What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz, L.A. Composer/Performer? Let’s Do It Together

A Little Autobiography Under The Picture  a human interest feature to be continued..

I have been playing violin for at little more than 17 years.  I enjoy playing jazz on violin.  It was my Dad’s instrument that he gifted to me. I have a good ear for music (and so does my Dad) and was able to pick up the violin fast.  Because of the encouragement of my vocal coach, CW, and Helen Crosby, my violin teacher, I played the violin while playing Schlomo in an Equity production of  Fame with less than a year of experience on the violin at the time.  I remember being nervous and practicing a whole lot.     je


On July 25  Senator John McCain spoke in the Senate.  He said, “We’re getting nothing done.”  His statement was totally accurate and led to his courageous NO vote on the  repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  On July 26 that statement hit between my eyes.  My family and I were working together on a longterm project that needed to get done yesterday.  At that moment and working together unleashed a strong feeling of what it takes to get things done…  And I was reminded of the many many times that we worked together and with others to get to my present musical place. Joining together is really important and illustrates how interdependent we are to create our successes.  …And when things get done better than anyone hoped how we share a euphoria seeing that successful trip  ‘lit by the stars.’  So the name of the song I wrote is called Let’s Do It Together. It refers to so many things..almost everything. Success comes from believing in something or someone and putting in the work together to let it all happen.  I wrote Let’s Do It Together in key of C major in Funk in the style of a clean James Brown emphasizing C major 9s and Flat 5s throughout.  It uses dirty/sloppy runs in the right hand between verses so I sing the song sloppy and fun.  As each verse rolls in, the music builds a bit.  For each chorus I chose a different melody. That makes the music feel like it is going somewhere.  At the end of the bridge my voice mimics a big trumpet blast because of the ‘send off toward Mars’.  From some sloppy trial and error and while having some fun, the song blew out.  I got some inspiration while listening to Andra Day sing at Hollywood Bowl jazz night on a beautiful evening a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to take that kind of sound she was singing and use it.  The lyrics for Let’s Do It Together were already written at that time and I was searching for the right music to express them.  Andra handed me an idea at that concert. I have written many songs in the past few years. None of them has a music sound like this song. The song definitely has some sound influences from The Plant, a character voice in Little Shop Of Horrors. Unquestionably Sanne in the Netherlands makes me happy each day.  She is totally devoted to my music and shows it.  I personally invite you Sanne to come to the USA when my album is released so we can meet and you can hear my album music performed live. There will be a signed album with your name on it, too.   Also, thank you, Jimmy Jordan in DC.  You enjoyed Near To You Is What I Want, Misty, and Sounds All Around.  I am pleased by those songs too! Thank you!  Lerhonda14 from Illinois really liked Hello and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be. That Makes You Beautiful… continues to be a favorite of my listener fans.  Hello turned out to be a ground-breaking piece for me.  Every time I listen to it I relive the moment when it was written.  It was easy to write ( I wrote it with minor revisions in just a few hours), but it is always hard to perform. Check out joshuaelimusic.com (my website), SoundCloud.com, radioairplay.com, Tumblr.com, and YouTube.com to hear my music or just to check me out and what’s happening.  Tell your friends and family, too, who are interested in how music is composed on a personal and technical level to read my blog.  Let’s Do It Together is at the top of this blog.  It is loaded with meaning.  Use your earphones and listen to it.  I’d like you to.

Sincerely…Be musically happy…I can be a part of that!

Joshua Eli

August 5, 2017




What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? Guided By A Moonbeam


Guided By A Moonbeam.  It is a song about simplifying and focusing on what is really important. Interesting..it wasn’t a simple song to write both lyric-wise and from a melodic point of view because I just couldn’t get it simple enough to speak to the essence of what I wanted to write a song about.  I tested several melodies before choosing the right one. The lyrics also needed several re-writes to make them as simple, direct and honest as possible.  Then when it came to putting it down in my home studio, it took me several days to phrase the lyrics simply with a clear, simple, direct and honest feeling .  Ironically a song about simplifying just wasn’t simple to accomplish.  To get to the essence of what is important for me took work to weed through ideas discarding what can be considered frivolous finally arriving at what is important and meant.   Well, not a surprising discovery, the simplest and most important thing to need and have is the right person to live next to and share with and enjoy with and love.  Being guided by a moonbeam is what happens when we dream…so we can step into a world where everything can be better. Our dreams can provide us with signposts to guide us where we need to go.  Guided By A Moonbeam sits in the key of C major. A 12 note motif in the right hand is repeated throughout giving the melody a nice upbeat sound.. like water skipping over the rocks in a mountain stream.  The vocals for the verses use a lot of my low vocal range with each verse ending with a bigger high note. The result is a warmer and inviting sound leading to a realization that is appropriate to the intent of the song. The lyrics should cause someone to think. The song resolves with a feeling of calm like when you feel that you figured something out. Sanne_meisjjvanderdriff impresses me with how devoted she is to listening to my music.  The last song title she listened to this time could express my appreciation for her. That song is titled: I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me.  This time she also listened to And Then You Were Gone. It is a favorite of mine because of its jazz construction and because of what I was thinking while writing it. It was the first time I used “void” to express how I felt and it fit. Sanne, your loyalty is what all people need: devoted and appreciative listeners. When you are out listen to my music on your phone on SoundCloud.com or on your other internet devices listen to my music on my website joshuaelimusic.com where you can also catch up and read all the entries in my blog using the link on the second part of the Home page (many of the blog entries contain songs I have written)  or check out radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli where I am paired with some music artists who have influenced me or catch me on vimeo.com/joshuaeli.  Also, don’t forget YouTube.com to see me while recording my music and in performances.

