What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz LA Composer/Performer? …featuring Much More Than The Finish LIne

DSC_0757croppedAn act of kindness during the Rio Olympic Games inspired me to write a song. It involved an American runner and a runner from New Zealand, both women, who collided during a distance race.  The injured one prodding the other one saying, “Come on, get up.  This is the Olympic Games.  We have to finish this.” Both eventually crossed the finish line, but felt immeasurably inspired by the other. They didn’t end up winning medals, but both ended up winning big in another way. They had never met before that moment.  It is not too often this sort of kindness is felt by anyone, so I wrote Much More Than The Finish Line.  What our world would feel like to live in and how racial and social and financial tensions could be so much less if we were all “trained” to look beyond ourselves and care more. After writing the chorus I realized its huge meaning. When you help someone restart/That feeling transcends/Everything/Knowing that you are doing your part/Reminds us of what makes us human. Also, here’s verse 2: She fell to get back up again/Our nature is to make mistakes/Over and over/How to improve what we do?/Can she succeed?/Show her compassion/So she doesn’t feel alone/But important. We all have been there.  It also seems especially appropriate that the story is about 2 women.  Women embracing their burgeoning equality status pushed this Olympics into new territory for the USA.  So for women their time in the sun really started in the 60’s and is blazing in 2016. There may even be a US woman president coming down the pike.  I wrote the song so you can feel the sense of running and set it down in F Major. The music uses the 3rd, 5th, and 7th notes of the scale in 8th notes and goes up and down in half and whole steps while featuring a music pattern and good feel.  I will use a drummer on a high hat for this piece.  I have to thank the many of you who are reading my blog and saying such nice things like Roseanna Faerber: “The blog couldn’t be written much better,”  and from Juliann Horsely: ” Very rapidly this site will be famous amid all blogging and site-building people due to its fastidious content.” Wow. Those comments mean a lot because my blog is about my thoughts and how I build on them to write lyrics and music. And from humberto.ngabidj, “You got a very superb website.” How nice to read!   Also, thank you to Sapphire Steele in Indiana who became my fan after listening to That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be.  Well, there is a lot of ways to see beauty in this world.  The nicest way is to experience it through someone’s beautiful soul. 20_breanna.rings became my fan liking that same song, too and also liking There Is No One I Would Rather Travel With Than You.  Finding a partner for a lifetime is probably one of the the most difficult wishes to come true.. it means that you are the forever center of someone’s world because they want it that way! Very NICE. So keep coming and send your friends with a love interest in music my way so they can join in a dialog with me on this blog site or go to joshuaelimusic.com to listen to my music and learn more about me or start listening to my music at soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz on your mobile device or watch me perform my music on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or tune me in on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli where you can hear that my music finds a home with music from other performers and composers.  I have lots to think about and write about and share with you about.. like my early childhood idol Fred Rogers always used to say.  Well, it’s true now, just like then.  Could that really be between me and YOU? …that I can become a trusted musical friend whose music you look forward to listening to and sharing.


Joshua Eli

August 30, 2016