What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? Why You Mean So Much To Me..

          It is always best to listen with earbuds to enjoy the music fully.


Why You Mean So Much To Me is the title of the new song I just finished. I have now written about two-thirds of the songs for my second album.  This song is one of them.  Having an important long-lasting friendship sustains me when it is not about going some place or needing anything but when my comfort level is absent or uneven and I just need a person to spill out my thoughts to or steer me back to a smoother or clear path.  So here is the Bridge: Being a TRUE friend isn’t easy/It takes trust, care, and honesty to make it work/She’s a person who will tell me how it is/Tough love can be hard to take/But a great friend will make that sacrifice/And not lead me some other way. I am thankful to know and have a few people like that.  The song is written in E flat major, a good key for my voice.  The introduction is written with chromatic chords and with sharp 9’s and flat 5’s. The pattern of the song is  2-5-1 chord progressions in E flat.  I’ve inverted 3 and 4 note chords and put the root in the bass.  There is no real bass line.  The chorus has a catchy strict melody, but the verses and the bridge employ vocal improv.  The outro sounds like a vocal sax line.  So this is a jazz song that maybe Buble might enjoy singing. Here is the chorus: You are my friend/I have never known anyone like you/Who makes me laugh as much as you do/You are a rock in my life/When I can’t find the right direction to go/You show me the way/I am thankful for you in my life everyday.  For me this song is a pleasure to sing because I love jazz, and I like singing about good people who give so much to me.  Because of that I was able to write down the lyrics in 1 hour..an easy write.   The bridge, chorus and outro are at the top of this blog. It is time once again to thank 20_breanna.rings for being a constant fan of my music!  This time she has singled out  Near To You Is What I Want, Because I Can, and One Penny Is All I Need.  Each of those songs was a significant comment on my life at the time each was written.  Breanna, I see those thoughts resonate with you, too.  Also, Barbara Schultz in New Jersey, another of my loyal fans,  put her hands together for A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With and I Broke Out And Broke Through.  The first is the song which expresses how I grew up.. but not fast enough, and the second is about what I discovered in myself after that.  Ayumi Kato Alvarez in Japan enjoys Work Moves Me On.  A lot of people like that song.  It took lots of time to write that song right. Every time I listen to it again, I realize the honesty and truth built into the lyrics.  I suppose that’s what appeals in addition to the catchiness of the melody.  Also, Clarence Tiegs thinks the audio quality of the songs on my website is ‘really marvelous’ and likes the ‘ nice quality (blog) writing.’ Greg Sorlie of California ‘loves the knowledge presented in the blog on my website.’  It really can’t get any better than people I don’t know liking what I do and coming back again and again.  Topping that would be meeting all of you at a gig so we can speak face to face.  Please keep reading my blog and ask your friends who enjoy reading about how music is written to stop by.  Also, you can read a lot about me at joshuaelimusic.com, see me record and perform my music on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, and listen to me while on the go on soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, and hear me coupled with other music artists at radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name of Joshua Eli.  There isn’t a day when music doesn’t add to my day.  I hope my music adds to your day! I will always welcome your song ideas.  It is an honor to have almost 4000 people listening to my music and I still haven’t released my first album officially. Congratulations to Bob Dylan. He has elevated music and lyric writing to the Nobel Prize level. Just awesome for all song writers to have their words honored by association!

Thank you to each of you who have stopped by to read and hear what I have to say about the music I write.


Joshua Eli

October 14, 2016