Listen to Guided By A Moonbeam that you will find at the top of this blog entry. The past month was a busy one..I have been writing a lot. It is interesting what happened when I took time away from my work.  I came back with more energy and experiences which spawned ideas.  For me two weeks away from my work was a good prescription. Most of the writing for my second album is now complete.  I will be going back to the recording studio soon… and also releasing my first album and first music video.

I appreciate each of you who come over to read my blog and listen to the music I write and perform.  A piece of good advice from me: Take a deserved vacation and while doing that don’t forget to take my music with you!  I hope you feel wonderful when you come back.


Joshua Eli

July 23, 2017

The picture above was taken at the Tablelands region in Gros Morne National Park in western Newfoundland.  It is an awesome place… one of two handfuls of rare areas on our Earth where rock from the Earth’s mantle is exposed absent the Earth’s crust. It was windy and cold on that hike …just my kind of place and thing to do! Pure and simple beauty…





What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz Composer/Performer? If we live, there are stories to tell and songs to write about those stories.



Feeling alone and insecure and afraid happens.. sometimes for a short time.. sometimes for a longer time.  I have lived through my share of those times hoping the storm will calm and I will come away figuring things out.  Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme spoke recently in a commencement address about the importance of difficult moments.  His comment was that we need them. My life could never be characterized an easy ride. When the unexpected happens, and it seems to, that is the time for adjusting to and thinking things through.. thankfully with the support of those around me.  So my life is filled with stories to tell and therefore songs to write. The song I wrote and included in this blog is titled That Is All I Ever Need.  It is about how unsettling feelings are pushed away when love becomes real and turns important. There is calm and a real deep feeling of security when discovering true lasting love.  That Is All I Ever Need borders on being sung poetry…lots of words that are key to picturing the truth that is painted in 5 minutes and 9 seconds.  I wrote the music in C major. The music is minimal and sparse to emphasize its poetic story.  Please enjoy listening to the song at the top of this blog.  If we live, there are stories to tell and songs to write about those stories.  I am thankful to all of you my blog readers for coming by and spreading word of who I am: a composer, writer and performer, and what I write and perform.  Please keep coming and listen to my work at joshuaelimusic.com, SoundCloud.com, radioairplay.com, and YouTube.com.  Also look in at vimeo.com/joshuaeli. Thank you jmhunhollywood who heard this track before I published it.  He told me he liked “the strong chorus and the song reminded him of the quality of  Jonathon Larson’s Rent.”  Nice comment.  Sanne_meisff van der driff in the Netherlands enjoyed my arrangement of Will You Love Me Tomorrow and I Don’t Think I’ll Look At The Same Way Again  and  Misty and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be. Those are an interesting combination of songs.  Each one has a special meaning attached to it for me.  Lerhonda14 in Illinois listened to Hello and That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be. Thank you!!  I felt that I constructed those songs well.  Both have a significant backstory for me.  Hello was written in one writing session.  I also recorded it with only one take. My brother came through his surgery remarkably well, so Independence Day was a day to celebrate.. double. There are a couple of birthdays coming up.  Happy birthday to each of you. I hope each of you are able to find fresh air and a strong tail wind for those things important for each of you in the coming year!


Joshua Eli

July 8, 2017

Happy Birthday! It’s a boysenberry pie made from the berries grown at my home.  Notice the eyes and mouth on the pie like the man in the mountain in New Hampshire saying Happy Birthday to you.


What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/ Performer? It’ll Be OK and A Place You Never Want To Leave

Ready to eat in the dining room at Battle Harbour.


We all have special and important people in our life.  A significant part of my next album will have songs about lots of special people. Many of those songs may catch your ear and trigger your brain when similarities pop. Several people have influenced in a big way the way I am.  There is someone I haven’t written about yet who rests at the top of my mountain.  My newest song is titled, It’ll Be OK The song doesn’t mention her by name until the very last. That is because she is always there for me in that unsung never forgettable role and doesn’t crave recognition. She is my good luck and is unwavering in her devotion to what I do.  I always know where she is…not far away.  She is imaginative and creative, has a knack for words in the English language, enjoys writing, and draws me toward places I need to see and probably wouldn’t have discovered on my own just like I do similarly for her.  Her interests include things that are antique and old while walking in the world of traditional values. Her optimism should become legendary. Her insight is worth listening to.  We discuss and plan lots of things both personal and worldly.  The lyrics are a simile about a lady bug. Lady bugs  are special members of the kingdom of insects. They protect their world by digesting menacing insects that are harmful.  They are full of color, are fun to have walk on your hand and arm, and are legendary in the luck they can bring. Their very being contributes to happiness. My special person is my very own lady bug.

