What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz, L.A. Composer/Performer? Let’s Do It Together

A Little Autobiography Under The Picture  a human interest feature to be continued..

I have been playing violin for at little more than 17 years.  I enjoy playing jazz on violin.  It was my Dad’s instrument that he gifted to me. I have a good ear for music (and so does my Dad) and was able to pick up the violin fast.  Because of the encouragement of my vocal coach, CW, and Helen Crosby, my violin teacher, I played the violin while playing Schlomo in an Equity production of  Fame with less than a year of experience on the violin at the time.  I remember being nervous and practicing a whole lot.     je


On July 25  Senator John McCain spoke in the Senate.  He said, “We’re getting nothing done.”  His statement was totally accurate and led to his courageous NO vote on the  repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  On July 26 that statement hit between my eyes.  My family and I were working together on a longterm project that needed to get done yesterday.  At that moment and working together unleashed a strong feeling of what it takes to get things done…  And I was reminded of the many many times that we worked together and with others to get to my present musical place. Joining together is really important and illustrates how interdependent we are to create our successes.  …And when things get done better than anyone hoped how we share a euphoria seeing that successful trip  ‘lit by the stars.’  So the name of the song I wrote is called Let’s Do It Together. It refers to so many things..almost everything. Success comes from believing in something or someone and putting in the work together to let it all happen.  I wrote Let’s Do It Together in key of C major in Funk in the style of a clean James Brown emphasizing C major 9s and Flat 5s throughout.  It uses dirty/sloppy runs in the right hand between verses so I sing the song sloppy and fun.  As each verse rolls in, the music builds a bit.  For each chorus I chose a different melody. That makes the music feel like it is going somewhere.  At the end of the bridge my voice mimics a big trumpet blast because of the ‘send off toward Mars’.  From some sloppy trial and error and while having some fun, the song blew out.  I got some inspiration while listening to Andra Day sing at Hollywood Bowl jazz night on a beautiful evening a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to take that kind of sound she was singing and use it.  The lyrics for Let’s Do It Together were already written at that time and I was searching for the right music to express them.  Andra handed me an idea at that concert. I have written many songs in the past few years. None of them has a music sound like this song. The song definitely has some sound influences from The Plant, a character voice in Little Shop Of Horrors. Unquestionably Sanne in the Netherlands makes me happy each day.  She is totally devoted to my music and shows it.  I personally invite you Sanne to come to the USA when my album is released so we can meet and you can hear my album music performed live. There will be a signed album with your name on it, too.   Also, thank you, Jimmy Jordan in DC.  You enjoyed Near To You Is What I Want, Misty, and Sounds All Around.  I am pleased by those songs too! Thank you!  Lerhonda14 from Illinois really liked Hello and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be. That Makes You Beautiful… continues to be a favorite of my listener fans.  Hello turned out to be a ground-breaking piece for me.  Every time I listen to it I relive the moment when it was written.  It was easy to write ( I wrote it with minor revisions in just a few hours), but it is always hard to perform. Check out joshuaelimusic.com (my website), SoundCloud.com, radioairplay.com, Tumblr.com, and YouTube.com to hear my music or just to check me out and what’s happening.  Tell your friends and family, too, who are interested in how music is composed on a personal and technical level to read my blog.  Let’s Do It Together is at the top of this blog.  It is loaded with meaning.  Use your earphones and listen to it.  I’d like you to.

Sincerely…Be musically happy…I can be a part of that!

Joshua Eli

August 5, 2017