What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz… LA Composer/ Performer? Wad-ing And Wait-ing


A little autobiography by the picture…

We have experienced a pretty spring re: the weather.  How nice.. for a change.. to speak of the weather that way.

Lots of other changes need to happen. If they could happen, they would lift our spirits.  They are just overdue.  Don’t forget to vote in the primaries and join in to demonstrate for change.  I am writing with vigor  expressing the stuff that I need to say..with hope..and purpose. I have lots of songs yet to be published and recorded.  For me feeling creative and needing to express myself is like eating and exercising..all terribly important!   Joshua Eli


For the best listening, try using earphones.

Wad-ing And Wait-ing/Exploring and enjoying/What we all want to find/What that is/We can’t be totally sure/That’s what makes us go after it/Because of its allure/Each step ahead/More promising than the next. I am that kid who grew up watching Fred Rogers while wad-ing and wait-ting.. very slowly discovering myself.  Fred left a huge impression on me.  Wad-ing And Wait-ing is a grown up song influenced by Fred Rogers with musical reflections of Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Newley.  I realized those connections only after I finished writing the song. The connections just welled-up and surfaced. They gushed and filled the broad beautiful desert valley made even more beautiful with wild flowers and rimmed by mountains that populated my mind and then my fingers started to fly across my piano.  The first verse: Walking and wondering/Into a hopeful and kind place/Taking our time/Getting there at our own pace/Not needing to rush/Relaxing while we go comments I believe Fred would deeply appreciate.  When people close to me listen to this song, they are drawn to it…like a magnet.  Performing it is also very relaxing and fills me with a feeling of ease.  Recording it on my home studio was not a challenge at all. The bridge: Don’t over-think/Just step/And dip your toe in the water/That can sometimes be chilly/Or try jumping with both feet first/Because what you will find/To your surprise/Could be oh so satisfying.  The third verse: Don’t say No/Just Go!!/See no red lights/Just green/Nothing holding you back/From anything/So much wonder and beauty ahead/To reach out and grab. And the post verse: Wad-ing and wait-ing/Each step../Exploring and enjoying/What it is/We all want to find/Creating a common bond/With all human kind/And taking our time. There is little more that I can add to these ideas because they stand on the own like pillars to walk between.  So I started with a walk in F Major and I blew myself away with my music discoveries:  My conversation with Sondheim dissonance and contrasts and A. Newley Pure Imagination-like lyrics and music ideas for the bridge were a successful experiment. They spawned something beautiful even ending it with a beautiful musical inflection.  Take a listen to Wad-ing and Wait-ing at the top of this blog. Lots of people to mention: Dmitry Savinkia in Ukraine enjoyed Any Part Would Be Enough and Work Moves Me On.  Faith Hawly in New Zealand liked One Penny Is All I Need and Misty.  There Are Sounds All Around and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago caused Alaina Beavers in Ohio to perk up.  Ashley Bowen returned and listened to Any Part Would Be Enough.  In Australia Paul Faltusz picked up on There Are Sounds All Around and Hello.  Marian Bradshaw was affected by Misty and I Just Can’t. Then Contiu Adina in Romania also chose I Just Can’t and It Will Be A Great Day WHEN.  Do you know how all of you make me feel..that you are listening to what I wrote and coming back to listen again?  That is like someone saying for the first time I love you. It makes your head spin and lifts you off the ground!  Thank you.  Creatively there is nothing better than you who appreciate what I do!

Until the next time while looking forward,


Joshua Eli

April 25, 2018

Today my grandfather would have been 104! I wonder what he would say about a lot of things.. He always read and wrote and spoke out…

LS.. Keep Wad-ing  toward  a hopeful and kind place.