An uphill trail ending in a small unanticipated meadow

I want to say thanks to William in Thailand, Lania in Indonesia, and Low in Ireland and Terry in Berlin who are fans of my music!  Keep listening.  It sure makes me feel good to know that you like what I’m writing and recording.  The past few days I have been laboring over a song in which I finally say good-bye to something emotional and hope that a new day is coming.  It was real labor to get the lyrics to say what I mean.  Writing the music was hard for this song because it needs to have a special sound with some optimism built in…sort of like taking a steep uphill trail and finally ending in a small unanticipated meadow. Tomorrow is the day I hope to be satisfied with the end product….  Well, it is finished and the sound became Latin with a touch of Italian just the kind of song you could use in a Bertolucci film when two people involved part and go their own way.  Singing the song with the appropriate lyrics was the right antidote to complete my emotional journey so I could move forward.  The title is I Should’ve Said Good-bye Long Ago.  Someone close to me has been encouraging me to write a song with an Italian feel.  I had no idea it would be this song.  When you get to listen to it you will understand.  I will January 12 to be a happy day!

Joshua Eli

January 11, 2016