What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz? Composer/Performer in L.A? 2 songs: Sharing Photographs And Popping The Question…All In One Day.

DSC_0757croppedSharing Through My Camera Lens is the song I have been working on and just finished.  It is in A flat. The Outro sums up my point of view for the song: A photograph tells so much about who we are/ Sharing what I see through my camera lens.  A few lines in the lyrics I especially like: Our pictures express/ How we feel about what we see./ Through my camera I do have control of that. Today with digital photography and especially cell phone photography,  sharing photos takes on the quality of a language. The melody for Sharing Through My Camera Lens is bright and illuminating. It has a similar feel to Gliding in Ragtime. The song along with its lyrics was meant to leave you with the pleasurable value of holding thoughtfully taken photographs in your hands and remembering .  At about the same time I was finishing My Camera Lens song I watched a news story on the internet both funny and charming that inspired me to write a song about a surprise.  Their surprise was about having a baby. Mine was another kind of surprise. It was so easy to write.  I call it The Big Surprise.  It is about popping the big question.  So this song tells how I imagine it could happen.  There it was like a shot in the dark/ Something so special/ That I couldn’t hold it in…While I hid that big smile on my face/ Then a lightbulb went off in your head…/Today was the day you’d …been waiting for/That big surprise. The melody has the allure  and gentle beat like that in Somewhere That’s Green. So far it is in C Major.  It will take a while for me to work up both songs to where I think that they are ready for the recording studio. So now I know what I will be doing this week in addition to preparing for my next recording session that should complete my 1st album. Once again I want to thank Cathy Vitura St. Angelo from Nevada for listening to my music and demonstrating your huge loyalty and the same to JKriederKrieder. Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You is such a perfect line to follow for us all; I am pleased JKrieder you chose that song as one of the songs you chose to listen to. Also, thank you Clarice Oclime in Washington for listening to Misty and You Are Beautiful And I Want You To Be.  Misty is a beautiful song that inspired me in many ways many times. To my new blog readers: Fighting season in Toronto, Goodgirl PR in LA, drn.stn in China, sasab8sara in Germany, Josesandovall in Dallas, TX, zimfanpage, Antonio Cirillo in Niagra Falls, and carriedaway in Toronto, thank you for your interest in my musical thoughts, ways and feelings.  I would be living in a vacuum with no fresh air if not for all of you who come to visit bringing in lots of fresh air so I can breathe comfortably and write down and compose music that feels new and good for me.  Just a reminder you can listen to my music at joshuaelimusic.com or on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel on soundcloud.com or watch me record my music on the Joshua Eli Kranz channel on YouTube.com and listen to my songs on radioairplay.com on the Joshua Eli channel,  Joshua Eli is my preferred performance name.

With appreciation for all of you,

Joshua Eli

April 8, 2016