What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz? LA Composer/Performer? Until I Danced The Night Away With You..Dancing close to you..It’s the only thing I want to do.

A little autobiography under the picture…

I am sitting at a table in V’s Cellar Door, a Mexican Korean Fusion restaurant in Juneau.  It actually is in a cellar.  The entrance is down the staircase.**  The food was good (I ate an Infused Seared Ahi burrito with Kimchi), the atmosphere was nice, and the friendly people eating there seemed like professionals since it was only a handful of blocks from the State Capitol building.  V stands for Vivian a longtime resident of Juneau who started cooking out of a food truck and then opened her own restaurant and now still caters fusion food from her food truck. The people in Alaska are very inventive.  They need to be.  It is a hard life.  Downtown Juneau has a Brooklyn vibe, a favorite place of mine.  It is unusual for me, but over a 12 months period I have visited or will visit 3 pretty cold places. First was Labrador, next was Alaska, and lastly I will go back to Brooklyn for a celebration and some musical entertainment.  I actually love the cold that comes with a real winter since where I live is rarely very cold.

You will enjoy it more if you listen with earphones!

On December 27, 2015, I began this blog.  This entry is a soft drum roll announcing the 2nd anniversary of the blog’s beginning. Looking back I see that  there are 45 entries about my music and the hows and whys for each song  written.  After re-reading some of those blog entries, I think I may select some of them to be published as a pocket book to accompany my music.. sort of like when you read descriptions and sentiments from the artist when you go to visit and enjoy his/her art in a museum. Publishing a book of my writing is something I would never have imagined doing.  On this anniversary I feel extremely proud of the songs I have composed and the lyrics I wrote for them and my discussions that lay out how I built each song and why. For me writing music and keeping to a regular regimen of artistic expression is satisfying and a worthwhile job that gives me the hope I need to create a better future.  Just for this occasion I wrote a song set on New Year’s Eve 2017 about how dancing and finding love can be entwined, setting up the new year of 2018 to be a special one. Dancing is just one of the best ways of connecting with someone because you are only inches apart. It is hard not to see and listen and feel.  I was in that mood and decided to write about it. The title of the song is Until I Danced The Night Away With You.  I wrote it in F major. It has a special sound… a mild 50’s dreamy sound.  The chorus has a Grease feel with echoes of Unchained Melody.  I gave the bridge a little R&B and pop feel the way I designed it to be sung and as I sing it. For those interested, the chord structure of the song except for the bridge is F Major to D minor, B flat Major 7 to A7 sharp 9 to a G minor 7 F/A inversion, then G minor 7/C back to F Major. The bridge starts with an A7 sharp 9 chord to a D minor 7 moving to G minor 7 and back to a nice resolve for Verse 3.. using C Major. So you see the music is a mixture of major and subtle minor musical sounds. The last chord of the song.. F Major 7..I opened into a soft arpeggio on the piano ending the song in that classic 50’s fashion.  I was a genuine Eugene in Grease das Musical in Europe in part of 1999, part of 2000 and part of 2001. The music of Grease is definitely nostalgic and romantic and served as an inspiration for me to write this song.  This song could have found its way into the film Ghost or used instead of Earth Angel at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance in Back To The Future. Most of the song flowed out easily while writing the lyrics down on paper or when composing at the piano. The musical genre was ‘in my blood’ since my Grease time; so the song was an easy write once I decided on what I wanted to write about.  That fact was good because about the same time I was writing the song I was caroling around town as a paid singer spreading holiday cheer for VOC.  I have been doing that for 5 years to feed my retirement account. Retirement seems far off but 25 years can fly by when working and having a good time most of the time.

Here are the first verse and chorus for what feels like a beautiful New Year’s song:

I step toward you.

You stand still waiting for me.

Your eyes are blue-green gems.

They entice me close,

And you slip inside  my arms

Like a gentle breeze.


Dancing close to you.

It’s the only thing I want to do.

I love moving with you

And your warmth close to me..

Us speaking softly

And just dancing the night away.

Thank you to georgemikemiller from Coupeville, WA for becoming my FAN while enjoying And It Will Be A Great Day WHEN.  That song is about the feeling of hope, a good quality to cherish and important for me.  Also thank you, Corina Pizarro in Carlyle, Canada for becoming my FAN after listening to my arrangement of Will You Love Me Tomorrow, a tres meaningful song.  I am in awe of admin in California for her continued devotion to my music.  She listened to I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me  and Any Part Would Be Enough and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be and She’s Got A Way.  Each of those songs speaks of love in a special way from different perspectives.

I look forward  to us speaking together through music in the coming year and also hope that in the new year the political turmoil will be taken to the dump so we won’t be distracted away from our best purpose.  I have written lots of music waiting to be recorded and a show to be put up. There is no shortage of things I need to do and want to do.  The release of my album Joshua Eli… In His Element will happen soon proceeded by the release of a couple of singles. I hope the New Year will be a productive and a healthy one for all of us. It is important we realize how important we are for each other and remember and act like that all through the coming year.