The first verse: A lady bug/Sits on my shoulder/Knowing me like no other/Wise through the years/With her  my  fears  fly  away/So I walk in the sun

I just returned from a trip to Labrador where I took in one of the world’s unspoiled places and met the most hospitable people ever and listened to them sing their music. They are just plain kind, friendly and thoughtful.  Labrador is cellular and internet remote. After I quickly adjusted to the reality, I hiked, enjoyed living around icebergs, ate Labrador home cooked meals 3 times a day, took pictures, slept like I had never before, talked to people from an historic culture, taught myself to play a 200 year old Harmonium pump organ in its church, St. James the Apostle Church, whose doors are always open for me and anyone to wander in 24/7 on Battle Harbour, and then wrote some music to honor the place, Labrador and its people. I met a rock musician from Quebec who wandered in when I was composing on the Harmonium and liked what he heard.  In the evening with a grand picture- window view over the harbour with its temporary resident icebergs and logs burning in the stove to warm the space located over the site’s kitchen and dining space, I introduced to the Canadian guests in Battle Harbour some of the music from my up-coming album. Their enthusiasm was exciting. Before arriving I knew no one there. Now there are people who have met me and listened to my music in person in Canada. This music experience in Canada was very encouraging and  felt wonderful.

I have been working on several songs.  The lady bug song I finished just before leaving for Labrador.  I wrote it in the key of E flat major.  It has a happy feel with syncopated rhythms off the beat throughout the verses..and especially in the chorus.  The bridge uses some back phrasing. The lyrics drive the song with the music serving as its foundation and background.  I have also included several piano fills.  The style is a cross between jazz and pop which I knew would please my mom.  I could see this song being used on Julie Andrew’s Julie’s Green Room for the subject matter and because I’ve built the lyrics around a lady bug theme. Regarding Battle Harbour and Labrador I’ve written a song titled A Place You Never Want To Leave. Each time I play and sing the song, I’m transported back there again to enjoy its pleasures…its welcoming and super-friendly people and their true stories, the home-cooked meals we ate together, the hills and vegetation, the clean air, the wind and icebergs and cloud formations, its historical old buildings, the 21 hours of  daylight, the way it looks, the island it is, and the boat ride over and back, but most of all an intense feeling of happiness while there sharing a place with people devoid of material longings. We never wanted to leave.  That is the reason for the title and the love I built into the song. The Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador are influenced by people from mostly Ireland but also Scotland who over the years migrated there to work in the salt cod industry.  The music I wrote feels that influence and the storytelling nature of its people and their origins. Listen to the two songs It’ll Be OK and A Place You Never Want To Leave.  Both songs are super-important for me and sit at the foundation of whom I am.  Both after recording in a studio will be on my second album.  I recorded using my smart phone the sounds of the Harmonium organ while I was playing on it to compose.  It was wonderful to have such an instrument available for my own to use in such an extraordinary place. Some of that 200 year old music sound will accompany A Place You Never Want To Leave that I wrote in the key of D major. For now you can hear me composing in the church in Battle Harbour.  It’s the third recording at the top of this blog. When I listen to A Place You Never Want To Leave I feel like I am in the small boat taking me back to that place.  Just outside the church a grey arctic fox sat while I was inside using the Harmonium.

The chorus: There’s a place/You never want to leave/Seems almost perfect/When you see it/Its people are pure salt and gold/This place is in the north/Born of the sea.

When I returned home mdearing from Colorado became my fan after listening to I Don’t Think I’ll Look At It The Same Way Again. I understand, too,  exactly what that feels like. Don’t forget to learn about me and listen to my music on my website joshuaelimusic.com, watch me perform and record my music on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, while on the go listen to my music on SoundCloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, using the internet listen to my music paired with my mentors on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli and check out vimeo.com/joshuaeli to see a video of Do You Wanna Dance.  Please share all of the above and this blog with your friends and family who enjoy knowing the intricacies of music and its backstory. Since returning home I feel FIRED UP AND READY TO GO, using President Obama’s expression.  That is the value of a true vacation.

The coming week will see Canada turn 150, the USA will turn almost 100 years older than that and my brother will have major fusion surgery on his spine.  I am pulling for Jeremy and hopeful that our family will be able to celebrate the success of his surgery in parallel with the celebration of the birth of 2 wonderful nations!! Amen.


Joshua Eli

June 23, 2017      also Happy 1/2 Birthday 🙂



Daphne, Jennette, Myrtle, and Peter
Ted and Tony

What’s up with Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? Irresistible So You Are



For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

Art galleries are very nice places.  There we see the world through a thousand artists’ eyes.  Some art pushes how we feel and some art seems just the piece we came to see.  A  woman in a painting at the Crocker Art Museum seemed to call me to stop and have a conversation with her. Before long my mind raced forward and I was writing lyrics about her on a museum leaflet. It was one of those moments where the words just spilled out.  I was ripe for it and it felt good.  My planned task that day was to to put together some ideas for writing a song about the perfect day. But at that moment a song about that interesting woman who captured my eyes materialized.  Writing a song about Her happily filled my afternoon. So here it goes. The first verse: What you are?/ My heart/ Quickens when our eyes meet/ Your being kind/Warms everyone/The glowing aurora/Is YOU/Everyone feels your presence/Anytime you’re near/IRRESISTIBLE so you are.  And the chorus: You walk with your head high/And don’t trip over your feet/You define confidence/Inspiring those you meet/Sensitive you are/In just the best way.  That woman in that painting became my blind date and filled my life with joy for the few hours I spent at the museum.   I walked into a warm museum while it was raining outside; I left  when the museum closed and it was still raining.  I love the rain. So the day was really a perfect one.

