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Pictured I am preparing to record That Is My Promise Always.  That song  and I Know What My Heart Was Looking For will be released prior to the release of my album.   For me there is no greater pleasure than being in a recording studio making music and listening to the results.  Collaboration is an important part of my artistry.  Thanks to Eric, my engineer, the crew at Clear Lake Recording Studios, Roc, who assists me with transcribing, and my collaborating and producing and publicist family.  I know I have a village.

Try using earphones.  You will hear the song best.

Two experiences of the past week: “One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self” (Fred Rogers).  On Father’s Day we watched a documentary about Fred Rogers.  It is called Won’t You Be My Neighbor. The experience was “special”.  We grew up with the wisdom he shared.  The film will cause you to feel good and feel proud and cry some.  Growing up we felt the oversized impact of this gentle man.  Because he was different some people did make fun of him.  I understand all about that, too.  More than a few  would find meaning and reassurance sitting down for 1.5 hours to watch the best neighbor you’ll ever meet.

Allison Ikley-Freeman, a LGBT bi-racial woman, was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate representing west Tulsa.  She is a mental health professional.  She speaks openly about who she is and her life of struggles.  Her election is a remarkable event. It connects with the message of my last song: Waste No One’s Life Anymore. You can listen to that song on my last blog.  Because of her personal decisions and her ability to act on them she will  be an asset for a political system that needs lots of reworking.

Being happy with who we are is what must be.   I wrote On The Open Road about the rush and feel of freedom while exploring on the open road.  Willie Nelson furnished the seed then I took it from there.  I wrote the song for a job.  Matching up with someone else’s expectation and desires is a tall order.  ‘The music writing as a job experience” begins with a discovery, then requires invention, and finally the hoped for success depends on luck.  On The Open Road has country and subtle honky-tonk rhythms for the blue collar or white collar or any collar person.  It was written in C Major.  I used push beats plus a short quiet space.  You should be able to find and appreciate them as I do.  The song sings to how it feels to chase a dream. The lyrics begin: I am driving on the open highway/In my Chevy pick-up/With the wind  in my hair/As I rev my engine/Loud!/The sound echoes off the mountains/While a deer stops to look/As I come to a screeching halt/In the middle of the road. And then the chorus: The sun comes up/And the sun goes down/As I drive my Chevy pick-up/Town to town/On my way to places/Often unknown using Highway 5/To get my fix/From the open road. That makes for a very pretty picture. Hopefully everyone will hit the open road sometime so that kind of freedom can brush against your face.

Thanks to all of you who are dedicated to listening to my music.   Steve Sewell from Chattanooga, Tennessee became my fan listening to Will You Love Me Tomorrow and Barrett Gruige wrote me saying he sees ‘… enthusiasm within the work I write.” Nice. I do like what I am doing.  Ralph Farrish wrote, “You are a very capable person.” Much appreciated to read that. It took a lot of time and lots of  experiences to get here. I am ready for a whole bunch more so I can learn more.  Benita Thompson in the Netherlands became my fan after listening to I Just Can’t.  Yes!!  I have some devoted listeners: Alex Boncher in Illinois, Benjamin Heronimus in Colorado, Mr. Shaigood in Maryland, Faith Hawley in New Zealand, Danielle Walthers in Wisconsin, Gayle Merchant, Ryan Gleason, cemcculloch in South Carolina, Paul Faltusz in Australia, Marian Bradshaw, beauvdjeanwilbert, onsteadsmerie in Canada, and Jamie Ramos in Portugal.  Your interest in my music is shown by your regularly listening to it.  We don’t talk but your interest is my kind of talking and feels very good. An appreciative thank you to Gayle Merchant and cemcculloch and Jason Graae and Jonas Sills and Paul Wong for listening to Waste No One’s Life Anymore.  It’s a song that cries out: listen.

US Independence Day is coming soon.  Why not exercise that independence feeling and strike out en masse to start correcting the many problems that are causing our country to show signs of real wear.  We need real Independence for the Masses.   We must get stronger and speak louder and act like it counts for the benefit of all but especially the young and elderly, the poor and down on luck, the disabled, immigrants and all racial populations, and people of all sexual orientations and religions. We must expect equality of opportunity and compensation in all ways for everyone no matter gender, color, religion or abilities! We Need To Live In The Arch Of The Rainbow. (Check out my blog post about a Beautiful Umbrella posted February 2016.)  Roc and I recently took some time and arranged that song for choral work because Theresa, a former student of mine, suggested I do just that. Maybe before or on July 4th go out and see RBG. You will be inspired.

Please listen to On The Open Road near the top of this blog.

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Joshua Eli

June 21, 2018 … the first day of summer and an opportunity  to try something new and different

Music is important.  It is an informed art form!