What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? The desert calms and relaxes us…There Is No Sound Anywhere

For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

I have discovered something about myself the past few years: I love the desert during the winter and spring.  The desert is solemnly quiet and uncommonly gorgeous.  For me it is an important place to vacation, second only to my love for the mountains.  My dad’s parents used to visit the desert regularly.  I wonder if their appreciation for this environment was imbedded in their genes and I was passed some of them. There Is No Sound Anywhere is what I titled my new song in B minor.  There is a descending B chromatic structure to the chords in the right hand and the bass line jumps between minor and major depending on the direction I am playing. That technical music reality accounts for the feel of wonder and mystery the music projects.  While singing the song, I focus on the bass in my voice and hold out notes in many places to  embolden the mysterious and expansive nature of Death Valley.  The aura of this place doesn’t spotlight dying but adaptation and raw beauty.  Its animals, vegetation, rare pup fish, and inhabitants adjusted in the past and adjust now to the extremes and survive. The place is a testament to the beauty that can be created with the bare minimum and natural adaptations for survival. While in Death Valley I feel calm, my mind is relaxed, there is no sound, and my sleep feels magically restful. The night sky is spectacular.  Its scarce rain sprouts a colorful flower garden on its floor during its short spring.  So the 1st verse: While we’re walking/The desert calms and relaxes us/There is the quiet sky during the day/And the scarce rain that sometimes falls at night/When it’s clear/The stars shine bright/ When I sleep/I feel the calm/Relaxing my mind. And the chorus: Walking the dunes/And their soft piled sand/There is not a sound/But when the wind blows/Like a loud rush of sound going by/Then I am inside my calm protected place. And the bridge: The desert is full of extremes/Flash floods/And roads washed out/ Mountains erode/Then comes the spring/A wonderful season (davening).  When I sing and play this song, I feel the draw to return just in time for the wildflower bloom.  California has been fortunate this year to receive an abundance of rain, north to south. The drought is being pushed away. The majesty of Death Valley’s beauty is accentuated in March after becoming water-colored, and so I will be there.  When I leave DV  I take away the prescription that with a minimum of resources  and extreme patience, people flourish and become beautiful in their own natural way.  I feel encouragement to go back to my work so I can return to this place.  I think that is a good definition for the value of a vacation and a wonderful travel advertisement for this place.  Listen to There Is No Sound Anywhere  and try to imagine how peaceful it could be walking under a blue day sky or star lit night sky.  My dog Rose loves the song, joining in when I play it …singing along with me. Both of our dachshunds come with us to the desert. They fit in easily. We take them everywhere we travel. The song is put up at the top of this blog.  Thank you mimi.williams3 in Florida for liking and listening in rapid fire to On The Sunny Side Of The Street, Because I Can, I Broke Out And Broke Through, and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago.  From the song titles chosen, I am happy that those songs could provide support to begin again.  We are resilient creatures. Thank you to a.pagunsan05 in the Philippines for becoming a FAN after listening to Near To You Is What I Want.  You chose a beautiful song that should find its place in an independent film.  I’d like to hug Jackson Chavarria for saying yesterday my “blog makes men and women think.” We should talk over a vanilla latte one day.  A blog entry from Pokey just asked me to write about physics so he can pass his science class.  That is a non sequitur, but maybe not.  He likes how I write, so that is a nice compliment.  But I don’t think I could write well enough about physics so that you could pass your science course.  I am good at logical human stuff.  If you shoot me off a question about that, I will try to respond thoughtfully.  Don’t forget to share my website joshuaelimusic.com with your friends and listen to my music while on- the -go under Joshua Eli Kranz at soundcloud.com or check me out under Joshua Eli Kranz on YouTube.com to see me recording or performing my music and listen to me alongside my mentors on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name: Joshua Eli.

Thanks to each of you for reading this blog and/or listening to my music at the listening posts mentioned above.  Every time I hear from you, my day is  better!

I am going to try something new soon.  At present I do teach music the conventional way.   Using Amazon I will be giving piano and voice lessons via Skype so I can teach worldwide like my music is listened to via radioairplay.com ’round the world. If you are interested, coming soon, look for more information here and on my website, joshuaelimusic.com.

My thought: Stay close to music, you will be happier.


Joshua Eli

February 26, 2017

Sand Dunes, Death Valley, CA Winter 2017

PS.  Tonight is the Oscars. Support creative people because it is a hard but rewarding and absolutely necessary life and profession. We need creative people to speak the truth and keep our world sane. Few others will do it because of fear.  They (we) are brave.

Devil’s Cornfield, Death Valley, CA  Winter 2017