While writing my music I often use inverted chords.  This time I followed a suggestion to use a similar method while writing the lyrics.  You will find several inverted sentences throughout the song lyrics.  I think it contributed to a romantic-like feel that we often sense about the positive unknown. The first verse has ‘IRRESISTIBLE so you are’. The chorus throughout has ‘Sensitive you are’. The music is in the key of A major and definitely has some classical elements because She is not a modern woman. She was reaching out to me from a time gone by.  She in all ways is A Piece Of Art really and figuratively. The song builds along with Her emotional values as each are described. The lyrics do not describe her physically but nonetheless give a very accurate sense of what it would feel like to be with her: the essence of the impact of Her being a wonderful human being and Her affect on me. This song could have been written for the film Me Before You.  It could have also found its way onto my first album to be released Joshua Eli …In His Element or in Alan Menken’s Beauty And The Beast. Please listen to the song about that interesting woman called A Piece Of Art uploaded at the the top of this blog. Thank you, caiciesmith, for becoming a Fan twice for enjoying Near To You Is What I Want and I Don’t Think I’ll Look At It the Same Way Again, two songs that for me were polar opposites.  Also, thank you, Gary Gordon, for becoming my Fan after listening to my vocal and piano arrangement of Sunny Side Of The Street. Sunny Side… is a great song! That song has lived in my soul most of my life.  I am hugely appreciative to  Slade Voyles in Texas for your continued loyalty. This time you listened to One Penny Is All I Need.  I need to share a hug with Shira Dickerson in Wisconsin.  She enjoyed  Life Is About What You Do With What Happens To You and Because You Can. Both songs are about needing to push yourself forward and doing it!  Regarding this blog I received some very nice comments recently.  Enquita asked me if I purchase my topics.  No.  The topics come from my mind. Nice compliment though. She added she likes ‘the high quality writing’. Jonnie Dent wanted to know why I don’t have a DONATE button because she wanted to donate to this ‘fantastic blog.’  It could be a nice idea where the funds would go to a favorite charity, but I have no current plans to collect money in association with reading my blog.  Thank you! She said she wants to spread the word with her Facebook group. Go to it!  Will Dwight asked me if he can quote from my posts and credit me. Will, that is nice!! Yes! I believe that would be an official first for me. Latrice Governor says I’m cool! She says she hasn’t read anything like my blog entry: Putting Music Back Into The Song. Being called Cool feels cool.  Thank you! She adds that my website is needed on the internet. That comment is humbling. And lastly, Deanna Gleason wrote me that I have ‘one of the greatest web pages.’  I wonder if I will be able to get my hat on after these very positive comments. I think I need to get myself the haircut that I happen to need. You can listen to my music on my website, joshuaelimusic.com and on SoundCloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and watch me record my music and also perform on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and listen to my music with my mentors on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name Joshua Eli.  Also, check out vimeo.com using my URL, vimeo.com/joshuaeli.  Don’t forget to click my picture when you get to the site after entering my URL. Please share the information with your music loving and/or music writing family and friends. Writing music is a happy and satisfying occupation for me. I have become more sensitive and feel more free since I began looking at the world through the eyes of a lyricist and composer. Your enjoying my music is just an unbelievable feeling.  The response to this blog is steadily building. Danke, Merci, Gracias, Toda, Grazie, Thank you!

PS. Take a look at my post on vimeo.com.  I have put up a video for Do You Wanna Dance?  You can find its backstory in my blog post on April 30, 2017.  The URL for my video is vimeo.com/joshuaeli. Just click my picture after typing in the URL and the video should materialize.


Joshua Eli

May 17, 2017



What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A.Composer/Performer? Writing a dance song: Do You Wanna Dance?

