What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz.. LA Composer/ Performer? A Beautiful Valentine: It’s Not Something We Get Over, But Something We Work Through


A face.  Its essence are its eyes, its nose and its mouth and ears.  With them my senses heighten pushing me to feel my creative edge.

The big news here is that the weather in Los Angeles this winter is pushing away the drought. Los Angeles is getting the rain totals it needs to keep fires and their destruction and what comes after at bay.  I am attaching to this small autobiography beside the picture the pleasurable sound of the rain falling just outside our home.  Also, while writing I spy the “nose of the Rose”: my dog Rose buried under her blanket with her nose and one eye showing basking in the warmth inside while the outside is being drenched with water from saturated clouds. This is happiness! February in Los Angeles is also a beautiful time outdoors with flowers poking out growing from bulbs wintering in the soil.  First there are tulips and soon after there are iris. Then spring begins to burst with California poppy and nasturtium and lilacs and holly hocks and violas and columbine and alyssum. How lucky we are to have each of them in our yard so we can watch the progression of spring unfold. Next the paperbark maple trees will leaf out spirited along by nature’s rain.

14 seconds of a rainy Valentine’s Day… February 14, 2019 and then a double rainbow

An idea: It’s not something we get over, but something we work through became the pivot point I built my next song around.  The idea led to something unexpected for me because without planning it became a sung Valentine card  to the beings we value and share our lives with.  I find this idea captivating: It is easy to love the parts of a being we agree with, but when we learn to embrace the parts we disagree with, that is when liking turns to loving. (Haemin Sunim, Zen Buddhist teacher).  So… with these thoughts  I began to write.

Use earphones for the best listening experience.

The opening verse: Working through what makes us sad, /Even mad, / Feeling like we’ve struggled /Needing to come out on the other end /Not spent, /That is character and love /And makes us strong/ And humble.  Then the chorus: It’s not something we get over, /But something we work through /It’s up to both of us, me and you, /To make our place /A safe one, /A personal spot to come to /And call it a home. The bridge: We fall/ We get up/ We fall again, / And then we get up/ Now sturdily standing/ Every time we fall/ Learning more/ How not to fall again. Next Verse 3: It’s change/ It’s progress/ It’s happiness/ It’s more peace/ Than we’ve known/ It’s us together, / A beautiful Valentine. Closing with: Joined to each other/ Through struggle/ And the truth, / You finding you/ And me being who I be/ Never far from you.  

Regarding the music, the song is in G major, a “G”entle key, and plays for 4 1/2 minutes, the right amount of time to sing its very real Valentine story. The tempo of the chorus is 4/4 with a slight drive beat.  The tempo of the verses is a looser 4/4.  This song has a pop feel similar to the music of the band Chicago of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The beat in the bridge drives more than that of the chorus, and I modify the song’s chord progression there giving the bridge’s beat and sound a soft rock feel like that of George Michael’s Never Going To Dance With You. If my song were played in the 80’s, it would be on a synthesizer or electric piano.  My style is to favor acoustic piano.  That is the instrument I compose on and play most of my music on although I also play some of my music on the acoustic guitar and violin with a jazz tinge.  I will perform on those instruments as well as on piano in Come To Baltimore, a show I have written focusing on my first album. The 80’s were pure passion and grit. Performers then put their whole being while onstage into expressing the strife they were feeling or the love they were feeling, singing or playing about it, even dressing the part and styling their hair to fit. That way of performing is not done today except in music videos.  However, I do feel it and keep it going my way.  The chord progressions for the verses and choruses of A Beautiful Valentine are: Gmaj, D/F#, G/E, G/D, Cmaj7, G/B, and Ami7.  I add at the end of the chorus the following: G/B, Cmaj7 and C/D for the resolve back to the verse.

I just barely came through in time to publish this blog with its song A Beautiful Valentine though I am not yet back where I’d like to be after a version of the flu. I hope you are staying healthy and keeping warm and will enjoy today’s holiday.  Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you ALWAYS sincerely to the many thousands of you who listen to and have expressed your appreciation for my music. That includes the esteemed John Bucchino who I had the opportunity to perform for.  His comments, ” Your lyrics are poetic.  Your music should be in film. Very well done”.  So while I continue to sculpt more songs, please listen to A Beautiful Valentine posted above near the middle of this blog.


Joshua Eli



Candlesticks from Poland where my grandma was born lit up with Reeses for Valentine’s Day.

…and tulips we brought inside to bring the beginning of spring in.

Thank you for visiting….  Until the next time.  je