What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz/ L.A. Composer/Performer? A big moment: A MUSIC VIDEO

For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

This week is the run-up to the music video that I am doing for Any Part Would Be Enough. The decision of what song on my up-coming album to use was a hard one to make.  There were many opinions to consider.  In the end the director’s choice was powerful.  The song was written July 2015 for a special reason and turned into the reason for my first music video.  So far, the ability of the director who wrote the treatment and who is directing the shoot and later editing it and the ability of producer is high end, incredible given their age.  They are Avi and Daniel.  I am guessing we may become friends over time. There has been the mundane but important contract writing and signing, location finding and renting, settling on a wardrobe, asking and hiring the person, Genia, who will participate in the video with me, practicing the music.. practicing stopping and restarting while playing the song to accommodate the scene takes and deciding how I will play the song and perform it at the piano with Genia doing her thing, too. It will be a full day, a day when 11 people’s eyes will be focused on me.  I don’t get many of those days.  I want to write down my impressions of that 12 hour carve-out in my life and let you in to how it felt. In the meantime, I received a post from Stiman 53344 in Israel whose contents I will take to the shoot and not forget.  She responded to my blog  post Art Copies Life. All of the songs I write are inspired by my life experiences. She said, “I could certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.” That is just what I needed to read at this time! Thank you, Stiman53344. Today is the day before the shoot.  I will not be shaving my face for two days because I want to have an at ease look. I will review the shoot script to make sure I don’t get ahead or behind in any way and try to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy the moment. Until then..

Well, it happened. From 11AM-11PM it was a full day and night.  I put myself through the meeting of someone and the loss of someone all over again this time in front of a small audience.  There were a number of specific steps to walk, two people’s shadows meeting, a hand to reach out for,  a smile, chatting and laughing while sitting on a couch in a loft, a head on my shoulder, Genia at the recording studio putting her hand on my shoulder then sitting next to me at the piano bench while I am playing, cooking a meal together then looking out at downtown Los Angeles from a twelfth floor balcony on a clear night, Genia’s smile again, a grey suit and white shirt and tie, a brown sweater slightly pushed up on my arms and jeans and dark black and brown leather shoes, her in a blue-green flowered sun dress tied behind her neck, bare at the shoulders with red shoes and a red bow in her hair, me sitting at a desk in the loft writing music late at night, 2 AM falling asleep over my work, an intense hug, her walking quickly away and me back at the piano singing and playing alone and realizing at 2:01 AM while waking up it may have been a dream.  It was a lot about me and how I felt. Try imagining the video from my words. It is all backed up by my playing and singing the song I wrote, Any Part Would Be Enough, and some wonderful camera work using a RED, the kind of camera used to shoot a feature film along with a wireless follow focus and wireless remote monitor. The camera was worn by an agile camera man John working with the First Assistant Cameraman, Aidan setting up and at the monitor.  Wearing the RED for almost 12 hours was something to behold.  Any Part Would Be Enough, the music video, was directed by the able Avi  with his vision and talents showing absolutely.   There was Daniel with a different hat on this time acting as First Assistant Director to keep the shoot on schedule. There was Katie doing our make-up and touching us up throughout the shoot. There was the trek between the recording studio in North Hollywood to the loft location downtown in Los Angeles, and there were the snacks and craft services in North Hollywood at the recording studio before transporting everyone with the equipment downtown and more snacks later into the night. Then another set up occurred downtown. The elegant period Biltmore and earthy Pershing Square was in our immediate view along with the downtown skyline which lit up as the day went down and the night drifted in.  It was supposed to rain, which would have made me happy because I love rain, but didn’t… until I was home in bed.  Rain is often considered a positive omen. Be Wild About Music, our production company,  rented the space downtown from a man who had a dog just like my wonderful dog Benny who died  five years ago. That was a warm surprise. Seeing that dog and in the loft made me feel vicariously Benny’s always supportive character. Everyone throughout the shoot was kind and hardworking including Sam the gaffer and Isaac the PA.  A large thank you to my parents who filmed the backstage story of the video and were the photographers on the set. They are always a part of everything important that I do. No one knows how things really will work out when they begin, but this shoot went very well even with the few electric glitches that caused a few delays. The cameramen and gaffer worked them out quickly and the shoot proceeded. That night at 12 AM like Cinderella I arrived home very tired.  The next day felt like I had returned from a long trip that left me with jet lag.  At the top of this blog I put up Any Part Would Be Enough. Please listen to it even if you already listened to it on my website joshuaelimusic.com or on soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name. I consider this song important for me because it was a turning point in my music writing development. Other people started to notice it, too. So it is an important song in my album. Eventually the Any Part Will Be Enough music video will will live on the music video page on my website, be shown at my album’s release for In His Element, my up-coming first album, and be put up on YouTube.com and travel around to other places, too. Thank you as always for looking in and to all of you who write and express your appreciation and interest.  Please share this blog with your friends.  Happy Passover and Easter to those celebrating those religious holidays. I  am always writing music because I write about my life in music.  Look in soon; I am finishing something I like.  If you have an idea you would like turned into music please share it with  me.  Maybe we could make it happen and enjoy its production together.  As I was finishing up this blog Gary Gordon from Ohio became my fan for my rendition of On The Sunny Side Of The Street.  That’s a nice way to conclude this blog. Thank you.


Joshua Eli

April 8, 2017

Here is the first page of the sheet music for Any Part Would Be Enough. All my music on my album, In His Element, soon to be released, will be available as a printed collection. You will be able to order it from Be Wild About Music directly from my website joshuaelimusic.com. It would be my greatest pleasure to know that you are singing and playing my songs.