For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

Dancing is the ultimate way to get know someone.  While moving together you can sense your partner’s rhythm and emotional response to the music. You also can feel how your dance partner responds to your movements.  Does she follow or lead?  Does she enjoy dancing close or more separate with you?  Has she been dancing a lot or does this seem new. Is she relaxed? Does she speak to you while dancing and is she enjoying herself being with you? After the first dance, does she want to dance with you again? Will she dance with someone else if asked? What kind of music will she dance to? What type of music does she like? Does she sing softly to you while dancing?  How long will she dance? Does she tire of it or does she really enjoy expressing herself while dancing?  Is she inhibited? Is she fun to dance with? Does she notice the others dancing on the dance floor while dancing with you? So in just a few minutes, the average song is 5 minutes or less,  just by looking and feeling and without speaking, a lot can be sensed about the person you decided to dance with.  Dance music, too, is very important for self-expression in addition to being an excellent way when meeting someone to learn more about them without asking directly.. the best way. It also is an introduction to who you are for your partner. If deciding your dance partner is emotionally important to you, dancing is an excellent way to exhibit personal interest since you are moving together to music you both like. It then becomes a mating dance and a way to exhibit how both partners can work on something together.  After this sitting in a chair analysis, I realized how important dance music really is and that I needed to write a dance song. So I wrote the first verse of Do You Wanna Dance? : Seeing you across the room/She’s looking at me/I’m gazing at her/I feel her reaching into my soul/Just as I hear the band play/My heart beats like a loud drum roll/I’m lost to you/Because you are there. Followed by the chorus: You are there/I am here/It’s not so far/Across this crowded room/When our eyes lock/I feel an electric shock/From the way you move/So I extend my hand to you/Lead you to the dance floor/And say/Do you wanna dance?  Do Wanna Dance? is a little longer than the average song I write because it is a dance song. When dancing it sometimes feels like you don’t want it to end.  So Do You Wanna Dance?  was written with four instrumental breaks and a post-verse and outro to do just that, to give the sense that a dance doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it to. Instead of just putting up a part of the song and because it is a dance song, I am putting up the audio of the entire song on this blog entry so you can listen to it at the beach, in the car, etc.  I plan to post in a few days a video of me playing and singing the song on Tumblr.com under blog-blog-joshua-la-composer. Look for it. The song is infective.  For a while I was singing and playing Do You Wanna Dance? a lot to get it right and because it was just running through my mind.   The audio file is at the top of this blog.  I wrote the song in C major allowing the bridge to veer to E major resolving back to C major. When I sing the vocal line in the chorus: From the way you move, I make that sound special the way it needs to be by  jumping to E major again and then returning to C major. I synthesized my own drums, but it will be recorded in the sound studio with a live drummer. Referring to the beat, Do You Wanna Dance? was written as a slow 16 with vocal and chord fills and runs. The music is sparse.  It is a background song to a vocal line.  The music takes second fiddle to the beat. The vocal melody is written with several variations.  It was an interesting song to write and then perform because I tried things I haven’t done before… not the least, it is the first official dance song I have written. Slade Voyles in Texas is listening to my music a lot. A Game I Shouldn’t Have Played Along With, I Am Happy You Never Stopped Thinking About Me, Misty, And Then You Were Gone, I Just Can’t and Because I Can.  Maybe we should talk one day.  Sounds like we have a lot in common. Also, thanks to Liz Bland from Illinois for appreciating Work Moves Me On and On The Sunny Side Of The Street. After listening to That Is My Dad, a new song I wrote and put on my blog entry for March 26, 2017, Matt shared with me his essay: Songs For My Father.  Matt, what you wrote is beautiful! Besides my website joshuaelimusic.com, YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, SoundCloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz, and radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, you can check my entries on tumblr.com under blog-blog-joshuaeli-la-composer.  At each location you will be able to learn something about me and listen to my music.  Thanking you for reading my blog and listening to my music is a given.  It is pretty incredible that in all parts of the world almost 5000 people are listening to my music and  almost 500 people have personally written back to me to talk music.  That is huge. 10% of those who listened to my music wanted to comment directly to me. Thank you!  Tomorrow is the new month.  Something new invites new thinking and trying something new.  I look forward to what that might be.


Joshua Eli

April 30, 2017




What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz/ L.A. Composer/Performer? A big moment: A MUSIC VIDEO

For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

This week is the run-up to the music video that I am doing for Any Part Would Be Enough. The decision of what song on my up-coming album to use was a hard one to make.  There were many opinions to consider.  In the end the director’s choice was powerful.  The song was written July 2015 for a special reason and turned into the reason for my first music video.  So far, the ability of the director who wrote the treatment and who is directing the shoot and later editing it and the ability of producer is high end, incredible given their age.  They are Avi and Daniel.  I am guessing we may become friends over time. There has been the mundane but important contract writing and signing, location finding and renting, settling on a wardrobe, asking and hiring the person, Genia, who will participate in the video with me, practicing the music.. practicing stopping and restarting while playing the song to accommodate the scene takes and deciding how I will play the song and perform it at the piano with Genia doing her thing, too. It will be a full day, a day when 11 people’s eyes will be focused on me.  I don’t get many of those days.  I want to write down my impressions of that 12 hour carve-out in my life and let you in to how it felt. In the meantime, I received a post from Stiman 53344 in Israel whose contents I will take to the shoot and not forget.  She responded to my blog  post Art Copies Life. All of the songs I write are inspired by my life experiences. She said, “I could certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.” That is just what I needed to read at this time! Thank you, Stiman53344. Today is the day before the shoot.  I will not be shaving my face for two days because I want to have an at ease look. I will review the shoot script to make sure I don’t get ahead or behind in any way and try to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy the moment. Until then..

