What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz LA Composer/Performer? And That Is My Dad..

For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

My dad just reached a landmark decade about a week ago.  The moment definitely calls for real documentation. I wrote this song for him as a present. He is an idiosyncratic individual..far from typical.  His many ways don’t all seem to fit, but that’s just the point.  He really is an unusual individual. He can be described by a  bucket list of things.  For his song I chose his most interesting and diverse traits and put them together so when listening to the song you can sense his quirkiness and warmth. This song doesn’t tell it all though. There is way more. There probably isn’t a man more devoted to animals and their well-being. They are certainly as important to him as people. Here is the chorus I wrote from my perspective as his son: My dad is kind to all/Animals make him happy/Traveling to new places is important/He loves to throw things out/And to garden/His favorite two things/Are walking the dogs/And going to bed/Stubborn as all/But that is him/And that is my dad. And from Verse 1: My dad would say/Whatever you want to be/Doesn’t matter to me/As long as you’re happy/That took me a long way/To where I am today/And that is why/My dad is special to me/Because.. you can sense how he cares, watchful but encouraging independence. This was a hard song to write for me because there was a lot to consider worthy to sing about.  I wrote the song in C minor. Minor keys are interesting like my dad.  I felt the music needed to have an interesting sound and not be sentimental so I wrote a jazz chorus and jazz bridge incorporating some of Miles Davis’ unusual chords. The jazz is me.  I associated the jazz statements with lyrical music for the verses like music from a music box that I think my dad would like. I also wanted the music sound to remind of a walk along the Seine.  We all enjoyed doing that together.   There are waltz beats in the verses. The bridge has a soft patter style mixed in. The song is written from the perspective of the love of a son for his dad. Check it out at the top of this blog.  It is my father’s birthday present from me to honor his 70th. We celebrated him while visiting the Point Reyes Seashore and Muir Woods… he  enjoyed it. The place was pure him. As my blog ages I am receiving some wonderful replies and responses to my blog entries.  These recent remarks are very nice. “You’re intelligent. Your personal stuff is excellent” and from Deloras Archibald in the Eu, “You’ve done an incredible job. I definitely dig it.” My hair grew on my face after reading those lines.  Thank you, Enquita and Deloras! For your family and friends, spread the word about my music.  There is soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, and check out YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz to see me perform and record my songs and don’t forget my website where there’s lots more to see, listen to and learn and then something new, you can read my blog on my instagram site: @joshua_eli_kranz

For me sharing my music and my ideas with you is a joy and now an obligation as well.  When the month starts rolling by I know I have to get busy writing at the piano and putting my fingers to my computer keys to tell you about what I am thinking about and doing. I really like doing both and speaking with all of you:) It is amazing how my work has evolved from a tiny seed barely planted. First I was writing for one person now for a world of people.


Joshua Eli

March 26, 2017