What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz LA Composer/Performer? Getting Through The Day With Hope…


For your listening pleasure, it’s best to use earphones.

My Aunt J inspired me to write a song about her medical struggle and her life. Her life is a testimony for hope and kindness and decent values.  She loves this time of the year.  Thanksgiving is her thing.. loving to make pumpkin pie and a turkey and being at the family gathering.  She is struggling with leukemia for 1 3/4 years now.  It looks like she may be losing that struggle but she has handled the day to day routine of it with a dignity and optimism like most wouldn’t.  I never heard the familiar question from her mouth, Why me?  So here is the Bridge in the song I wrote for her: Hope is real good/ Gives her a reason to get up/ A very good medicine/That makes her feel/Like she is flying with people by her side/And the road is wide open. and the Chorus: Holding onto hope/And pushing forward/Is all she can do/When the news isn’t particularly good/Spending too much time/Thinking about it/Makes her feel sad/Through it all she gets through the day/With HOPE. I rushed this one to “the press” and copyrighted it because time is running out for her and I wanted people close to her to have something to hold onto for emotional support before she passes and so she might know through the spiritual airways how I feel about her. Not like usual, I have put up the entire song at the top of this blog. Maybe some of you have  a family member or a friend who is going through something similar and this song will provide you with an uplifting and hopeful musical beat to get you through your day.  It is written in  the key of  C major, and I describe it as introspective upbeat mild uptempo when I notate the sheet music.   People who are sick need to go to concerts or just get out and listen to music to feel better, too. Why not have this feel-good song on the music program? I want to thank Daisy Nenz in Kenya for becoming a FAN loving That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be.  That song was written to emphasize how to look at the meaning of beautiful in a positive non-competitive way.  Also, DesertSpringsIris in Nevada, an important 2016 presidential election state, became a FAN after listening to She’s Got A Way, a B J song about what it feels like to be loved.  Thank you both!  Thanks to Tyesha Gaither  in Texas for enjoying There Is No One I’d Rather Travel With But You, Because I Can, and On The Sunny Side Of The Street, all upbeat songs and lots of fun to perform.  Thank you to Adam Blayor in California for liking That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be and Misty, both really nice songs that live in the right place in the heart with music lovers. Ervin Tomczak said about my blog,” I’m very glad to see such great information being shared freely out there…” and from Greg Whittle, “This website offers quality.” Those comments are music in my ears!  Keep coming back and also tell your friends who like to read about how music is written and its backstories to visit joshuaelimusic.com to read my blog and while there also listen to my music and learn about me and while on the go under Joshua Eli Kranz listen to my music on soundcloud.com and watch me performing and recording my songs on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and listen to me while on the internet on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli.  I appreciate each of you for your interest in my music.  That interest contributes to making my days more worthwhile! Happy Halloween, too. I love that holiday!


Joshua Eli

October 30, 2016