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For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

This is turning out to be a year filled with sadness and challenges greater than I have encountered before.  My music writing inevitably is affected.  Our dog Rose is living with her challenges and overcoming them. Today would have been my Aunt J’s birthday.  She left this world 2 days before Thanksgiving, her favorite holiday,  Many of us have been affected to the depth of our soul by the results of the presidential election.  I have felt sad …affecting my desire to work. Taking my time this time I completed a song on the eve of my own birthday called The Sun In Our Hearts about how I feel about the current events and the need for Love To Trump Hate.  Here is the first verse: Everyone in this world needs to feel safe/Cared for and not afraid/Wherever we go and whomever we meet/We should be welcomed/Not turned away/By hateful actions of the misguided/We need to live feeling included/Not pushed out. And the chorus: Love does Trump hate/It is not too late for us all/With love barriers don’t stand/But fall away/Crushing evil/So the sun in our hearts can shine through everyday.  Once again, and not usual, I will put up the entire song for you to listen to at the top of this blog because the sentiment expressed in the lyrics is strong and relevant and can be cathartic. While rehearsing for the recording, Rose sensed its purpose and joined in.  The song is written in E minor and feels like something a minstrel could sing to tell his story and engage his audience to act.  It’s message is powerful and could also be sung as well with an orchestra.. Vocally there are lots of interesting variations and licks as the music is sung especially in the bridge.  While singing this song, I feel like I  am sipping something that is relieving the inner pain I feel… refueling  me with hope that we will all feel better as we begin to stand up again and work… backed by our love for those close to us and those we are familiar with who are not close…to overcome the sense of evil that seems to be engulfing our world.  I need to thank many people who inspire me to write the lyrics and the music for my songs.  This time it is Hillary Clinton and her values that moved me to write this song. She made me think a lot and despise the undeserved hate generated toward her.  I want to thank the more than 4000 listeners who have chosen to listen to my work.  I bow my head and bend my knees to Augustus Guerard for his comment, ” Keep up the excellent quality writing. It’s uncommon to see a nice webblog like this one today” and fawnhayworth for saying, “I really treasure your work…”Subumnin in Oregon became a FAN after listening to A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With, I Don’t Think I’ll Look At It The Same Way Again and Not An Ending After All. From the choice of his songs I’d say we both may have lived through a similar experience.  Music can help  the mind recover.  ildpazherry in Brazil also put FAN behind his name after listening to That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be.  The Simple Things For You And I brought itgetsbetter in Japan to me and he/she became a FAN.  It’s been quite a year to receive 4000 emotional presents.  Thank you.  You are my inspiration to continue to do what I do and to do it even better for you. Don’t forget that my music is on Soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz.  Ask your friends to check my music out.  Also, don’t forget to visit joshuaelimusic.com to read about me and there listen to my music, too.  You can also turn on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli and listen to my music next to some of my mentors.  Get involved and make this holiday season a productive and happy one for the ones you care about and all of America.

Sincerely with love,

Joshua Eli

December 7, 2016