What is up with Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? Honesty makes you Spiritually Whole

A Small Autobiography With A Few Pictures

I detached myself from the news cycle and from everyday activities while I visited a beautiful rugged coastal site and a special small city.  We hiked several times in different places in a rain forest populated with Sitka Spruce with unbelievable ocean lookouts where we ate a snack when it was the time and visited a bog and read that people are destroying these important wetlands that naturally restore our atmosphere, enjoyed the wonderful and perfectly

cool weather, drank two fantastics teas, Joie de Provence and Rose Congon Emperor, while eating small finger sandwiches and scones, spoke with a very nice Australian couple celebrating an anniversary and a woman visiting from Oregon and a young woman from Brittany who loves Alaska and the Yukon, wandered through an out-of-this world garden wonderfully kept and visited a living butterfly  garden and insectarium and enjoyed the ocean and its tides and also the aesthetics and activities of the inner harbor and admired many huge totem poles and a  beautiful 150 year old coastal redwood tree (my favorite tree because of its appearance and longevity) on the grounds of the BC Parliament with branches like an octopus and ate some excellent fish tacos better than I have ever eaten and ate a blackened red snapper burger and excellent Chinese food in the oldest Chinese community in Canada where there is a very narrow passageway made to order for a movie with intrigue and ate extra creamy caramel and vanilla gelato several nites until we finished it and cooked in our apartment some food like at home to break the cycle of having to eat out the entire time allowing us to experience the normal and interesting side of Canadian life shopping in a grocery Co-op and enjoyed some time in an antique shop where I found a wool suit coat for a good price made in Canada and perfect for my music performances also picked up a small collectible bronze clown that fit into my closed palm then walked (always walked here) to pick up a BC flag at a flag store and saw and liked First Nations artwork and sent a little of Canada home and woke up to see the ocean and the tide out our window also standing on our deck in early morning and sunsets splash the sky at night as US baseball playoffs took place practically every evening.  My team won.  That was exciting.  It was a good vacation and birthday present. That the weather was cool and the season definitely Fall was the best present.  This on purpose run-on paragraph describes the highlights. It is the best way to impart the impressions and enthusiasm I felt there..all  running together.

Though No One May Believe It... Ten years ago no one would believe the USA would be living through unsettling and corrupt turmoil and sometimes hell that is streaming east to west, north to south throughout our country.  Honesty and the truth are out the window politically and unfortunately often amongst our many people.  The situation seems to exist worldwide, too, finding residence in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, the UK, France,  Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, the Philippines, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, North Korea, Nigeria, Somalia, the Sudan…. It is pretty frightening to write this list that is no way complete.  Human relations have deteriorated in so many ways so that it is easy to feel like we are being sucked into a terrible mire and maligned by many we associate with.

I wrote Though No One May Believe It  feeling it was a necessity and in reaction to our times.  Please read the complete lyrics I am putting below and listen to the song above.  It is the first spiritual I have written.  A spiritual..  The dictionary definition is  ” relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul.” There is an angst overhead driving this song to become spiritual.  Writing it and performing it pulled a lot out of me, lots of highs and lows, but it was worth it.  The message is good and singing it felt good.  Spirituals have a personal and community style.  I finished writing the lyrics 5 weeks ago, but it took 5 weeks for the music to age and evolve.  The music is written in B flat major.  B flat to E flat back to B flat to D9#5, G min7th, C7, F7, B flat to E flat back to B flat is the chord progression used for the verses.  B flat, C min7, B flat/D, E flat is the chromatic whole step progression in the chorus.  The sound is classic Gospel style with a bit of funk style/rock beat in the bass created in different octaves especially using the lowest octave on the piano and the octave above that..all common to gospel especially when played on a Hammond organ.  The music has a constant pulse throughout.  There are a couple of my instrumentals on piano included, but it’s the lyrics that take this song golden. The melody is driven by the voice.  The runs that go though the piano music in the song are in a jazz or varied blues scale style. The music is not in time. That is a characteristic of some of my songs.  That style is called playing free time or rubato allowing for interpretation.

Think about singing Though No One May Believe It along with me.  I bet you’ll  feel something. Writing music is one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I don’t need anyone’s approval to write it or sing it or think it.  I feel like a millionaire… totally independent: Truth and honesty/ Must dictate life and later Feeling free/Like it is easy to say/What you want to say …my thoughts right out of the lyrics.

The month of November is important.  We are voting in the USA today.  Please vote. Take as many people as you can to vote with you.

Thanksgiving completes the month.  I hope after the election we will have even more to give thanks for.  Happy Thanksgiving from me  to you.  Share your holiday meal so someone won’t be hungry and don’t forget to turn on the music.  Music, too, feeds the soul.  Here are the lyrics for Though No One May Believe It:

Truth and honesty 

Must dictate life.

Faced with the facts

That are sometimes not nice,

Out of fear

We lie!


Be honest.

It feeds your soul,

Makes you feel

Spiritually Whole.

It’s hard to look someone in the eye

And reveal the truth

Though no one may believe it.


The truth hurts

Even paired with remorse.

It doesn’t sugar coat

Yet brings resolve,

Leaving what is not clear

Crystal clear     

Often time feeling

Pierced by a spear.  


Be honest.

It feeds your soul.

It makes you feel

Spiritually Whole.

It’s hard to look

Someone in the eye

And reveal the truth

Though no one may believe it.


Feeling free

Like it is easy to say

What you want to say,  

Knowing that people can trust you,

Is the only way to be.

Respect will come




The truth is therapeutic.

You must get it all out

And not feel afraid

Of what someone might think

Or say.

Don’t shy away

Just let it out!


Be honest.

It feeds your soul,

Makes you feel Spiritually Whole.

It’s hard to look

Someone in the eye

And reveal the truth

Though no one may believe it.


Be honest.

It will feed your soul,

Make you feel

Spiritually Whole.


Sincerely and thank you for coming over to visit and listen,

Joshua Eli

November 5, 2018