What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz LA Composer/Performer? It’s Good To Have Some Good Times And Experience Carole King


It’s Good To Have Some Good Times…Just the chorus

To fully appreciate my music, I suggest using earphones for your listening pleasure.

DSC_0757croppedHow about Venice Beach and the ocean and the cool breeze and getting out of the house on a very hot day and not driving but taking the new Expo extension and taking a walk the rest of the way and it being Father’s Day and lots of happy people and a meal and ice cream and the festive feeling at the Expo station again and the ride home on the train filled with people who were happy and having a good time. So I am writing a song called It’s Good To Have Some Good Times. From the chorus: It’s good to have some good times/ They keep us young/And looking ahead/Feeling like it’s good to be alive/And life is looking up… I saw the Carole King musical Beautiful last night.  I enjoyed it a lot and so did the rest of the audience!  It’s the story of Carole King, the songwriter for awhile collaborating with her husband, and finally later in her career, writing solo about her own life experiences and performing her songs.  I found lots to relate to that applies to my work and my life, sort of watching a bit of my life on stage. Because of that, it felt even a little uncomfortable. That is probably why the show along with the music was so good…it felt so real and true.  I recorded Carole King’s Will You Love Me Tomorrow a while back because I felt like I needed to. You can listen to my recording of that song on my website and elsewhere as listed below. I wrote the music for It’s Good To Have Some Good Times before I saw the show, but I’m doing some fine tuning regarding the music since attending the show.  Hopefully, I will get the music completed by this evening and be able to share more of the details. …Yes, I did finish it now. I wrote it in the key of D Major in smooth jazz and started verse 1 with a conundrum about the forest and a short interlude to get the listener thinking.  The song is built using 10 different chords.  The chorus has a syncopated line. I am putting up the chorus without the syncopation at the top of this blog.  I think Carole King did influence the final sound along with Antonio Carlos Jobim and his song Wave. I want to thank Susie Soriano from Duarte and Goldman Records for enjoying Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You and A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With. Both songs were personal statements.  Both of those songs say a lot about the choices we have and decisions we make.  I now have close to 3000 devoted listeners to my music.  That is great for someone new at this! I had a short set back with a summer cold the past week.  Now I finally am back at the piano writing.  Actually, though my cold was not pleasant, it gave my brain a little down time which I think was beneficial.  Vacations, even health “vacations,” are important and do improve my productivity in the scheme of things.  Please listen to my music and find out more about me on joshuaelimusic.com or listen to my songs on soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or maybe listen to my songs on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, and why not see me record or perform my songs on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz.  Also, I would be pleased if you tell your music friends about my blog, joshuaelimusic.com/blog, where I discuss the backstory and musical details concerning the songs I write.  So far the summer weather has been pleasant.  I hope it is the same where you are.  A very Happy Birthday to those of you who are having a birthday this month! Getting older usually comes with getting wiser.. understanding more.  I hope all of you having birthdays are so blessed.   Becoming wiser and more understanding is a wonderful birthday gift to propel all of us further forward in a positive way!


Joshua Eli

July 14, 2016

After finishing this blog I learned about the massacre in Nice.  It’s hard to understand what motivates someone to destroy the Good Times of others!