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Art galleries are very nice places.  There we see the world through a thousand artists’ eyes.  Some art pushes how we feel and some art seems just the piece we came to see.  A  woman in a painting at the Crocker Art Museum seemed to call me to stop and have a conversation with her. Before long my mind raced forward and I was writing lyrics about her on a museum leaflet. It was one of those moments where the words just spilled out.  I was ripe for it and it felt good.  My planned task that day was to to put together some ideas for writing a song about the perfect day. But at that moment a song about that interesting woman who captured my eyes materialized.  Writing a song about Her happily filled my afternoon. So here it goes. The first verse: What you are?/ My heart/ Quickens when our eyes meet/ Your being kind/Warms everyone/The glowing aurora/Is YOU/Everyone feels your presence/Anytime you’re near/IRRESISTIBLE so you are.  And the chorus: You walk with your head high/And don’t trip over your feet/You define confidence/Inspiring those you meet/Sensitive you are/In just the best way.  That woman in that painting became my blind date and filled my life with joy for the few hours I spent at the museum.   I walked into a warm museum while it was raining outside; I left  when the museum closed and it was still raining.  I love the rain. So the day was really a perfect one.

While writing my music I often use inverted chords.  This time I followed a suggestion to use a similar method while writing the lyrics.  You will find several inverted sentences throughout the song lyrics.  I think it contributed to a romantic-like feel that we often sense about the positive unknown. The first verse has ‘IRRESISTIBLE so you are’. The chorus throughout has ‘Sensitive you are’. The music is in the key of A major and definitely has some classical elements because She is not a modern woman. She was reaching out to me from a time gone by.  She in all ways is A Piece Of Art really and figuratively. The song builds along with Her emotional values as each are described. The lyrics do not describe her physically but nonetheless give a very accurate sense of what it would feel like to be with her: the essence of the impact of Her being a wonderful human being and Her affect on me. This song could have been written for the film Me Before You.  It could have also found its way onto my first album to be released Joshua Eli …In His Element or in Alan Menken’s Beauty And The Beast. Please listen to the song about that interesting woman called A Piece Of Art uploaded at the the top of this blog. Thank you, caiciesmith, for becoming a Fan twice for enjoying Near To You Is What I Want and I Don’t Think I’ll Look At It the Same Way Again, two songs that for me were polar opposites.  Also, thank you, Gary Gordon, for becoming my Fan after listening to my vocal and piano arrangement of Sunny Side Of The Street. Sunny Side… is a great song! That song has lived in my soul most of my life.  I am hugely appreciative to  Slade Voyles in Texas for your continued loyalty. This time you listened to One Penny Is All I Need.  I need to share a hug with Shira Dickerson in Wisconsin.  She enjoyed  Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You and Because You Can. Both songs are about needing to push yourself forward and doing it!  Regarding this blog I received some very nice comments recently.  Enquita asked me if I purchase my topics.  No.  The topics come from my mind. Nice compliment though. She added she likes ‘the high quality writing’. Jonnie Dent wanted to know why I don’t have a DONATE button because she wanted to donate to this ‘fantastic blog.’  It could be a nice idea where the funds would go to a favorite charity, but I have no current plans to collect money in association with reading my blog.  Thank you! She said she wants to spread the word with her Facebook group. Go to it!  Will Dwight asked me if he can quote from my posts and credit me. Will, that is nice!! Yes! I believe that would be an official first for me. Latrice Governor says I’m cool! She says she hasn’t read anything like my blog entry: Putting Music Back Into The Song. Being called Cool feels cool.  Thank you! She adds that my website is needed on the internet. That comment is humbling. And lastly, Deanna Gleason wrote me that I have ‘one of the greatest web pages.’  I wonder if I will be able to get my hat on after these very positive comments. I think I need to get myself the haircut that I happen to need. You can listen to my music on my website, joshuaelimusic.com and on SoundCloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and watch me record my music and also perform on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and listen to my music with my mentors on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli.  Also, check out vimeo.com using my URL, vimeo.com/joshuaeli.  Don’t forget to click my picture when you get to the site after entering my URL. Please share the information with your music loving and/or music writing family and friends. Writing music is a happy and satisfying occupation for me. I have become more sensitive and feel more free since I began looking at the world through the eyes of a lyricist and composer. Your enjoying my music is just an unbelievable feeling.  The response to this blog is steadily building. Danke, Merci, Gracias, Toda, Grazie, Thank you!

PS. Take a look at my post on vimeo.com.  I have put up a video for Do You Wanna Dance?  You can find its backstory in my blog post on April 30, 2017.  The URL for my video is vimeo.com/joshuaeli. Just click my picture after typing in the URL and the video should materialize.


Joshua Eli

May 17, 2017