Happy Birthday to my MOM and Happy Anniversary to my PARENTS and Happy Birthday M E!  That ‘s 156 years altogether celebrated… with many more years to come!!!

Please listen to Until I Danced The Night Away With You at the top of this blog. 

Play it on New Year’s Eve.  It is a new song written for the 2018 new year. It can be enjoyable to listen to something new while creating a new memory.  Your comments are always appreciated.

Sincerely and with a spritz of love,

Joshua Eli

December 27, 2017 ….Happy New Year!






**V’s Cellar Door


What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz…LA Composer/Performer? Have you ever felt invisible?


A little autobiography beside the picture continued…

In November I went back to Alaska for my birthday.  In the picture I am holding a piece of ice that looked just like a piece of glass in size and thickness. I enjoyed seeing snow falling and loved its beauty dressing up Haines, AK… saw thousands of bald eagles and took loads of pictures of them…I really got good at it.  I discovered patience I didn’t think I had. …and saw the Aurora Borealis THREE times..Spectacular! The cold was not uncomfortable. The Chilkat River Valley and Chilkat Lake and all the surroundings were right out of a storybook.  Lots of friendly and memorable people. The interplay of the native Indians with their land was totally appreciated and educational.  This was that kind of vacation that will always affect what I think about and appreciate and will affect my composing and lyric writing. ..je

For the best listening, listen with earphones

Have you ever felt invisible?  It is an uncomfortable feeling especially when you  want to be visible. I recently completed the song and lyrics for my song titled Invisible.  Fortunately, for the most part it is not my present, but it has occurred in the past regarding work and with someone I was closely attached to. Invisible is a song like you could have heard in the film credits for The Piano or sung by Sarah McLachlan. Most everyone can relate to the real sadness expressed in the song.  Invisible is written in C major and is in contrast to that usually upbeat key. It has a little bit of a pop country feel and could be played live on an acoustic guitar by picking the open chords making it easy to play and sing along with. It should be sung in a mirrored room. The reason will become obvious after listening to the song.  I am going to include the entire song lyrics this time..  I have wondered if you might enjoy singing along with me sometimes. This is an easy and good song to accomplish that. Be patient. It is one of my longer songs and tells a true story, but it is lyrical. If any of you are baritones, there are rich sounding baritone notes in the vocal line for the song.. I am a baritone/bass.. therefore, it was natural to write in the rich baritone notes.

The various holidays are soon surrounding us.  It is not a time for sadness but somehow there is plenty of it around for us to see and feel.  It would be nice for 2018 to be radically different.. children and older adults and all of us and the world are in need of a real uplift.. I want to thank admin in California for listening to so many of my songs.. The frequency is overwhelming.. That is what family does.. And It Will Be A Great Day When, We Need To Live In The Arch Of A Rainbow, I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago, Misty, Not An Ending After All, And Then You Were Gone, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Hello, There Are Sounds All Around, One Penny Is All I Need, On The Sunny Side Of The Street…all multiple times. I hope you got as much out of listening to them as I did writing them! Then there is ContiuAdina in Romania enjoying I Just Can’t and It Will Be A Great Day WHEN and Steve Hong in New York enjoying She’s Got A Way and I Just Can’t.  Ashley Bowen popped in once again like admin to listen to Will You Love Me Tomorrow. My transcriber Roc M loves one of the two new singles I will be releasing: I Know What My Heart Was Looking For. He likes songs that tell a story. He is the first out of my inner circle to listen to the entire song.  His encouraging remarks are very nice. Together we co-arranged one of my songs, And Then You Were Gone, for 5 part vocal jazz, and together we achieved an exciting result. I am going to include the first page of the song at the bottom of this blog.  That and all the sheet music for all my songs will soon be available so anyone can sing and play them. I am impressed by all the people who come my way to listen to my music (more than 5400 of you came by on radioairplay.com alone) and I thank each of you.  Keep coming and I will keep writing.  This blog has been alive for 2 years this month. Let’s make the coming year a wonderful one and a healthy one. Make your voices heard. We all are needed to fix all the stuff that has gone rotten!

Please listen to Invisible.. I have put it up at the top of this blog entry..  I always welcome your thoughts.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal, Joyeux Noel, Frohliche Weihnachten, Milad Mubarak, Natal Mubarak, Merii Kurisumasu, Buon Natale, Zalig Kerstfeest, Wesolych Swiat, Boas Festas, Mele Kalikimaka, Boldog Karacsonyt, Selamat Hari Natal..  these and many many more … to each and all of you…lots of ways to wish that you are happy and enjoy your holiday and then topping it off with a Happy and Healthy New Year..Gleoilegt nytt ar …Do you recognize that one?  Happy New Year in Icelandic!

With music always in my heart and wishing only to share it with you!

Joshua Eli

Happy big 16, Seymour!  He is a real landmark.


December 5, 2017