What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz.. LA Composer/Performer? A Fairer Tomorrow Down The Road

We saw Come From Away. It was a perfect gift for the New Year. Its story is about what happened to airplane passengers traveling to the US on September 11, 2001. 7000 passengers were diverted and temporarily stranded in Gander, Newfoundland for 5 days until the US airspace could open safely again.  I remember that time well.  It happened that it was a significant time for me.  Since that time I have travelled twice to Newfoundland and once on to Labrador.  While in the theatre just remembering the place and its people tuned up my ears and opened my heart once again.  The story told as an ensemble piece is often comedic just like many Newfoundlanders are and be.  Everyone worked his/her part perfectly and together. The time sitting watching the performance  flew.  Everyone included the passengers and airplane crew but mostly it was about the generosity and humanity of the people of Newfoundland that shined just as I remember. It was good to see and feel again, though it was staged, but deservedly the qualities of Newfoundlanders shone through.  When the passengers finally got to depart for home, they felt that “something’s missing.”  I could identify with that sentiment, too.  I loved the song Prayer (“where there is sadness only joy”) and another song Stop The World (“seize the moment”). Both songs had nice lyrics.  The quality of the music is similar to some that I write.  Maybe that is another reason I enjoyed the show start to finish so much because my musical tuner was tuned up to it.  The ride home by subway seemed good as well.  It was a memorable way to begin 2019.  I hope that this feeling continues and when 2020 arrives we can look back on a good year of change and opportunity and always good health and “where there is sadness only joy.”

If you listen with earphones, you will get the best sound.

It is raining today. I love it. It refreshes and inspires me. The outside smells so good.  I just finished writing Down The Road ( A Fairer Tomorrow) inspired by Beto O’Rourke. The last midterm election in the US uncovered some good people ripe to assume leadership positions.  The first verse starts with a direct quote from Beto with a metronome-like sound in the background. That sound is actually a bass pulse that uses the root note of the chords of the melody line calculated and played to resemble a metronome.  The pulse plays in the bass/left hand, intentionally chosen because of the symbolic liberal bent attached to the left. The remainder of the song demonstrates how Beto’s thoughts and words inspire and have inspired me.  There are persons like JFK and MLK and FDR who with their words inspired action.  Beto may be another.  Beto’s story and mission is at its heart a broad socio-political platform. After writing the song, I realized how personal the message is.  I started writing about change when I wrote I Broke Out And Broke Through and We Need To Live In The Arch Of A Rainbow and Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You and later Waste No One’s Life Anymore.  Actually, a feeling for change and prizing the freedom that comes from it and a better understanding how that is accomplished runs through lots of my music as it runs through my mind and so my composing and lyric writing and performance work.

In this song I especially like the interaction of the chorus’s lyrics and the music I’ve attached to them.  The chorus has a basic rock pattern like you would use in a soft rock song with the chords accented. The chorus has a tempo drive forward not like a march but rather like the music ideas  of Do You Hear The People Sing from Les Miserables if you slowed them down and added a modern pop rock sound to them.  With those ideas you get the song I wrote written in C Major.  Below is one variation of the chorus.  You can listen to Down The Road  above, close to the middle of this blog.

We move.

We groove

To the beat 

Of many drums.

That is how the world 

Steps forward

(And makes greatness possible)

As we meet each other 

There Down The Road

And then statements in the Outro: We will make our lives better/Forming something powerful and magical/Down The Road. We meet out there/Down The Road/  impress and encourage action.

Valentine’s Day is just a month away.  This song is a love song for ourselves.  We must love ourselves and each other.. being compassionate and hopeful so that magical day when there will be a FAIRER TOMORROW becomes true.


Joshua Eli       

January 15, 2019

We celebrate MLK today.  He worked during his life so Down The Road there would be A Fairer Tomorrow.  Thank you as always for being my  friends who enjoy music, coming ’round to read and listen to what I compose and write and perform! Until the next time.  je