What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? Rose…With Her, Loneliness Is Far Away.



I felt like crying and at the same time felt appreciative for a lot the past couple of weeks.  My dog Rose had a serious surgery for the second time in one year.  Of course I have been worried, but also appreciative for the competent emergency staff and veterinarians and the medicines that are making her well again.  When something that is precious to me is threatened and the prospect of loss is imminent, it sure made me think of all that is really important. It was hard to work but I did.. to fill the time when I was worrying and didn’t know how everything was going to work out. I wrote a song about my dog: ROSE… With Her, Lonliness Is Far Away.  The song is a ballad in G Major.  Rose’s song is a mellow pop song like Life Should Be Simple in Bark Its chord structure was constructed using inversions built from 2-5-1 variations of the scale with attention to giving the melody a pop theme sound in both hands.  It is definitely not jazz. It has the sound of a love song because it is.  It is about my love for our Rose. This song could find its way to the closing credits of a Disney film some day. Here is the chorus: Rose is my special dog/ She is my spark/That makes sad times seem less dark/She is warm and soft and sits right next to me/ With her…lonliness is far away. And the bridge: Rose makes me smile/She is gentle with a so-cute look/Rose speaks with her eyes/So I can see her love. And the outro: Rose is wonderful / After being with her/My life isn’t the same. It felt good to write down in words and music how I felt because it was soothing.. like talking to a good friend or relative who understands me and how I feel about such things. It definitely felt like therapy. Today Rose seems to be on the road to recovery and I am very happy about it.  Lots of people are appreciating my music and my blog which tells my musical stories.  It is wonderful they are making a point of telling me.  I am grateful. 20_breannarings, in the important election state of Ohio, has become a very devoted and regular fan of my music and I am most appreciative! Thomas Vargas says “the clarity of my posts is spectacular.” Mellarocca says regarding my blog “your writing taste has amazed me.”  How about this from Charisulm: “The overall look of your website is magnificent, let alone the content!”  And from Ann Canter, “This is the type of article meant to be shared across the net.” All are extremely nice comments. Thank you all!  Please keep reading my blog and listening to my music and learning more about me at joshuaelimusic.com or listen to my music on soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or watch my performance and recording studio videos on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or listen to my music on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli.  Please share my blog with your friends who enjoy music and reading about the backstory of composing, writing lyrics, and performing.  You can listen above to a sound byte from my new song.  It is always best to use ear phones.

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Until the next time… sincerely,

Joshua Eli

September 17, 2016