Taking A New Direction

Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to good things for all in 2016’s 365 days. I especially wish that 2016 will be a good year for Rose, our mini-dachshund.  She has a serious health issue and will be having surgery soon. Late last night I finished writing a song tentatively called Taking A New Direction. It seems the right thing to write about on December 31.  A line in the song is The rush and feeling of being free.  I think it won’t be too long before I finish writing and feel I have the right songs for my album. Then I can test them out in public and listen to what people have to say about my music and lyrics and performance. For the songs recorded up ’til now you can listen to them on my website: joshuaelimusic.com, soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, and radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my updated performance name.  I always enjoy hearing from you, my readers.  Write me and tell me what you think after listening to my songs.

Joshua Eli

January 1, 2016