as well.  While there it seemed like a place far away and so different than where we live.  It lifted us up like the feeling of being on vacation.  The entire experience left us satisfied as we ate an evening meal in a local cafe that we spotted while driving up to the area.  The flowers were a gift and the food served at the cafe seemed better than at home..altogether a very nice experience. So a small autobiography above the picture.

The word whisper suggests something emotionally touching and became the idea for my next song.  After finishing the song,  I saw that A Language That’s JUST FOR US could be used for a wedding march because the lyric ideas are suggestive of a lasting commitment.

The chorus:

Your whisper/A quiet thought/Only for me to hear/A delightful look/Only for us/To know its meaning/Gifts that speak of love/Heard and seen and felt/Just for us.  As I was writing these ideas flooded my thoughts: a private look, poetry, soft singing, a silent song, and a whole new languageSo walk with me in the key of B flat major and listen to a new song written for the baritone voice… a song sort of like Lionel Richie’s My Endless Love.. but my own.

I especially like the imagery I was able to write into the lyrics of the Bridge and Verse 3.

The Bridge: Softly sing in my ear/And let the music spin around/Inside my head/It’s intoxicating/I don’t want it to stop/But why would I want it to?/It is from you/For me/To smile and feel ecstatic/And beyond…

Verse 3: The spoken sound/Between us/Is music inside my ears/When the music pauses/And there is silence/A new song begins and intensifies/A silent song/That sings forever/JUST FOR US/And our love for each other.

Most of the Outro is sung only as a vocal to personalize it and not dilute the words. It ends with an emotional jazz riff then a piano/vocal walk off:

A whisper/A quiet thought/Then our eyes do the talking/And we don’t need to say much at all/This is a language/That’s JUST FOR US

My intention is to record this song as a duet.

Above is the song: A Language That’s JUST FOR US.  While listening read my thoughts about the music below and use earphones.  You will be able to hear everything better. In sum it is an intimate love poem communicated between 2 people using shared looks and whispers.. the subtle hints that only they can see and understand and hear.

The verses of the song use a simple B flat open chord that repeats itself then moves to Gmi7, Cmi7 and F major, all open chords, resolving back to a closed B flat chord.  The chording creates a tension in the first half of each verse that is lifted away in the second half using the same chord combination but with the chords more drawn out.  This chord pattern together with each verse’s lyrics creates a feeling of euphoria at the closing of each verse.

The chords of the chorus progress from E flat to F maj to B flat repeating twice then resolving to the progression E flat maj7, E flat mi7, D mi7, C mi7, back to B flat.  These chords ascending and descending have good passing tones and were chosen to create a feeling of romanticism. The chorus is mellow but lilting and uses legato phrasing giving a feeling of comfort and non-tension that the listener can easily accommodate to and even want to sing.  The chorus is SIMPLICITY  with a quiet sophistication that speaks to the heart of the song.

The bridge veers off from the chord progressions of the verses and chorus.  I  also add subtle rhythm to the bridge in the left hand and so it is a bit more driving in tempo.  I repeat D7, D/F#, Gmi7, back to D7 three times then take this route to resolve it: Cmi7, B flat/D, E flat maj7, Fmaj7, E flat maj7 back to B flat maj.  The D7, D/F#, Gmin7 chord progression is used to reveal the moving passion of the chorus’s lyrics.  They assist in embodying the wants and needs of the quiet passion between two people sung about in the lyrics. The music of the bridge builds and descends like a wave going in (It is from you.) and out from shore back to the open ocean (and beyond).  When arriving at the resolve for the bridge where you might think the music should come down.. instead I wanted the vocals to propel the bridge music into the third verse so tying them together… because there is still more to say and the lyric ideas of the bridge are definitely connected to those of the third verse.  Finally I get to the resolution of the song contained in the outro: a whisper…a language That’s Just For Us

The coming week is Passover and Easter.  I hope they are nice and meaningful and nostalgic holidays for those of you who celebrate them.  It is hard not to feel that summer is closing in since the weather is definitely heating up.  For me each season sprouts new feelings producing ideas that I can use to write music.  Thank you for using the search bar to come over to read my blog and listen to the music I write for it and beyond. Please spread information about my blog to your friends and family.  Next month I need to take care of a health concern and will be taking the month off from music writing and performing at the piano… unless I bounce back very fast.  My mind and ideas will not be in a state of arrest though.  I am always thinking about what to say with music.  So until the next time..

Music is my life’s asset,

Joshua Eli

April 14, 2019

Happy Birthday to my Grandma and Grandpa!!!  If alive, they would be 99 and 105.