Well, it happened. From 11AM-11PM it was a full day and night.  I put myself through the meeting of someone and the loss of someone all over again this time in front of a small audience.  There were a number of specific steps to walk, two people’s shadows meeting, a hand to reach out for,  a smile, chatting and laughing while sitting on a couch in a loft, a head on my shoulder, Genia at the recording studio putting her hand on my shoulder then sitting next to me at the piano bench while I am playing, cooking a meal together then looking out at downtown Los Angeles from a twelfth floor balcony on a clear night, Genia’s smile again, a grey suit and white shirt and tie, a brown sweater slightly pushed up on my arms and jeans and dark black and brown leather shoes, her in a blue-green flowered sun dress tied behind her neck, bare at the shoulders with red shoes and a red bow in her hair, me sitting at a desk in the loft writing music late at night, 2 AM falling asleep over my work, an intense hug, her walking quickly away and me back at the piano singing and playing alone and realizing at 2:01 AM while waking up it may have been a dream.  It was a lot about me and how I felt. Try imagining the video from my words. It is all backed up by my playing and singing the song I wrote, Any Part Would Be Enough, and some wonderful camera work using a RED, the kind of camera used to shoot a feature film along with a wireless follow focus and wireless remote monitor. The camera was worn by an agile camera man John working with the First Assistant Cameraman, Aidan setting up and at the monitor.  Wearing the RED for almost 12 hours was something to behold.  Any Part Would Be Enough, the music video, was directed by the able Avi  with his vision and talents showing absolutely.   There was Daniel with a different hat on this time acting as First Assistant Director to keep the shoot on schedule. There was Katie doing our make-up and touching us up throughout the shoot. There was the trek between the recording studio in North Hollywood to the loft location downtown in Los Angeles, and there were the snacks and craft services in North Hollywood at the recording studio before transporting everyone with the equipment downtown and more snacks later into the night. Then another set up occurred downtown. The elegant period Biltmore and earthy Pershing Square was in our immediate view along with the downtown skyline which lit up as the day went down and the night drifted in.  It was supposed to rain, which would have made me happy because I love rain, but didn’t… until I was home in bed.  Rain is often considered a positive omen. Be Wild About Music, our production company,  rented the space downtown from a man who had a dog just like my wonderful dog Benny who died  five years ago. That was a warm surprise. Seeing that dog and in the loft made me feel vicariously Benny’s always supportive character. Everyone throughout the shoot was kind and hardworking including Sam the gaffer and Isaac the PA.  A large thank you to my parents who filmed the backstage story of the video and were the photographers on the set. They are always a part of everything important that I do. No one knows how things really will work out when they begin, but this shoot went very well even with the few electric glitches that caused a few delays. The cameramen and gaffer worked them out quickly and the shoot proceeded. That night at 12 AM like Cinderella I arrived home very tired.  The next day felt like I had returned from a long trip that left me with jet lag.  At the top of this blog I put up Any Part Would Be Enough. Please listen to it even if you already listened to it on my website joshuaelimusic.com or on soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz or on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name. I consider this song important for me because it was a turning point in my music writing development. Other people started to notice it, too. So it is an important song in my album. Eventually the Any Part Will Be Enough music video will will live on the music video page on my website, be shown at my album’s release for In His Element, my up-coming first album, and be put up on YouTube.com and travel around to other places, too. Thank you as always for looking in and to all of you who write and express your appreciation and interest.  Please share this blog with your friends.  Happy Passover and Easter to those celebrating those religious holidays. I  am always writing music because I write about my life in music.  Look in soon; I am finishing something I like.  If you have an idea you would like turned into music please share it with  me.  Maybe we could make it happen and enjoy its production together.  As I was finishing up this blog Gary Gordon from Ohio became my fan for my rendition of On The Sunny Side Of The Street.  That’s a nice way to conclude this blog. Thank you.


Joshua Eli

April 8, 2017

Here is the first page of the sheet music for Any Part Would Be Enough. All my music on my album, In His Element, soon to be released, will be available as a printed collection. You will be able to order it from Be Wild About Music directly from my website joshuaelimusic.com. It would be my greatest pleasure to know that you are singing and playing my songs.




What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz LA Composer/Performer? And That Is My Dad..

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My dad just reached a landmark decade about a week ago.  The moment definitely calls for real documentation. I wrote this song for him as a present. He is an idiosyncratic individual..far from typical.  His many ways don’t all seem to fit, but that’s just the point.  He really is an unusual individual. He can be described by a  bucket list of things.  For his song I chose his most interesting and diverse traits and put them together so when listening to the song you can sense his quirkiness and warmth. This song doesn’t tell it all though. There is way more. There probably isn’t a man more devoted to animals and their well-being. They are certainly as important to him as people. Here is the chorus I wrote from my perspective as his son: My dad is kind to all/Animals make him happy/Traveling to new places is important/He loves to throw things out/And to garden/His favorite two things/Are walking the dogs/And going to bed/Stubborn as all/But that is him/And that is my dad. And from Verse 1: My dad would say/Whatever you want to be/Doesn’t matter to me/As long as you’re happy/That took me a long way/To where I am today/And that is why/My dad is special to me/Because.. you can sense how he cares, watchful but encouraging independence. This was a hard song to write for me because there was a lot to consider worthy to sing about.  I wrote the song in C minor. Minor keys are interesting like my dad.  I felt the music needed to have an interesting sound and not be sentimental so I wrote a jazz chorus and jazz bridge incorporating some of Miles Davis’ unusual chords. The jazz is me.  I associated the jazz statements with lyrical music for the verses like music from a music box that I think my dad would like. I also wanted the music sound to remind of a walk along the Seine.  We all enjoyed doing that together.   There are waltz beats in the verses. The bridge has a soft patter style mixed in. The song is written from the perspective of the love of a son for his dad. Check it out at the top of this blog.  It is my father’s birthday present from me to honor his 70th. We celebrated him while visiting the Point Reyes Seashore and Muir Woods… he  enjoyed it. The place was pure him. As my blog ages I am receiving some wonderful replies and responses to my blog entries.  These recent remarks are very nice. “You’re intelligent. Your personal stuff is excellent” and from Deloras Archibald in the Eu, “You’ve done an incredible job. I definitely dig it.” My hair grew on my face after reading those lines.  Thank you, Enquita and Deloras! For your family and friends, spread the word about my music.  There is soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, and check out YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz to see me perform and record my songs and don’t forget my website where there’s lots more to see, listen to and learn and then something new, you can read my blog on my instagram site: @joshua_eli_kranz

