What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? I Know What I Was Meant To Do And Become

A little autobiography under the picture…a human interest feature to be continued..

On August 28, 2017 at Clear Lake I recorded the final song of my first album.  I’ll be releasing the song I recorded on that day as a single ahead of the album release.  I hadn’t been back in the studio for more than a year.  It was a fine day with my engineer and producer near and present.  I enjoyed what I was doing. I know what I was meant to do and become!  Je

I have written a denouement for my album.  I didn’t need to because the progression of the album’s songs tell the album’s story well.  It really just happened. The song is titled I Know What My Heart Was Looking For.  The healing effect from time passing is a good thing.  I wrote the song in D flat major. By coincidence the song’s key unlocks a message.  The song tells how I exercised ‘D.. poor‘ judgement that dropped me ‘flat‘ on my face.  Now long after the experience, I made a ‘major‘ change finding renewed self-respect … with clarity ready to move forward.  This will be the first song I will record with more than one instrument.  It will be released as a single before the release of my album.   It is a true pop song… with repetitions easy to remember.. and serves as a good professional introduction to me and my music.  I also wrote it for the additional purpose to perk the interest of one of my mentors suggesting we could work together on a project.  The first verse begins I learned my lesson/Not to let anyone take a piece of me…The chorus begins How blinded I am/ To keep coming back for more. The second verse contains the plea I hope you are sincere. The bridge begins with It was all great once/You and me/It was an endless fantasy.  And the final updated chorus ends with My heart has moved on/ And found what it was always looking for. When writing from immediate experience, lyrics somehow flow.  Getting the perfect music sound was important for this song because of my plans for the song and the song’s importance for the album.  I am pleased with the results, but I did feel the struggle to write the best music I could. That can happen when focusing too hard, but it was worth it. It is a six minute + song packed with honesty. The vocal and piano interludes have an ethereal feel so you get I’ve finally risen above my discomfort. The song closes open-ended without any musical instrument playing the music.. just a vocal… the story is not yet finished and invites you and I to wonder what is to come.  When listening I think ‘you should be able to get it’ and find that you can identify with the thoughts expressed as well. I work with a consummate professional who is helping me transcribe all my songs to include in a songbook or for individual sheet music downloads that will be purchased from my website. I really want to hear others play and sing my music, too.  We were working on A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With.  He surprised me with a comment about that song. ” This one is really a wonderful song.  I can easily relate to the emotion of it. Great work, great writing! It’s certainly haunting to me and very beautiful (I might add). ” Coming from RM and who is 22 years my senior and who has lots of music experience, his comments were a total honor for me to hear. Thank you, greenwell in Australia who became a fan after listening to One Penny Is All I Need.  Also, thank you, Jeremy Yakus who became my fan after listening to I Just Can’t.  I really appreciate the penny..so little real monetary value yet so much intense emotional value connected with a wish and hope and its earthy color. I wrote I Just Can’t to show the challenge of fitting in.  There probably isn’t one of us who hasn’t felt like a loner in a crowd at some time…  a good reason to try to place yourself in someone else’s foot holes and to try harder to really understand why. It is a comedy piece.  Sometimes that is the best way to say something. Joel from Toronto became my fan after listening to Will You Love Me Tomorrow.  CK wrote a beautiful song that I am fortunate to interpret as my own. Also, thank you, Jaybie Lovetok for liking Not An Ending After All and There Are Sounds All Around. The sounds around us can overwhelm. I look for the pleasant sounds. That every beginning marks an ending is intriguing and hopeful. The need to feel hope touches us all. Thanks to all of you who keep coming back and who listen to my songs or read about me either on my website joshuaelimusic.com or SoundCloud.com or radioairplay.com or YouTube.com or Tumblr.com or Vimeo.com.  Autumn is approaching…just a beautiful season. From its smells and sights and sunsets and cool weather inspiration follows.

For the people of Houston, Texas and Corpus Christi and their close surroundings and Louisiana and Burbank in southern California and Florida and Georgia and Mexico and Cuba and Puerto Rico and other small islands in the Caribbean: Barbuda, Antigua, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barts, US and British Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos, Tortola, Anguilla and The Bahamas who have suffered through horrendous natural disasters, may He who is good watch over you and protect you and keep you safe! Music can help us carry on and rise above sadness.  That was the function long ago and still today of the Spiritual.

Please look for I Know What My Heart Was Looking For to be released soon.



Joshua Eli

September 8, 2017