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Taking the subway to a concert hall to attend a concert makes for a special experience.  The crowded subway with its chatter adds to the experience as does walking out of the subway and up the hill with the crowd towards the hall entrance.  The privilege of sitting in a theatre or hall and listening to live music makes for just the best evening and justifies the effort and expense.

Stress Will Not Rule My Life

A Tribute To Mr. Rogers!

To hear the music the best, try using earphones.

Have you ever felt manipulated?  Have you ever wanted to push back and then escape to a personal protected place? There are ways to deal with a stressful state.  Many write music as a process for expressing and working out all kinds of things.  My compositions are my musical diary.  I also escape to places for a release to take my mind off the indignation.  I attended a concert whose music program was called the Erroll Garner Project. The music of Erroll Garner re-produced by the late jazz pianist Geri Allen on 3 pianos was exquisite and demonstrated for me the real and positive good in music and the people who compose and play it like Gerald Clayton, Christian Sands, and Russell Malone.  Erroll’s jazz compositions were played on three grand pianos, a guitar, stand-up bass, and drums.  I loved it and for one hour all that I was feeling was far away.   I can bring it out of my memory at anytime now like meditating and push away the bad things that people sometimes like to do. Erroll Garner is the composer of one of the songs on my upcoming album.  The song is the beautiful composition: Misty. 

So I am writing a song about stress.  It is a universal topic.  The song is  a recipe for all of us who feel the wrath of someone or something and need to move to a better place.  From the post-verse: I am gone/I moved myself miles away/Stress will not rule my life/ Any day! I felt better just putting the lyrics and music down.  Singing the song kept my thoughts mind-centered refusing to let myself stray from my resolve and the relief I have found! I now walk around with a glorious pair of  glasses that improves my vision 1000%.  I let stress fly away/And it did. Despite the reason for the song, it actually turned out to be an interesting piece to perform because I layered it with my voice like a good actor should. When I finished recording it, I felt better without taking a pill or drinking anything stronger than a cold glass of water.  Once it was completely written after countless iterations of how to say and perform how I felt, I recorded it fast needing only a few takes. My ideas had been tracking in my brain for more than a month and delayed my finishing this blog entry. But when something is true and felt, that is how recording it happens for me:fast.  When finished I felt relief and satisfaction from what felt like the completion of a creative job. I wrote it in the key of C minor with a tango/bossa beat to counter the anxiety emphasized by the heartbeat.  A song with that depth should not be written in a major key.  The song opens with 14 seconds of a heart beating. The beating of my heart runs through the song and ties the verses together effectively and actually. Have you ever heard your heart beat in your ears? So my heart beat in 4/4 is the cadence for the song until it speeds up to 6/8 and then relaxes back to 4/4 as I resolve my stress. The contrasting bridge was written to have trumpet hits when it is orchestrated. I plan on arranging this song along with two other songs I have written into a song cycle. The other two songs: I Just Can’t and Because I Can.  Why the three?  Because they all deal with insecurity and are very interesting to listen to and/or perform.  After the fact and unintentionally they seem to fit together. That is the creative syndrome that surfaced.  I think the cycle could turn out to be a gem and be one that male a cappella group composed of strong voices and good actors would perform well and enjoy doing. Just a final thought and I think true for many in creative fields: thankfully my music and writing serve like therapy and a sedative when the need arrives.

Mdearing in Pennsylvania became a FAN once again after listening to And Then You Were Gone.  Koichi Muranishi in Japan found meaning in I Broke Out And Broke Through and also with And Then You Were Gone.  Rob bic in Texas climbed on the wagon after listening to And Then You Were Gone and then also enjoyed its opposite On The Sunny Side Of The Street.  Thanks to Joel1361 for your continued loyalty and listening to Misty. Barbara Hellerman in Israel connected with A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With and also with And Then You Were Gone.  And Then You Were Gone seems to have found a respectable niche this past month in some good people’s hearts.  Krsmith34262 in Texas discovered That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be and the comedy and reality in I Just Can’t.  Thanks to all of you and the almost 6000 listeners who have tuned in to listen to my music.  The publishing of all the music on my album is almost complete.  Roc, my collaborator in transcribing, shot me an email regarding the final song Not An Ending After All saying it was “.. meaningful..a Grand Finale in every sense of the phrase..” Thanks.  His comments mean a lot because he knows my music inside and out and  how it all meshes together.  When we are working together he quotes words and phrases back from my songs that left an impact on him.

Fred Rogers would have been 90 today.  His show, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that I watched as a child, is 50 years old.  I loved that show!

Listen to my new song Stress Will Not Rule My Life at the top of this blog.  Also, you can hear a Mr. Roger’s tribute.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers and also H B, Dad!

Sincerely.. with my wishes to all of my friends who visit with me (as Mr. Rogers would have said) for a Happy Spring and Happy Passover and Happy Easter,

Joshua Eli                                

March 20, 2018                    

A Lego trolley into the land of make-believe in Mr. Roger’s world.