What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz… L.A. Composer/Performer? You Loved Me When I Was Just A Regular Anyone

Dear Blog…..I wrote a story in music, long ago seeded for me by the play Parfumerie written by Miklos Laszlo and later adapted for film as The Shop Around The Corner then later put to music by Bock and Harnick as She Loves Me and lastly in 1998 updated for film with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as You Got Mail directed by Nora Ephron.  I think the music of She Loves Me is just about perfect.  I first heard it and then performed the song She Loves Me a long time ago in a solo competition in Fullerton while in high school.  This is a recollection of a distant memory: Years ago while in NYC walking on the Upper Westside, I passed by where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were shooting a scene from You Got Mail.  That was on a visit in the fall, late September…the best time of the year to be in NYC.  The above is an introduction and small autobiography next to and around my picture.

You will enjoy the music at its best if you use earphones

This leads me Dear Blog (as in dear diary in She Loves Me)  into my song: You Loved Me When I Was Just A Regular Anyone.  It is about the strange way we can fall into love.  After completely writing the song just mentioned, remembrances of the story of She Loves Me and its several renditions surfaced in that important space between my eyes.  Though not entirely similar to the story of my song, the storyline of She Loves Me and the mystery of falling for someone who seems illusive is an exciting one and probably affected my writing vicariously.  My song became like the plant to all those previous works that only flowers every 25 years laying dormant until its botanical alarm goes off.  I also like treasure hunts.  Together those several ideas in addition to personal experience built my song.  Every writer I know draws from their personal experiences and moves out and around to create more of them to write about.  I wrote You Loved Me When I Was Just A Regular Anyone in the key of F major.  It is sung and played out of rhythm because that is how we think and speak, and doing that makes the song seem human and real.  I also liked very much the phrase a regular anyone  because regular people need to find success and be loved just like any pool of fancier people. It is pure fact that most people are regular and struggle a lot to get what they need and where they want to be.   The chorus is infectious and easy to sing and repeat like choruses you may have sung around a campfire in your favorite national park.  And left me a note….It said/ Go to the shop/By the park/Across from the bridge/There I’ll be waiting for you/You are someone/I see everyday/And can’t forget/I know I love you/You will become someone/I’ll be there. The soliloquy that is this song is a happy one.  And it is true everyone needs someone who believes in him and sticks by him over the long haul.  When I Was Just A Regular Anyone  is near the top of this blog.  Please listen to it.

The current Supreme Court stomp and someone messing with some people I know led me to write a song about truth and honesty… my next song.  Just like my song Waste No One’s Life Anymore, that budding song idea needed to be written  to benefit the current situation and beyond.  The season just turned to fall and is without a doubt a really beautiful time of year.  Coming there will be Halloween and Thanksgiving and a birthday to measure time and maybe even time to escape and rejuvenate.

Thank you, everyone.

Writers and performers of music need listeners and you are mine!


Joshua Eli

October 2, 2018

Happy Halloween from 2 of my always favorite character people.  I am part Charlie Brown and not any part Lucy!