For me sharing my music and my ideas with you is a joy and now an obligation as well.  When the month starts rolling by I know I have to get busy writing at the piano and putting my fingers to my computer keys to tell you about what I am thinking about and doing. I really like doing both and speaking with all of you:) It is amazing how my work has evolved from a tiny seed barely planted. First I was writing for one person now for a world of people.


Joshua Eli

March 26, 2017





What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? The desert calms and relaxes us…There Is No Sound Anywhere

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I have discovered something about myself the past few years: I love the desert during the winter and spring.  The desert is solemnly quiet and uncommonly gorgeous.  For me it is an important place to vacation, second only to my love for the mountains.  My dad’s parents used to visit the desert regularly.  I wonder if their appreciation for this environment was imbedded in their genes and I was passed some of them. There Is No Sound Anywhere is what I titled my new song in B minor.  There is a descending B chromatic structure to the chords in the right hand and the bass line jumps between minor and major depending on the direction I am playing. That technical music reality accounts for the feel of wonder and mystery the music projects.  While singing the song, I focus on the bass in my voice and hold out notes in many places to  embolden the mysterious and expansive nature of Death Valley.  The aura of this place doesn’t spotlight dying but adaptation and raw beauty.  Its animals, vegetation, rare pup fish, and inhabitants adjusted in the past and adjust now to the extremes and survive. The place is a testament to the beauty that can be created with the bare minimum and natural adaptations for survival. While in Death Valley I feel calm, my mind is relaxed, there is no sound, and my sleep feels magically restful. The night sky is spectacular.  Its scarce rain sprouts a colorful flower garden on its floor during its short spring.  So the 1st verse: While we’re walking/The desert calms and relaxes us/There is the quiet sky during the day/And the scarce rain that sometimes falls at night/When it’s clear/The stars shine bright/ When I sleep/I feel the calm/Relaxing my mind. And the chorus: Walking the dunes/And their soft piled sand/There is not a sound/But when the wind blows/Like a loud rush of sound going by/Then I am inside my calm protected place. And the bridge: The desert is full of extremes/Flash floods/And roads washed out/ Mountains erode/Then comes the spring/A wonderful season (davening).  When I sing and play this song, I feel the draw to return just in time for the wildflower bloom.  California has been fortunate this year to receive an abundance of rain, north to south. The drought is being pushed away. The majesty of Death Valley’s beauty is accentuated in March after becoming water-colored, and so I will be there.  When I leave DV  I take away the prescription that with a minimum of resources  and extreme patience, people flourish and become beautiful in their own natural way.  I feel encouragement to go back to my work so I can return to this place.  I think that is a good definition for the value of a vacation and a wonderful travel advertisement for this place.  Listen to There Is No Sound Anywhere  and try to imagine how peaceful it could be walking under a blue day sky or star lit night sky.  My dog Rose loves the song, joining in when I play it …singing along with me. Both of our dachshunds come with us to the desert. They fit in easily. We take them everywhere we travel. The song is put up at the top of this blog.  Thank you mimi.williams3 in Florida for liking and listening in rapid fire to On The Sunny Side Of The Street, Because I Can, I Broke Out And Broke Through, and I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago.  From the song titles chosen, I am happy that those songs could provide support to begin again.  We are resilient creatures. Thank you to a.pagunsan05 in the Philippines for becoming a FAN after listening to Near To You Is What I Want.  You chose a beautiful song that should find its place in an independent film.  I’d like to hug Jackson Chavarria for saying yesterday my “blog makes men and women think.” We should talk over a vanilla latte one day.  A blog entry from Pokey just asked me to write about physics so he can pass his science class.  That is a non sequitur, but maybe not.  He likes how I write, so that is a nice compliment.  But I don’t think I could write well enough about physics so that you could pass your science course.  I am good at logical human stuff.  If you shoot me off a question about that, I will try to respond thoughtfully.  Don’t forget to share my website joshuaelimusic.com with your friends and listen to my music while on- the -go under Joshua Eli Kranz at soundcloud.com or check me out under Joshua Eli Kranz on YouTube.com to see me recording or performing my music and listen to me alongside my mentors on radioairplay.com under my preferred performance name: Joshua Eli.

