Breaking Out And Breaking Through

I am almost ready to record 4 new songs and a new cover song that I heard  in the Louis Prima/Keely Smith show at the Geffen Theatre last week.  I will put my own take on that song: a slightly different arrangement of the melody, speed it up, and do some fast and hot piano improv with some vocal scats.  The new songs speak of many things about myself which many may identify with.  One has a Latin feel with self-searching, another talks about me and my new mindset…speaking of my new found vocation writing and performing MY WAY and in my time, another called Because I Can speaks of pushing myself outward and forward pushing away any negative thoughts, and the last in this recording set indicates that last little bit of holding power a past relationship has on me.  One is slow and dramatic, one inspires, one has a pop feel, and one feels like me being sassy.  So with these songs I Broke Out And Broke Through… actually a line from one of the four songs.  I see progress in what I am writing. With these new songs I am getting better saying what I need to say; however, it often takes a while getting there.  I think that is probably how it should be.  Work shouldn’t be easy but pay off.  The keys of the new songs are B flat minor, G, B flat, and B flat.  So this time around B flat seems to be my vehicle of expression.  I will be making prelim recordings in my new home studio outfitted with mics and equipment, even booms, that I am proud to have and use!  I look forward to the SOUND.  The new songs will soon be added to my website,,, and listened to on via after their final recording in a sound studio.  For and access my channel under Joshua Eli Kranz and on look for me under Joshua Eli, my preferred recording artist name for 2016!  Keep listening and write back to me with ideas.  Music sustains me!  How about you?

Joshua Eli

January 16, 2016