What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz LA Composer/Performer? This one is for my FANS.

For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

2017 is soon to be.  I am looking forward to it.  In fact, from what I hear a lot of people feel the same. My blog : What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz, LA Composer/Performer? is officially one year old.  During 2016 I officially became a composer/lyricist and recorded lots of music.  My expectations for 2017 are not different.  A second album of my music is almost written.  I will continue to do what allows me to express myself and contribute my ideas to the world buzz and my fans’ ears.  2017 will be the year I officially release my music and finish a script/libretto and perform my music in venues and in other ways for my fans to appreciate.  So They Light My Space is a new song that I wrote about some important people in my life: my FANS.  They are the people I want to make music for other than myself. They are my messengers so that others can hear my songs, too.   With them I feel important!  This song is my thank you card to you… summing up my thoughts and appreciation.  I wrote They Light My Space in D Major except for the bridge and post-verse; both of those I put in B Flat with a D Major resolve. The song is pop driven.  Specifically the chorus is upbeat with a driving beat. Here is the chorus: My audience pops up on my computer/From everywhere/Knowing them only by their screen name/They like and share my music/Propelling my name to/Find its fame/To give my voice and music a place/Most I’ll never meet face to face../Only my music and voice transfers to their ears/Yet they light my space. And the  bridge: I never know what people will appreciate/When I create music/It is a story of how I am/ So it’s real/My FANS sense that I am not different than them/So we move together on our shared journey. I am a little late publishing this entry because I have been battling a “hard cold” like Queen Elizabeth.  My voice is one side of croaking and I tire easily at this moment.  As soon as I’m better I will record some of the new song for you to taste. Visit joshuaelimusic.com to find out about me and listen to my music, tune into soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz to listen to my music on your mobile devices, watch me perform and record my music on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and also listen to me on radioairplay.com next to some of my mentors under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name. We need more than the world is offering to us right now.  We need to soften the punches and stand up for all we know is right.  Until the next time when I can share my music ideas with you and you can share back. PS: Tonight I listened to Meryl Streep quote from Carrie Fisher,  “Take a broken heart and make into art.”  I know what that means. My debut album is just that.  But I hope more than that, while listening to each of my songs that I consider artistic pop piano jazz, you should be able to image a painting of my face or the sculpted plaster of my form for that song and sense who I am and know what is in my mind, personal reflections, while the notes and chords are being played by me just for you.  Desertspringiris became my fan listening to my Misty, just a wonderful well-written jazz song loaded with meaning for me and for liking Any Part Would Be Enough.  Any Part… was written to be a 30th birthday present for a special person.  Then desertspringiris liked One Penny Is All I Need. That song says it all.  Jill Plunket-Johnson is fond of And Then You Were Gone.  Well, it does feel strange when someone you really care about leaves and you don’t want her to leave … you continue to dream about her and finally it is time to wake up.  Barbara Schultz has become a steady listener.  To the three of you who officially became my fans, thank you!

A Happy New Beginning for the New Year!  Stand tall and take off!  I hope I make you proud and enjoy what I can give you.  Look for this song.. soon.  My voice is starting to come back. I am putting the whole song up this time as a thank you to each of you. When it actually gets recorded in a professional recording studio it will sound even better.


Joshua Eli

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