Thanks to each of you for reading this blog and/or listening to my music at the listening posts mentioned above.  Every time I hear from you, my day is  better!

I am going to try something new soon.  At present I do teach music the conventional way.   Using Amazon I will be giving piano and voice lessons via Skype so I can teach worldwide like my music is listened to via radioairplay.com ’round the world. If you are interested, coming soon, look for more information here and on my website, joshuaelimusic.com.

My thought: Stay close to music, you will be happier.


Joshua Eli

February 26, 2017

Sand Dunes, Death Valley, CA Winter 2017

PS.  Tonight is the Oscars. Support creative people because it is a hard but rewarding and absolutely necessary life and profession. We need creative people to speak the truth and keep our world sane. Few others will do it because of fear.  They (we) are brave.

Devil’s Cornfield, Death Valley, CA  Winter 2017 

What’s Up With Joshua Eli Kranz L.A. Composer/Performer? Why not choose a Valentine’s Day song?

For your listening enjoyment use earphones.

Valentine’s Day is today.  It can be a day of longing for the illusive. While working on preparations for releasing an album of my songs, it hit me that I have written a good number of songs and arranged and recorded a few wonderful songs that are the heart and essence of this holiday.   Reviewing the content of my first album I listened to There Was No One I Would Rather Travel With But You, a warm song about a loving relationship that lasts 50 years!  And then there is one of my first songs: Near To You Is What I Want…when you meet someone and just can’t stop thinking about her and what reminds you of her and wanting to be near her. Then a beautiful and meaningful song about how she affects you and makes you feel good when you are with her just pops out.  It is my jazz arrangement and cover of Billy Joel’s She’s Got A Way. That initial magnetism that attracts you to her when you see her and when you first speak to her I put to song in That Makes You Beautiful And I Want You To Be. Committing in words how it feels to be in love with her, that’s my vocal and jazz arrangement of Erroll Garner’s Misty.  The desire to move that love toward something permanent is the song  Any Part Would Be Enough.  Wanting to enjoy being and doing together is the imagery in The Simple Things For You And I. This does happen, too: sometimes when a loving relation breaks, listening to And It Will Be A Great Day WHEN softens the heart.  Trying to focus on the sunny side of life can help sustain a love between two people.  That’s my jazz arrangement of Dorothy Field’s On The Sunny Side Of The Street.

Looking into the future for Valentine’s Day 2018 and my second album, there is a song about meeting someone and falling for her with a sparkle called Give Me A Pocket Of Starlight.   When realizing you found Miss Right, the song to latch onto is I Feel Like The Luckiest Man Alive.  Finding the right time to pop the question is expressed musically with warmth  in The Big Surprise.  Also, having a wonderful family you can count on is a beautiful valentine present …so the song Because We Are A Family. Too, having a wonderful  and loving pet that I sketched with lyrics and music in I Just Want To Be With You And Where You Are makes life one big valentine!  Lastly, but only for now, having a friend that sticks beside you is as precious a valentine as a loving pet…so I wrote the song Why You Mean So Much To Me.

Now and in the future why not think of using one of my songs as a Valentine’s Day present for someone you love?  Each was written about a real loving experience and is honest and true. My songs also express kindness and compassion and patience, important stuff.  If a love is budding, these songs can say musically what it is hard to put in words at first.  If a love is developing, one of these songs can back up your words.  There is nothing like pairing words with music in a romantic way.  Sharing music can lead two people to learn and uncover more and more about each other.  Knowledge is what leads to comfort and understanding and true love. I am proud that my personal experiences expressed in my music can help others listening to my music. I want to thank Jerrym119 for becoming a FAN after listening to I Should Have Said Good-bye Long Ago and daisynenz in Kenya for becoming a FAN after listening to And Then You Were Gone.  Mario Balbustro in California found meaning in And Then You Were Gone and Because I Can.   I am humbled by privsPn for stating that she “enjoyed the words used and thoughts expressed” in this blog.   Though this is the special day to enjoy the feeling of love, it can be a day where some long for the elusive or some think about a past experience with love. Thank you to all of you for liking my music.  Don’t forget to visit my website joshuaelimusic.com where you can hear my music and learn about me or watch me perform my music in the studio and elsewhere on YouTube.com under Joshua Eli Kranz and suggest your friends listen to my music on radioairplay.com under Joshua Eli, my preferred performance name, where I am paired with my mentors, and while moving about, listen to me on soundcloud.com under Joshua Eli Kranz.

Thanks to each of you for being my special Valentine!!  I am putting up 2 songs as a valentine present for  you.  One day we will meet when I’m performing my music, and I will get the pleasure to speak to you and perform closer to you.

Sincerely with love…  Thank you for listening to and appreciating the music I write and perform! I am one happy songwriter/performer because of you.

Joshua Eli

February 14, 2017

From me: A collectible table-size antique piano

overflowing with almond and dark chocolate

wrapped Dove candy.  Happy VALENTINE’S DAY!