What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? Guided By A Moonbeam


Guided By A Moonbeam.  It is a song about simplifying and focusing on what is really important. Interesting..it wasn’t a simple song to write both lyric-wise and from a melodic point of view because I just couldn’t get it simple enough to speak to the essence of what I wanted to write a song about.  I tested several melodies before choosing the right one. The lyrics also needed several re-writes to make them as simple, direct and honest as possible.  Then when it came to putting it down in my home studio, it took me several days to phrase the lyrics simply with a clear, simple, direct and honest feeling .  Ironically a song about simplifying just wasn’t simple to accomplish.  To get to the essence of what is important for me took work to weed through ideas discarding what can be considered frivolous finally arriving at what is important and meant.   Well, not a surprising discovery, the simplest and most important thing to need and have is the right person to live next to and share with and enjoy with and love.  Being guided by a moonbeam is what happens when we dream…so we can step into a world where everything can be better. Our dreams can provide us with signposts to guide us where we need to go.  Guided By A Moonbeam sits in the key of C major. A 12 note motif in the right hand is repeated throughout giving the melody a nice upbeat sound.. like water skipping over the rocks in a mountain stream.  The vocals for the verses use a lot of my low vocal range with each verse ending with a bigger high note. The result is a warmer and inviting sound leading to a realization that is appropriate to the intent of the song. The lyrics should cause someone to think. The song resolves with a feeling of calm like when you feel that you figured something out. Sanne_meisjjvanderdriff impresses me with how devoted she is to listening to my music.  The last song title she listened to this time could express my appreciation for her. That song is titled: I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me.  This time she also listened to And Then You Were Gone. It is a favorite of mine because of its jazz construction and because of what I was thinking while writing it. It was the first time I used “void” to express how I felt and it fit. Sanne, your loyalty is what all people need: devoted and appreciative listeners. When you are out listen to my music on your phone on SoundCloud.com or on your other internet devices listen to my music on my website joshuaelimusic.com where you can also catch up and read all the entries in my blog using the link on the second part of the Home page (many of the blog entries contain songs I have written)  or check out radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli where I am paired with some music artists who have influenced me or catch me on vimeo.com/joshuaeli.  Also, don’t forget YouTube.com to see me while recording my music and in performances.

Listen to Guided By A Moonbeam that you will find at the top of this blog entry. The past month was a busy one..I have been writing a lot. It is interesting what happened when I took time away from my work.  I came back with more energy and experiences which spawned ideas.  For me two weeks away from my work was a good prescription. Most of the writing for my second album is now complete.  I will be going back to the recording studio soon… and also releasing my first album and first music video.

I appreciate each of you who come over to read my blog and listen to the music I write and perform.  A piece of good advice from me: Take a deserved vacation and while doing that don’t forget to take my music with you!  I hope you feel wonderful when you come back.


Joshua Eli

July 23, 2017

The picture above was taken at the Tablelands region in Gros Morne National Park in western Newfoundland.  It is an awesome place… one of two handfuls of rare areas on our Earth where rock from the Earth’s mantle is exposed absent the Earth’s crust. It was windy and cold on that hike …just my kind of place and thing to do! Pure and simple beauty…





What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz Composer/Performer? If we live, there are stories to tell and songs to write about those stories.



Feeling alone and insecure and afraid happens.. sometimes for a short time.. sometimes for a longer time.  I have lived through my share of those times hoping the storm will calm and I will come away figuring things out.  Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme spoke recently in a commencement address about the importance of difficult moments.  His comment was that we need them. My life could never be characterized an easy ride. When the unexpected happens, and it seems to, that is the time for adjusting to and thinking things through.. thankfully with the support of those around me.  So my life is filled with stories to tell and therefore songs to write. The song I wrote and included in this blog is titled That Is All I Ever Need.  It is about how unsettling feelings are pushed away when love becomes real and turns important. There is calm and a real deep feeling of security when discovering true lasting love.  That Is All I Ever Need borders on being sung poetry…lots of words that are key to picturing the truth that is painted in 5 minutes and 9 seconds.  I wrote the music in C major. The music is minimal and sparse to emphasize its poetic story.  Please enjoy listening to the song at the top of this blog.  If we live, there are stories to tell and songs to write about those stories.  I am thankful to all of you my blog readers for coming by and spreading word of who I am: a composer, writer and performer, and what I write and perform.  Please keep coming and listen to my work at joshuaelimusic.com, SoundCloud.com, radioairplay.com, and YouTube.com.  Also look in at vimeo.com/joshuaeli. Thank you jmhunhollywood who heard this track before I published it.  He told me he liked “the strong chorus and the song reminded him of the quality of  Jonathon Larson’s Rent.”  Nice comment.  Sanne_meisff van der driff in the Netherlands enjoyed my arrangement of Will You Love Me Tomorrow and I Don’t Think I’ll Look At The Same Way Again  and  Misty and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be. Those are an interesting combination of songs.  Each one has a special meaning attached to it for me.  Lerhonda14 in Illinois listened to Hello and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be. Thank you!!  I felt that I constructed those songs well.  Both have a significant backstory for me.  Hello was written in one writing session.  I also recorded it with only one take. My brother came through his surgery remarkably well, so Independence Day was a day to celebrate.. double. There are a couple of birthdays coming up.  Happy birthday to each of you. I hope each of you are able to find fresh air and a strong tail wind for those things important for each of you in the coming year!


Joshua Eli

July 8, 2017

Happy Birthday! It’s a boysenberry pie made from the berries grown at my home.  Notice the eyes and mouth on the pie like the man in the mountain in New Hampshire saying Happy Birthday to you.