What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. composer/performer? That Is My Promise Always

A little autobiography under the picture:  Composing on some music projects can be hard work.  This is a photo painting emphasizing shadows on my left hand. That hand probably will require carpal tunnel surgery.  I started playing piano when I was 5.  So for 35 years that hand has been working steadily.  It is time for a repair.

I think I tried to capture the right music and tone for That Is My Promise Always eight times over as many days before hitting it just right.  I try out all my songs on my select audience and my dog Rose.  When Rose starts singing, I know I am getting close.  Rose is a great dog-singer music critic with a health condition that is treated by her special experts at VMTH in Davis.  The good news is that she is getting better and she is carrying on her work like a pro.

Please listen with earphones.  It will sound great.

Honesty is such a lonely word…straight from the lyrics of Billy Joel.  Life isn’t a fantasy and autumn is the most beautiful of the four seasons.  All are the way I think.  The daytime air is cooler and the light is softer and sunsets seem more colorful and the trees changing colors are stunning in Fall.  All of the above are strolling in my brain affecting my senses since my last blog entry.  Yesterday I finished a song I titled That Is My Promise Always. I wrote it in the key of D flat major.  It is a positive follow-up to my last song I Know What My Heart Was Looking For.. both written in the same key.  It is a pop piano song written honestly about love. It could find itself easily inserted into a wedding or anniversary repertoire or proposal. The song is not cerebral or a fantasy.  Sometimes I need to say I am sorry when something I do is not good, so I have included that.  My feelings are real and my thoughts and actions reveal that.   The song opens with a beautiful statement: There aren’t enough stars/ I could pull from the sky/To hand to you. It continues You said you want the world/ I can give you…/A part of me/I can share only with you.  And the chorus: I don’t say it enough/But you have to know how much I care/I won’t discount how you feel/Or treat you/Like you weren’t there/So I say this to you/I love you and need you near/That is my promise always.  I have tried when singing the song to show the true depth of its meaning  by employing the lower ranges of my voice.  At one point in the chorus to emphasize a feeling of  love, I drop my voice 3 1/2 steps.  Doing that was very effective in conveying that feeling!  As with most songs, the chorus drives the song. Ashley Bowen in Dallas, Texas, thank you for your continual interest in my music.  You listened to There Are Sounds All Around, I Just Can’t, Not An Ending After All, That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be, and The Simple Things For You And Me. It is very interesting which songs you chose..most of them are upbeat and one is comedic.  Are you telling me something?  I awoke to see that Danielle Smith in Corbin, Kentucky became my fan after listening to I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me. She added, “Great Song.” Dissolving something I feel important takes a long time to actually relax and be comfortable with.  RM wrote to me while working with me on  And It Will Be A Great Day WHEN , ” This is a really loving and touching song! Very pretty, very moving, a great performance, entirely enjoyable…”  His professional opinion means tons to me and is very encouraging.  He knows music and performance from the bottom up.  His words are golden.  You can listen to the first 1:21 of That Is My Promise Always near the top of this blog.  The actual recorded song is 4:27.  Truthfully this song couldn’t have been written at a better time.  After the terrible massacre in Las Vegas,  I think we need huge doses of love to smother all the hate that has been spreading like tar.


.. and a prayer for the improved health of all those injured in Las Vegas and a prayer for the families of those who didn’t make it because they were caught in the rain of bullets.  When will we put away all the guns???  Our leaders need to begin to do something significant!!

Joshua Eli

October 5, 2017