What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz, LA Composer/Performer: The end of a musical year!

2015 will be a year I will remember as significant because I wrote some very good music and lyrics to my ear.  I discovered the depth of my abilities to compose music and, to my surprise, my ability to put my thoughts in words down on paper to be sung to that music.  Once my confidence built after writing my first significant song of the year, Near To You Is What I Want,  the dam was unleashed and I kept on writing and composing so that today I have a significant collection of music copyrighted under my name,  recorded or soon to be recorded, and an album release in the works: Joshua Eli…In His Element.

There is nothing like discovering something new and valued in yourself and being able to share it with others.  My music has been up on my website: joshuaelimusic.com and soundcloud.com and YouTube.com under by name Joshua Eli Kranz, but the new feeling of knowing that my music is being listened to in many countries of the world is an astounding feeling as well.  You can also listen to me and my music around the world on radioairplay.com.  People I will never meet are “communicating” with me and understanding how I feel through my music.

Joshua Eli

December 29, 2015




Hi, my first post on: What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz, LA composer/performer?

This is an exciting time for me.  I am writing songs for my new album Joshua Eli…In His Element.  I am the composer/lyricist for all the songs except for the 3 covers.  The 3 covers chosen to be included with my songs were selected for their content and to demonstrate how I fit in with the music scene and its composers/performers. The 3 covers were written by Erroll Garner, Carole King and Billy Joel.  I sing and play all the songs on piano but will add another instrumentalist in the near future.I am very good at improvising and stylizing on piano and with my voice.  I have a rich baritone voice.  I also have a comedic side.  My lyrics are interesting and based on my experiences.  The music on Joshua Eli…In His Element follows an emotional journey with a girl I met and lost and how it felt along the way.  I still don’t know completely where it is all going on her account and where that relationship is taking me with my music. Try listening to me and my music.  The music I write is beautiful, interesting, and enjoyable to spend some personal time listening to.  My strength on piano is jazz but as you will hear I can sing and play piano in many genres.  I am impressed that I can write down my feelings so accurately in my music and words. I have my music up on soundcloud.com  under Joshua Eli Kranz, on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli (my preferred professional name) and on my website joshuaelimusic.com where you can also read about me and see what I look like and what I have done and am doing.  Also, on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz you can see me at Clear Lake Recording Studios recording my music.  I look forward to speaking to my new and old friends about composing music/ lyrics and its rewards and challenging moments.  For the first time I really feel in control of what I am doing.  I enjoy that feeling.  I hope you have a nice New Year.  I just finished writing a couple of songs.  My New Year’s wish is to produce the best album I can and for my new and old friends to enjoy listening to what I can do.  Once my album is complete I will be performing my music in LA.  Then we can actually meet and talk music.

Joshua Eli

December 27, 2015